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Chris Gooley says:
Has anyone in this forum got any good news or does everyone get a hard pass?
A Participant says:

Someone will be the first.
Many have been accepted and even been made in the past. "The Wall" will be in the theaters in may. Mortimer Gibbons by David Anaxagoras ran for near 10 seasons and won Emmies.
10 seasons? U mean 3 seasons...
10 seasons = it ran for 2 years plus. A season is 13 weeks. 3 seasons is 39 weeks, or 9 months, ie less than a year.
Your logic is impressive.
D. Magis says:
@David this is literally me reading that:

(...) says:
David's math is me in 5th grade. hahahaha

Gortimer had 3 successful seasons.

To answer Chris. They have produced Gortimer Gibbons from a script submitted here, they produced The Wall (which will premiere next month I think) and they've optioned about 30 + scripts in the last 5 years as far as I'm concerned.

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