The Night at Coffenbury Lake

Creator: Chris Lang
Age rating: 13 and older
One October morning an ex-detective finds two teens shivering and frightened on the edge of Coffenbury Lake, with a third floating dead on the water's surface. Police quickly recognize the work of serial killer Jonathan Caruthers. Only problem is he died one year ago.
Synopsis: One dreary October morning, ex-detective Robert Martin unknowingly stumbles into the tail end of a night filled with horror for 8 teens on the far end of secluded Coffenbury Lake. Robert quickly recognizes the work of serial killer Jonathan Caruthers. The problem is that Caruthers died trying to outrun police a year before.

Robert, having since retired, fears someone may be picking up where Caruthers left off. However, the police chief refuses to let him help on the case, instead depending on an outsider from the city, detective Creedy.

As the police and Robert independently piece together what happened to the teens that night, the evidence begins pointing toward Robert, who, battling demons of his own, seems to be losing his grip on reality.

Robert must race to stay one step ahead of his accusers as he seeks an explanation for the events at Coffenbury Lake.

Told in a split story style, this screenplay takes a classic horror film, and interweaves it with a twist filled supernatural mystery, which isn't fully solved until the last few pages.

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