Creator: Michael Oldham
Age rating: Everyone
A consummate gamer and his nerdy crew of pals are sucked into life-or-death adventure when a warrior princess from their favorite role-playing game crosses dimensions into Chicago and asks for their help.
Synopsis: Ronnie is a 20 year old nerd who spends most of his days playing WizardsQuest, a role playing game, with his friends Elliot, Garth, and Larry in Elliot's basement. While his friends are content with pretending to slay goblins and orcs, Ronnie desperately yearns to go on a real adventure, so when Markas, a man claiming to be a wizard, asks Ronnie for help rescuing the lost princess Nerina, Ronnie jumps at the opportunity.

After a battle with an evil knight named Uthudor, who's also looking for Nerina, Ronnie brings Markas back to the basement to meet his friends. Markas reveals that the world of WizardsQuest is an actual place, that Nerina is the ruler of, and where he and Uthudor both originate from. Markas also reveals that Ronnie's ancestors were from there as well.

With the truth of his family history revealed, Ronnie and his friends accompany Markas to on an adventure to rescue Nerina that will prove that they may be nerds, but they're far from losers...

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