Blackburn Burrow

Creator: J. H. Levy
Age rating: 13 and older
During the Civil War, a nameless man with a haunted past is sent by Union officials to hunt a mysterious supernatural evil in a remote mining town, where he uncovers a sinister plot to raise an supernatural army that will plunge the world into darkness.
Synopsis: In the heat of the antebellum Atlanta day, a squat lawyer walks with a gunslinger known only as Mister towards a large Southern estate -- an estate that has been abandoned for years. Mister has been hired to purge the current occupants of the mansion. Once inside Mister is confronted by the lady of the house, a beautiful Southern belle who attempts to embrace him as her facade slips away -- revealing the face of a demon or a ghost. After a brutal battle leaving Mister bloody and bruised, he dispatches the evil apparition, and claims his pay.

Several days later, he's bound towards the North riding shotgun for a merchant when he overhears Georgian soldiers talking about a dead man that had attacked them -- a dead man from a remote settlement deep in the woods of the Appalachian foothills. A settlement named Blackburn Burrow.

Blackburn Burrow Comic Book

Written by Ron Marz
Illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith
Based on an original screenplay from J. H. Levy

Follow Mister, a legendary fighter rumored to take on the strange and supernatural, as he investigates the disappearance of a group of his soldiers from a small town in the South.

Issue #4 Mister has faced down monsters before, but none so dark of heart as his own father, and none so powerful as Kukulkan, an ancient god that is about to break free of his underground prison. Mister?s own blood stands against him, but he is no longer alone ? Merrin, a survivor from the decimated town of Blackburn Burrow, joins Mister in the battle to save not just themselves, but the world.

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Previous Issues

Issue #3 Mister and Merrin?s search for missing soldiers and Blackburn Burrow townsfolk leads them deeper into the darkness of a nearby mine. There, they battle undead creatures and ancient forces and must face the truth about Mister?s tortured past and the madman at the heart of it all ? Mister?s own father.

Issue #2 Mister and Merrin, a surviving resident of the decimated southern town of Blackburn Burrow, seek missing soldiers and citizens ? and answers. Their journey leads them to a nearby mine, where ancient symbols, impossible structures, and shocking family connections are revealed. Answers, however, remain elusive. And peril is still at hand.

Issue #1 Mister is searching for a lost detachment of Union soldiers who spoke of the walking dead ? and a mysterious man Mister has been tracking all his life. He teams with a young woman named Merrin to stop an ancient uprising and discover the family secret that connects his past to Merrin?s devastated home, the small town of Blackburn Burrow.

Latest Work

All Work

  • Script 4 - J. H.'s 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a complete rewrite of the 3rd act, adding 12 pages and addressing these issues:
    - Merrin is now integral to the climax
    - The antagonist is made more formidable
    - Mister’s history is now of primary importance to the plot adding emotional resonance
    - Threat expanded and explained
    - Mayor’s cellar scene expanded

    The entire script was edited with changes to dialogue & description.
  • Script 3 - J. H.'s 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a major revision to the screenplay.
    - Two full new scenes and locations have been added along with new dialogue and action sequences to add characterization to the female lead.
    - The issue of one of the main characters being sedentary during the climax has been addressed
    - Additional dialogue has been added for further characterization
    - Removed a hanging plot point that was distracting
  • Script 2 - J. H.'s 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This revision has significant changes including: new dialogue, a completely revised ending, significantly better descriptive formatting, as well as grammar and punctuation corrections. The added dialogue clears up more succinctly some of the lingering mystery as to why Blackburn Burrow was established, as well as sections added for character development.
  • Script 1 - J. H.'s Original Draft