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michael says:
Zombies? Vampires? Who writes these stories? 14 year old boys. How much more dumber can the industry get. How about Kardasian vs Zombies with Paris Hilton. Gee, maybe zombies, brain dead people, HAVE REALLY taken over show business.
Dawn Coleman says:
It's all in the perspective of the viewer. I personally enjoy new concepts. I admit not all of them are my cup of tea but what keeps me going is I am one a drop in the bucket of the movie going public. This is what keeps me writing and reading what others write. Look at it from their point of view. But most of all, keep reading what others write.
R P Bird says:
It's not a new concept. No more zombies, please. Without getting into the massive overlap between gamers and those who watch science fiction or horror movies, and in no way touching the controversies about the interaction between Hollywood culture and video games, I can say that the target audience for this movie has been over-exposed to the zombie theme. Valve is probably the sharpest game company out there right now. There's a reason they haven't made a Left for Dead 3 (L4D1/2 are zombie survival games - and yes, there are L4D3 web sites, all fake, no release date for 3, probably not ever). Now there's a zombie-themed TV show along with an infinite number of zombie-themed games (this matters because of the aforesaid overlap between gamers and the target audience). I know there is at least one big-budget zombie movie in the works, maybe more. If I were the studios, I'd bail on every freaking one of them. If you're making a zombie movie, it isn't about art, it's about making money. There's no money to be had from this. Wait ten years. Vampires are even preferable to zombies at this point, and that's saying something for the over-exposure of the zombie theme. I'm not an egotist, so I'll freely admit that I'm often wrong. I might be wrong this time. Willing to bet several million dollars that I am?
Jason Snea says:
I love the fact that movies can stir up such strong opinions.
What's good, what's not, what's entertainment, what's art.

And the fact still remains, no one can force you to watch a movie you don't want to see.

Zombies rule, a hot girls T-shirt told me so.
Jim Ford says:
He He Nice one Jason, Crazy isn't it. I wonder how long before we see the eventual rise of triple X rated Zombabe flicks? Zombie culture is here to stay. It has it's audience and like good music will prevail. Sure the studios will dip in and out of whatever fad is the current fancy it is all about the return for the majors. The indie film maker or animator will always find stock in the genre, Sometimes for shock and sometimes for comedy. Sean of The Dead or the upcoming Cockneys versus Zombies. The director Matthias Hoene is a very slick director and I predict something special written by James Moran. It may supprise some people. Art is what you make in film school sketches and vignettes. You make real art in film when you become a great director and can afford the actors you need to create it. Sometimes to get to where you can create that moment you might have to make a turkey that becomes a golden goose to satisfy the players who might then trust you to make the film you really want to make. God Bless Amazon studios. It's making dreams come true. X
David Jones says:
I'm in general agreement with your post. I am weary of zombies, superheroes and vampires. I think the vampires and superheroes make for more complex and interesting characters and--pun intended--will never die completely. The vampire is Bram Stoker's brilliant creation and has been with us for a century now.

Zombies have a certain nightmarish appeal. There's something about the implacable horror that just keeps shambling toward you, combined with our primal fear of infection, that makes it a potent monster.

But I think it's been thoroughly explored at this point. Overly explored. It is time to move on.

I notice that of the many zombie premises involved in the premise wars on this site, most of them seem to be doing quite poorly--even the ones that seem like pretty good concepts. I'm guessing that is due to something of a zombie backlash. I agree that this one has run its course.

I groan at the mere sight of the word, now.
David Jones says:
Oh, and when I do that, it sounds a bit like this: Aaaaaaaaoooaaaagh.
One of my online scripts, Blood on the Dance Floor, was written almost 10 years ago. At the time, I was told by numerous industry contacts that vampires had been done to death. This was BEFORE Twilight, and True Blood, and countless Underworld sequels ...you get the picture. I go back to the old truism - no one knows anything.
Jason Parker says:
right on
Jason Parker says:
is Clive Barker still involved with this thing
Tom says:
Well things do get done to death. HOWEVER, everything runs in cycles. I am a bit surprised Amazon is "chasing" the tail end of the zombie run. Remember some years back when "Unforgiven" was credited with reviving the western. Then everyone was doing westerns until audiences got sick of them. Then it was horror and the slasher revival, until they got boring. The real key is being on the front end of the next cycle. Your script may have been chasing the cycle ten years ago...and then it was TEN YEARS later....new cycle.

I guess you should write what you like, and if people are saying its been done to death, it likely has FOR THE TIME BEING. Just put it aside, and when you see the cycle beginning dust it off early and get it in there...or convince people its ripe for the picking BECAUSE it has not been done in a while.

You get the point.
Rich James says:
Classic creatures and myths will always be in our psyche. Okay, this script is both obvious, naive and predictable but that should not negate zombies, who are cool.

I am about to put my own zombie script up here and that will change your mind.

Oh, I am a real writer, Hollywood/novels. Be prepared...

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