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No joke. I just got the pic of the 1st movie poster for "The Wall" due in theaters on MAY 12! I am in awe....
V.M.Clark says:
I saw that too. That's amazing! I can't wait to see it and compare the submitted screenplay with the shooting script. I think I posted the movie poster on twitter as soon as I saw it. I yelled from my computer "Oh my God! You won't believe this!" My family had no clue what I'm talking about. I think it came in 5th on Black List.
Stan Tinay says:
Just watched the Trailer for "The Wall"... It looks like a really good movie.
That is amazing. Amazon Studios actually produced a movie. Hope it does well, then maybe they'll do it more often.
The Wall has OFFICALLY been moved off of the Development Slate....

catcon says:
Just watched the trailer; yeah, looks good. But... a paltry 81 minutes, and I couldn't find anything about the budget, on IMDB, or Wiki, etc. Then there's ...

Production Companies:
Amazon Studios
Big Indie Pictures

Distribution Companies:
Amazon Studios (2017) (USA) (theatrical)
Roadside Attractions (2017) (USA) (theatrical)
Searchers, The (2017) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Shaw Organisation (2017) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Searchers, The (2017) (Belgium) (all media)

Plus other companies for SFX and various other things.

Weren't we all under the impression that Amazon Studios would be able to do all of this itself?
Frank Castle says:

I don't know about distribution, but when production is concerned, I would say hire the best people for the job. My understanding is that AS is not a huge outfit (just yet).

And anyway, wouldn't Doug Liman be repped by his own production co?
V.M.Clark says:
The script was on Blacklist so I'm sure there's more than one studio involved. We'll have to stay through the end credits.
(...) says:
Not even studios do all the work themselves as it will be against anti monopoly/trust regulation laws put into effect by the FCC and the Supreme Court back in the 1940s.

Studios are usually primary backers and must find companies to co-produce their projects. They either go to already established independent production companies (such as Amazon Studios) or to a production company created specifically for a film or series.

Several production companies actually start by producing only one film/show and sometimes even hold their original name afterwards. Some company producing a zombie film would call itself Zombies Inc and will still keep this name even if they diversify to other genres later on. The industry is full of cases like this.

Picrow is the go-to production company for Amazon. I believe they have produced pretty much all major Amazon shows since 2012.

Transparent, Gortimer Gibbon’s, Mozart in the Jungle, Goliath, Alpha House, Red Oaks, Betas, Man on the High Castle, Hand of God are all Picrow productions.

So is no surprise they are producing "The Wall" as well.

To the guy asking about Doug Liman. Lots of directors do for-hire work. In this case, they won't involve their own production companies as they are selling themselves exclusively and have no producing responsibilities.
Eric says:

when you absolutely, positively, have to know exactly what doesn't happen when a sniper team is deployed in a combat zone. This script was garbage and should be panned quite broadly when it comes out.
Bottom line though... it sold, and got made... I'm happy for the guy. He now has a career, and that's a good thing, REGARDLESS of how I may feel about the script.
My thoughts, exactly!
catcon says:
And so much of the "career" is up to the writer. That's why it's good to have a few or more other projects finished or actively on-the-go.

There are, no doubt, big breaks at every "level" of one's career, but it's that first one that counts.

The question to ask ourselves is: Are we ready?
Clint Hill says:
Eric says:
when you absolutely, positively, have to know exactly what doesn't happen when a sniper team is deployed in a combat zone.”

True. This is what happens when the “low-budget, minimum location for maximum profit” practice is employed in the wrong setting. Sure, a desert and wall don't cost much for a set, but at least get the military tactical strategies correct. The trailer feels like a city kid's invented situation idea of what it would be like if a couple of pseudo-badass G.I. Joes were “pinned down” out in the open, a place in which real-life soldiers avoid like the plague and would never allow themselves to be caught.
Really makes me happy to hear that.
No matter what, No other company in the world inspires you to write as much as Amazon does.
Even if your project doesn't make the cut, it makes you up your game and encourages you to keep writing.
Even if they don't accept my work, I'm still indebted to Amazon for giving me that will to never give up.

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