Children of Others

A barren woman miraculously conceives with the help of a mysterious fertility clinic, only to discover that she's bearing an alien baby. Fleeing from pursuing agents, she has to decide if her newborn child is the precursor to an alien invasion or the only hope for mankind.
Synopsis: Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, hormones, IUI, IVF. Skylar's four year battle with infertility has resulted in a miscarriage, maxed out credit cards, a languishing career, and a marriage teetering on the brink of failure.

Until Lisa, a friend of Skylar's, shows up at the shop where Skylar works. Lisa is pregnant and beaming. She credits her good fortune to a new clinical trial run by a doctor she says is a miracle worker. Skylar and her husband Dillon decide to take one last shot -- and become part of the clinical trial. A few weeks later, Skylar is pregnant. Their dreams have been answered.

Soon, however, Skylar starts having new dreams-strange, apocalyptic ones. And during the day, she's disturbed by news reports about children who are aging too quickly, growing to adolescence in less than two years. But her doctor tells her the dreams are common, and Dillon says the children affected by the disorder are across the country, so Skylar tries to push her worries away, until Lisa visits with her new baby…who has already become a toddler.

Lisa is scared. She tells Skylar she thinks whatever's happening has something to do with these clinic. But when Skylar races to the clinic for answers, before her eyes, it explodes. Moments later the place is swarming with federal agents.

Rumors fly, until a leaked FBI video reveals the truth: The embryos at the clinics have been genetically fused with an alien species. The fast-growing children are "hybrids."

Once this news becomes public, the president reveals that the government suspects hybrids are the first wave of an alien invasion. The world goes into a tailspin as the government requires women and children to undergo screenings, and anyone who fails is "quarantined." Friends and family start turning on each other and naming names.

But Skylar and Dillon have an option that others don't. Still in her first trimester, Skylar hasn't told anyone that she is pregnant. Her medical records were destroyed in the explosion. To avoid quarantine, and hostilities, they can still terminate the pregnancy. They can go back to their lives.

But then an underground group emerges and tells Skylar that the hybrids are an army, being bred to save humanity from a coming future invasion. They offer to help Skylar and Dillon escape to a place where their child can be born and grow up. As the world changes around her, Skylar has to decide who to trust: Is her unborn child a monster or a savior, and, as a parent, does it even matter?
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