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(Primetime Comedy) Tommy O'Toole finds himself haunted by the ghost of his long-dead grandfather, who has returned from the grave to help Tommy become a real man.
(Primetime Comedy) Four teenagers (two boys and two girls) thick as thieves, sharing their experiences grounded on the differences between their personality.
(Primetime Comedy) A hapless American aikido instructor tries his best to impart wisdom and live up to his own Zen ideals.
(Primetime Comedy) A couples therapist attempts to juggle her clients' relationship problems and her own awkward, complicated love life.
(Primetime Comedy) When Sara Lynerman goes off to film school, a whole new world of possibilities, challenges and chances for self-discovery opens up for her family and those close to her as they deal with the world and their own complicated lives.
(Primetime Comedy) An insurance salesman gets roped into a deadly ponzi scheme.
(Primetime Comedy) The story about Viki Dhawan, a sixteen year old from India, who comes to live with his older brother Sam, via a foreign exchange program. Viki finds himself going through numerous comedic culture-shocks as he tries to find his way while growing up in America.
(Primetime Comedy) Follows four Senators who live together in a rented house in Washington, D.C.
(Primetime Comedy) A dramedy where four female friends each with something to hide, attempt to help one another navigate through love, sex and everything in between.
(Primetime Comedy) Two men, lifelong friends with an entrepreneurial spirit, start a babysitting franchise. Not just anyone can be a Mansitter, though. It’s men only ... and the only rule: No ‘stache, no cash.
(Primetime Comedy) Welcome to the Jungle, meet the radical characters at the Rocking Fun Music tm Records store front, hear the music, escape into the drama and wonder, what on earth, is gonna go wrong now? Sit-com or movie based on popular web-series
(Primetime Comedy) In order to reclaim his old life, a former psychologist must help his mentor covertly treat an apartment building full of people affected by psychological complexes.
(Primetime Comedy) Two young sound engineers endeavour to resurrect the fading fortunes of one of America’s great recording studios.
(Primetime Comedy) It's 1951, the wild free-wheeling days of early TV -- and Wisconsin farm boy Stuart Greenquist comes to Hollywood to write for the popular SciFi TV show "Star Patrol."
(Primetime Comedy) In Silicon Valley, the right algorithm can make you a king. And these four friends think they've finally cracked the code.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedic take on how a young man deals with the crazy world around him (family, friends, job, girls, relationships, etc).
(Primetime Comedy) They're a bunch of juvenile misfits -- possibly the most immature guys at McKinley High School. And they're teachers.
(Primetime Comedy) So the beating of a butterflies wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world? Messing with the timeline can be equally fraught with peril. But trying to put history on its proper course and have two people kiss couldn't mean the end of the world? Could it?
(Primetime Comedy) Max James, a self-righteous, rich boy and student at a prestigious university, thrusts himself into the realm of student politics. Along with Max are his staff members-Alicia, Alfred, Norman, Zack, and Stacey, who spend most of their time keeping the reckless Max on course.
(Primetime Comedy) When college roommates Noah and Ken graduate college and move to L.A. together, they have to quickly adjust when Ken realizes he has to try and Noah realizes he hasn't tried hard enough.
(Primetime Comedy) This dramedy is about a political sex ring commanded by the President of the United States. The show travels into the lives of women forced into the ring who juggle emotions of happiness and sadness while surrounded by luxuries and powerful men.
(Primetime Comedy) Fresh out of college Sam Brewster finds himself without a job, friends, and most importantly, money. He is forced into an apartment complex filled with quirky, crazy, enigmatic tenants and must adapt to the shift in lifestyles.
(Primetime Comedy) At the dawn of the Revolutionary War, an untrained militia must do whatever it takes to protect their hometown from the Redcoats, roving criminals and their own incompetence.
(Primetime Comedy) College...the best years of your life you can't remember. Prepare to relive your college years through the eyes of five eager new freshmen as they run the gauntlet of college milestones, from the unnecessary lectures of Orientation Week to bittersweet graduation day.
(Primetime Comedy) Pro paintballer Chuck is proud to be the 1st in his podunk town to get a reality show...until he spots a camera crew trained on stay-at-home gamer Ron. So, Chuck enlists an amateur sex tape star to sabotage Ron's show while lesbian producers plot against his efforts.
(Primetime Comedy) TGIF takes place on and off the set of a fictional last place 90's Sitcom. They're always looking for ways to boost their ratings: product placements, kidnapping one of the Olsen twins, guest stars, blackmail... TGIF is narrated by the Director, the only sane person around.
(Primetime Comedy) When the Jeffersonian’s mentally ill Director disappears, the Jeffersonian Institution must battle death, congressional budget cuts, and the mystery of the Institution’s underbelly.
(Primetime Comedy) A mid-twenties up-start business man loses both his parents in a car accident. He lives with his friends in his old home while they run the business, however the loss of his parents has left him missing something. So he kidnaps his grandfather out of an elderly home.
(Primetime Comedy) Four wacky and recently dead husbands meet and realize they still love their wives, and stop at nothing to haunt, crumple, and ruin their spouse's dates and any chance of moving on without them, forming -- The Dead Husband Crew.
(Primetime Comedy) A smart-mouthed charmer who flamed out in life returns to the place where he was once the king – high school – but isn’t quite prepared for his new role as, gulp… a substitute teacher.