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Matt B says:
Looking for objective story notes on SCREWDRIVER. Willing to trade notes for notes.

NOTES: I know the newscast is missing from the brothel scene. Also, the script moved straight to deciding so AS has likely already passed. It's dark stuff. Just looking for a fresh pair of eyes before a rewrite and posting it to Inktip.
Matt B says:
Oops. The link: https://studios.amazon.com/projects/152082
Mj Bodhi,

From reading just the first page, I can see that you're a talented writer... but the subject matter... to disturbing for me. I'm definitely not your audience. But if you write something else (not as dark), and post it, I'd be interested in reading. Good luck and take care.
too, not to:)
Matt B says:
No worries. I get it. Disturbing stuff.

I'll be posting less dark stuff in the future. Thanks. :)
Hi MJ!
I was looking for something like this, I'm also a horror screenplay writer, I'm going to read it and get back to you here as soon as I finish it.

All the best,
Matt B says:
Cool. If you have something you'd like me to read and give notes let me know.
Matt B says:
Thanks anyway, everybody. Take it easy.
Hi MJ,

Today I finally finished reading your screenplay and taking notes...

I'm sorry that it took me one month to finish reading your script, but after eight months without writing I'm kind of out of the screenplay galaxy...

Should I paste the notes right here (they're 47 notes)..? I'd gladly do it, but tell me otherwise.

In the case you read one of my screenplays, I won't mind about you posting the notes for everyone to see. It's your call, tell me and I'll act accordingly...
Hey MJ,
I just sent you the notes and one of my scripts by email.
David says:
if you read mine I'll read yours.

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