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Jason G. says:
The setting of this story would be perfect in Nero's rome where the only solution they could come up with was to burn everything to the ground to kill off the zombies. Kind of turns history on its ear a bit.
A says:
Wow! I agree! That would be a great hook-in to explain a bit of historical truth! Great idea!

...man, I used a lot of exclamation marks there.............
Dean Smith says:
Maybe a good lesson for all of us who want to write historical movies. Twist them up into a vampire or zombie story.
I have to say, the idea of injecting burning Rome and Nero fiddling (however historically inaccurate) as a resolution to this is KILLER, and I say that as a person who groaned "Ugh, *more* fighters vs zombies????" on reading the logline.

This twist makes me dig the idea and I humbly comment here only to suggest to the authors that they run with it; it could make this into a really extra fun and unique zombie tale. It really spun my impression and interest around!
. says:
It was done. It just didn't win.
Ozan YALCIN says:
I agree...nice point.
I like that idea. That way you could claim that it was the reason Rome was burnt to the ground, placing this story as an actual point in history. Like the way Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was done.
. says:
For those interested in reading that version...

Here is my submission from the "script doctor" round. Much of the original script is intact.

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