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Steph S. says:
From our blog, at hollywonk.com:

Amazon Studios today unveiled its Development Slate of 15 top projects, as well as changes designed to make submitting original scripts even easier: a new private submission process, an initial option and evaluation period of only 45 days, and $10,000 option extensions of 18 months for the best scripts.

“We’re eager to get movies made and we look forward to seeing the best work that writers have to offer,” said Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios. “This is why we have an open door.”

Writers submitting original scripts to Amazon Studios may now choose to do so privately instead of publicly. The Amazon Studios team will evaluate each publicly and privately submitted script and in 45 days decide whether or not to pay $10,000 to extend the initial option by 18 months and add the project to the Development Slate.

If Amazon Studios does not extend or exercise its option on a privately submitted script, it’s up to the writer to decide whether or not the script appears on the site for public review, where it may benefit from community feedback and have a chance to develop an audience. (If Amazon Studios does pay to extend or exercise its option on a privately submitted script, the script will automatically be made available for public review on the site.)

Amazon Studios intends to pay $10,000 to extend its option on additional projects on a regular basis — either new submissions or improved versions of previously submitted scripts, which will be evaluated by the Amazon Studios team.

Other opportunities at Amazon Studios include two open writing assignments, which will pay up to $33,000 each for script rewrites. These opportunities are for projects that are currently on the Development Slate:

12 Princesses (open writing assignment)
Premise: A farm boy pursuing the heart of a princess follows her into a magical underground world and must save her and her eleven sisters from the diabolical plans of the fairy queen.

I Think My Facebook Friend is Dead (open writing assignment)
Premise: When introverted Owen’s Facebook crush goes missing, he and his nerdy band of Facebook friends set out on a quest to save a girl he’s never met.

The other projects on the Amazon Studios Development Slate are: The Alchemist Agenda, Animal Heads, Blackburn Burrow, Children of Others, The Detourist, Darkest Before Dawn, For Sale By Superhero, Gideon’s Law, Origin of a Species, Original Soldiers, Touching Blue, WizardsQuest and ZvG: Zombies vs Gladiators.

Three projects on the Development Slate have producers attached: Touching Blue (Denise Di Novi, Crazy, Stupid, Love.), Original Soldiers (Bill Gerber, Gran Torino) and Children of Others (Oscar winner Edward Saxon, Silence of the Lambs).

Amazon Studios also has a Consider List, for projects that were not added to the Development Slate, but were identified by our story department as having potential.

WGA members can learn more about opportunities offered through Amazon Studios’ production arm, People’s Production Company: http://studios.amazon.com/getting-started#peoples_production

Learn more about how Amazon Studios works: http://studios.amazon.com/getting-started
J. H. Levy says:
Very exciting stuff! I liked the opportunities that are being given. I may have to give them some serious consideration.
Steph S. says:
Be sure to check out the homepage letter at studios.amazon.com and our new "About the Development Process" page: http://studios.amazon.com/getting-started
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Is this the only forum section from now on?
Seems to be Lauren. Ecen when you click on the 'Forums' button link at the tope of this page, it takes you straight back to the Commisary forum

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