How Do I Submit a New Series Idea?

A comedy series idea must include:

  • A pilot script
    This should be the series at its best, but not necessarily an origin story.
    How long should my script be? We encourage single-cam (single-spaced) scripts to be 36 pages or fewer; multi-cam (double-spaced) scripts, 54 pages or fewer.

A children's series idea must include:

  • A mini-bible
    This should describe the series in general, and its main characters; tell where the series is going and whether episodes are serial or standalone; and include five or six episode ideas.
    How long should my mini-bible be? Between two and six pages.

If you have video such as an animation test or pilot, you’re encouraged to upload that as well. Learn more.

Projects on the Series Development Slate

Our goal at Amazon Studios is to make episodic series from great stories. The Development Slate is a roster of promising projects we're actively developing to make into series.

Learn more about the Development Slate
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(Children and Tweens) Life is anything but normal for Gortimer and his two best friends, Ranger and Mel, as they navigate Normal Street - an ordinary...


(Preschool) Join Fig, a small blue fox, on his journeys through a whimsical land filled with adventure and friendship.


(Primetime Comedy) Sex, drugs — and classical music—what happens behind the curtains at the symphony can be just as captivating as what happens on...

What Kinds of Series
Does Amazon Studios Want?

We're looking for compelling voices, strong points of view, and characters that you can’t find anywhere else. Specifically, we’re seeking primetime comedies and children's series.

Comedy series should be geared toward a smart and sophisticated audience. Shows written about specific worlds are encouraged. Traditional sitcoms, the type that would appear on broadcast television, are not something we're likely to buy. We also look for serialized, cinematic stories and risk-taking in the storytelling. Of course, funny is necessary, although we are open to dramedies as well. Right now, we're not looking for comedies that skew too young, too episodic or too experimental.

We're also interested in original series for children. Preschool series must have an educational theme, or the potential for one.

Series can be live action, animated, stop motion, or mixed media. Comedies must be under 30 minutes long, while children’s series can be 11 or 22 minutes.

New: Build Your Story
With Amazon Storybuilder

Amazon Storybuilder is a free and easy-to-use writing tool from Amazon Studios. Amazon Storybuilder uses “notecards” to represent a single beat or event in a story. Storybuilder notecards can include both text and images. You can string individual cards together into a sequence on a virtual “corkboard” to convey a narrative and tell your story.

Unlike physical notecards, it is easy to share Storybuilder projects and take them wherever you go: on your laptop, phone, tablet or Kindle.

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