79 premises
5 wins
18 battles
NIGHTZONE, Darlenne's Project
The night hides the darkness - the street lights create the shadows - and hookers are only a veil for what lies beneath - vampires.
6 wins
20 battles
LaBrea's Moon, Randolph Randy's Project
Two young sweethearts from the backwoods of Georgia get swindled by a lowlife hustler preying on their Hollywood dreams.
7 wins
29 battles
The Legend of Billy Bird, John Mark's Project
A young football star leaves his home to become a hero, only to fall from grace, and return a stranger.
4 wins
22 battles
Forge Mine Disaster, John's Project
What happens when a deep anthracite coal mine disaster is caused by a group of corrupt mine owners who value profits above safety? Could it have been avoided? Why were Bobby Renaldo’s claims of leaking methane gas ignored? What was the result?