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I been kind of losing control of this site, or rather my screenplay(s) on this site. I say that because the whole reason to write a screenplay is to produce a film from the script you have written. I submitted a script to Amazon through the Amazon Storybuilder because it appeared (to me) that that's the format they require, or, at least, prefer, to read it in and because of Amazon's promoting the Storybuilder's formatting to their specifications, their readers, to read it. So, I sent in a draft and it went through their 5 stages but they didn't take an option on it. Now, I noticed that a reader named Naeem Liles gave the script a 5-star review and I read it but, then, because of a small mistake I made, I submitted a 2nd draft that went through their 5 stages again but, also, wasn't optioned. Now, it says on my profile page that I have 3 projects Liberty City (Keith G's Original Draft (Script 1) Sonny Liston's Eyes (Keith G's Original Draft (Script 1) and then Liberty City (Private) and underneath that Keith G's 1st Draft. Makes no sense and when I click on it it says: “your project is private and underneath that: “Learn more about project visibility and under that: “Your :project is not ready and under that: “Your project is still processing.” Very strange, to say the least. The review by Naeem Liles disappeared with this first draft, even though it states that he reviewed the script app. 30 days ago and when you click on that it says the page has been removed. Anybody got any ideas about this? Or is this the usual “Twilight Zone” episode everyone gets: maybe to produce a science fiction project about a writer who gets sucked into his computer?

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