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For Sale By Superhero Test Movie 1 - Amazon's Test Movie

3.4 stars
1108 03/13/13


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CANNIBAL RUN Pete's 1st Draft (Script 2)

3.8 stars
64 09/29/12

CANNIBAL RUN James's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
16 08/16/12

The Detourist James's Original Draft (Script 1)

4.2 stars
381 11/30/11

For Sale By Superhero James's Original Draft (Script 1)

4.0 stars
761 11/30/11


Thrilled to have TWO scripts on Amazon's Development Slate -- FOR SALE BY SUPERHERO and THE DETOURIST.

Also the writer of V/H/S/2(2013), LOVELY MOLLY(spring 2012), ALTERED(2006), ADVENTURES OF A TEENAGE DRAGONSLAYER(2011), SEVENTH MOON(2008) and Dynamite's Blackbeard graphic novel. Also the creator of the webseries PARAABNORMAL( ) and the upcoming bigfoot horror film EXISTS which will be in theaters October 2014.

Worked for Nickelodeon on two upcoming MOWs -- SANTA HUNTERS and SPLITTING ADAM.

Wrote/Produced a segment for V/H/S/2 which premiered at the 2013 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL and will be released June 2013!

I make my living off of rewrites and assignments...if you're a producer and need a writer or a script rewritten or would like to check out some of my spec work...hit me up.

Reviews James Has Written

Mathilde Video 5 - Mathilde - Action Thriller

5 stars
Love the artwork.
March 01, 2012

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Raiders of The Lost Ark
The Empire Strikes Back
Evil Dead 2

Yeah...I'm a kid of the 80's.



Rowdy Roddy Piper, Gary Gygax, Steven Wright, Doug Henning, GI Joe Comics


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