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I wept when read the studio reply that
"Thank you for submitting your project, Meteor: The Shooting Star, to Amazon Studios for consideration. After evaluating Meteor: The Shooting Star, Narayan's Original Draft, we have determined that it does not meet the needs of our Development Slate at this time. If you have other material still being evaluated as part of Meteor: The Shooting Star, we will continue to evaluate that material and notify you with our decision. If you make significant revisions to your work, you are welcome to re-submit it in the future. We wish you the best of luck with your project."
I wept because I learnt formatting and use of software from East Anglia University professors. The theme has universal appeal and it's a real story that I experienced. Unfortunately I am not expert in video making so I didn't submit and video. Precisely my story goes like this:

Winchester school celebrates term end carnival. Friends meet each other after the vacation. The school awards prizes to the students who won national level skating contest including Rohan. He presents his pet Chat to Mazoon but the cat runs away from the car. They run to chase it back.
Rohan is restless and doesn’t want to sit on his desk. He either bites his shadow or pulls his hair whenever he is asked to use pencil over note book. He runs faster than a hare. He is fascinated to juice. Another bad habit bothers the class as he loves crawling on the ground.
Obsessed to the swing Rohan takes routine session along with other special kids. Special educators have to struggle to train him here. Rohan expresses his reluctance to study here by scrubbing his whole body. The school infirmary tells the shadow to reduce the quantity of juice.
Rohan hates his shadow that has recently ceased all his freedom. The stamps on the shadow of his own natural shadow. The shadow tears off his own trouser while chasing Rohan back. A Canadian psychiatrist helps the shadow to cope in a mainstream school. The shadow befriends with Mrs. Priya with who he shares his terrible past.
Parents take the boy to the eye doctor as the shadow told them that Rohan has weak eyesight. But the doctor couldn’t take his eye test in order to prescribe eyesight. Soon the family appoints a Yoga Trainer to stabilize the movement of the special boy. But the cat doesn’t allow the Trainer to take session.
Circumstances compel the Shadow to live on private tuition when he has a case in the court. Thus he had a chance to teach Johan, a dyslexic child who learns how to read Bible. This experience boosts the confidence of the Shadow to accept the challenging job of shadowing an acute autistic child
Mazoon has been always supportive to Rohan. She proves to be a friend, philosopher and guide in his life. She teaches her skating. Once she has a nightmare that Rohan has been lost in the metro. Jarmon eats eight mandarins along with the seeds and peels when Harrison brought them to show magic.
Gradually Rohan learns to read and write. His shadow and the entire class design a strategy to help him participate on the basis of his responsiveness in music and juice. The class visit to Kidzania and Dolphinarium where he practices skating. But KHDA finds Rohan in appropriate for mainstream school.
The exciting skating competition takes place on the hills. Ignorant Rohan doesn’t skate in the beginning. He moves when Mazoon whistles. Another friend Jarmon arouses his temptation for the juice helping him to win the contest. The class teacher Miss Louisa tries her best to inspire the team.
Ecstatic Shadow runs across the skating venue in order to buy some juice bottles for Rohan. Meanwhile police arrests him for not having his resident permit. They make all the arrangement to deport him but Mazoon forms a kid’s team and approaches the immigration department to release him.

Narayan Sharmah
Matt B says:
Welcome to the biz, dude. :)

I sympathize. We've all been there. However, at the risk of coming off like a pompous ass, your writing has a long way to go. If this is what you want then keep at it. Keep growing, keep learning, keep improving.

It ain't gonna be easy.

Good luck.
What you wrote is more a treatment than a script.
It's possible they read the scripts before rejecting them, but I wouldn't overlook the possibility they only read the plot outline and decide then and there. And that's if rejections aren't already mandatory. My own scripts have been downloaded, but I wouldn't be able to tell you if they were downloaded by someone at Amazon Studios, or just some fellow writer looking for something to read.
V.M.Clark says:
I know they read the scripts. Maybe they 'skip' read or read quick while scrolling, but they read it.

