32 premises
7 wins
16 battles
To Sleep, mr's Project
When Hayley and Martin meet in a hospital waiting room, all we know if that they've hurt their wrists. From that point a story unfolds as two suicidal strangers reveal how beautiful relationships can develop, no matter how bad their shared experiences might be.
13 wins
29 battles
Of Space and Time, Daniel's Project
Snatched from Earth, Alex is forced to undergo three brutal quests to amuse a highly bored Guardian of Space and Time. From dragon riders and demons to space stations and aliens, the odds are stacked against Alex in an epic struggle for survival.
9 wins
21 battles
Rainbow, Kelvin's Project
Romeo has found a soul mate in Julian, but when Julian's shadowed past comes to town, old skeletons begin to come out of the closet with a vengeance and no one is safe.
6 wins
17 battles
The Calling, Mark's Project
This hilarious dark comedy explores abuse of power in a dystopian society; set in the most appropriate of places…high school. Follow Mr. Owens as he tries to survive his first day teaching at South Preparatory High School.
7 wins
19 battles
Love And War, Anthony's Project
inspite of love yo'veasna and sam ditches the bootcamp of which they were by law forced to attened they travel from cambodia to america and then meets a girl whom changes there life forever
5 wins
16 battles
Kiki's Cafe, Steven's Project
Ricky, a stereotypical Cuban American living in Miami with his family, just got a restaurant. His family and staff encounter a series of problems in the fun and random city of Hialeah.
4 wins
21 battles
The Adventures of Barley & Hopps, Michael's Project
Young, Stoner Detectives "Beef" Barley and "Hippie" Hopps must bust The Big Boobed Bank Bandit, in this Rollicking Joyride, thru the streets of Chicago!