For Sale By Superhero

Age rating: Everyone
An unemployed father discovers that his new house is really the former secret headquarters of a deceased superhero and decides to assume the hero's identity in order to win back the respect of his family.
Synopsis: When Jim Jimmerson moved his family into a fixer-upper, he never imagined that he'd find the ultimate finished basement -- a superhero's secret lair, home of a long-missing masked vigilante, the Grim Avenger.

Now Jim's got a utility belt filled with gadgets, a cool cave filled with the latest in superhero hardware, and a rocket-powered super car, but with great power comes great irresponsibility.

Jim's not a hero yet, but he'll have to figure something out fast. The Grim Avenger's mortal foe has targeted the Jimmersons. Jim must slip on the mask and tights and battle for truth, justice, and a 30-year adjustable-rate-mortgage!

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    Creative Notes:
    What would you do if you stumbled across the abandoned secret hideaway of a forgotten superhero? A super quick read and a really fun story, FOR SALE BY SUPERHERO is a screenplay written by Jamie Nash that fills every guy's fantasy of going from Suburban Joe to armor-clad superhero. Making this trailer was an outright blast because intrigue, tension, action and most of all, the great hook!