It's very expensive to keep a website of this size active and studios look at every penny they spend (every studio does). Unlimited files, unlimited videos, forum, story board, etc. They even gave us a free software to write our scripts. And they don't charge a penny.

I never worked on a script on daily basis until I came across AS. It's addictive. I set my alarm clock to wake up 6 hrs before I need to leave for work so I can write. I even use Prime Now so I don't have to leave the house for 2 hrs to buy laundry detergent and toothpaste.

Be thankful, keep writing, get better.

Take advantage of the forum. The writers here are incredibly helpful. Your questions are answered, your work is read, and the suggestions are useful.

If AS will reject my screenplay, I will turn it into a novel and move on with the next idea. If AS will reject me 100 times, I will have 100 novels.

You know what keeps writing? They made "The Wall." I can't wait to see it in theaters.

If you write because the pay would solve your problems, it will show in your work. Try to rip your soul apart and your script will be better.

I've got 99 problems but the script ain't one.
Thank you very much for your valuable advise. I need perseverance and I am learning every day all about script writing.
Dear Sean
Thank you so much for your empathy. I am not going to give up till I make it filmable.
I have to accept your words as there is no option left. I shall do more and more treatment, day in and day out when something good happens.
Five Finger Pitch in Screenplay
Which hand is more important; right or left? Conventional thoughts suggest that majority of people think right hand is more important for its habitual convenience of usage. Similarly many of us think that the thumb is more important than the other fingers in our hand. Indeed, thumb is the most important finger. Imagine how you type and it’s difficult to press the space bar without it. Likewise it’s difficult to pull the string of the bow to shoot an arrow without it. However, each finger has its own significant role to play. One can’t perform better without the others. It’s a perfect allegory in the field of screenwriting. Good film makers integrate these five elements known as genre, protagonist, goal, obstacle and the message of the story. According to the Professor of Screenplay Writing in the University of East Anglia Michael Langsfield describes these five elements as organic prerequisite to write a screenplay.
GENRE: Novels, Films, Dramas or even stories have got some thematic cohesion which we call a genre. It means we can’t mix a romantic stories with terrible crime scene. If we can that would be a new genre such as ‘absurd theme’ depicted in the mode of lack of communication. ‘Waiting For Godot’ is of such genre. Screenwriters first decide the genre that might be one of the following such as romantic, science fiction, drama, adventure, crime, biopic or history among others.
PROTAGONIST: This is somebody that audience match their emotional connection with deep rooted empathy usually called the hero of the story in the male dominant society or a Female Lead in the matriarchal society if at all it exists.
GOAL: Writers predetermine the destiny or the fate of the main character that is attributed as protagonist. (S)he has to reach there at any cost; be it the cost of lives. Without these end the story remains incomplete
OBSTACLES: Nobody can write a story without a challenging problem. Overcoming such problem makes the story comprehensive to human mind. Otherwise it would be the happy merrymaking description of five star vacation in a distant island resort with no issue but only fulfilment. Similarly no screenwriter can draft a movie without an obstacle that has universal appeal. More serious is the problem more the attention of the audience engage in the development of the happenings.
MESSAGE: It’s all about the lesson the story establishes in the mind of the spectators. Every story has a happy ending: they lived happily ever after. But to reach that climax one has to sacrifice a lot. The ultimate good thing makes people cheerful, optimistic and acceptable. It’s the most important aspect of the story that binds the audience with the writer’s motif.
Now look at the five finger organic pitch of the following and think of the viability of a movie.
The brief goes like this. Meteor: The Shooting Star is a melodrama about a challenged autistic child who wins gold medal in skating by virtue of his shadow teacher’s relentless effort. It’s an action driven story of the expatriate shadow teacher who was determined to train the severe autistic child that had no vocal communication in a mainstream school. Please forward your valuable comment.

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