Creator: Kyle C. Carmean
Age rating: 13 and older
A necrophobic inquisitor travels to an English colony to investigate a murder but finds it mysteriously abandoned with clues pointing to a disturbing Native American legend.
Synopsis: After Inquisitor ALAN HAMMETT is hired to recover a strange amulet that belonged to the governor of England's first New World colony he suspects that it is linked to his death. He joins the crew bound for the colony to find out for himself why the colony's owner, DERRIK THORPE, wanted the amulet so badly. Following the coordinates of the original fleet leads them to the deserted settlement of Grenville on an eerie island. Upon finding the word “Okeus” carved in the gate, Hammett proposes that the colonists must have moved to the mainland until one of the hunters returns and dies within a few hours from some “strange disease”. As more and more strange events occure Hammett learns that it all has something to do with the amulet and Thorpe's plans.

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