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Lisa Scott says:
i've been on a marketing hiatus for a while now... and just started up again. decided to give VPF a try. i bought 10 pitches. spent a full week going through the list of pros and comparing what i found on imdbpro... a painstakingly long process, but oh so necessary. then i reworked pitches for 3 different scripts and VOILA!!!

in just a few days i made the VPF Hotlist -- currently having the 2nd highest most requested scripts. http://virtualpitchfest.com/the-vpf-hotlist/


i can't really endorse VPF, but i think the timing was just right for my kind of "real world" stories. i'm glad i waited.
Yes, Lisa!

This is from me. Congrats!!!!!



Lisa Scott says:
<<hee, hee!>> thanks for that.
Congrats and well done Lisa. Is this Hotlist something that may to further read requests?
Lisa Scott says:
i guess it's just a feature that lets the pros who are "actively" seeking check out the most requested scripts. it could be one they rejected from a query or one that was never pitched to them... and now they can see that other people like it too.

in comparison to the New Black List is passive. they come to you based on what other people read. and usually you have to pay for those reads, so it could be expensive unless your script is so good that it brings many to the table.

VPF is more pro-active b/c you can choose who to pitch to. also, you write out a query letter in addition to just your logline -- so this is an added selling point.

and they're required to give you an answer within 5 days. so far that's happened and out of the 10, i actually got 3 responses within 10 minutes after i pitched. i was like: double-take! yesss!!!
Yeah I've used VPF before, it's a good service, very transparent.
Lisa Scott says:
but didn't work out for you, huh?!
Lisa Scott says:
CJ... or anyone for that matter, if you can say WHY your story needs to be told and WHAT you want to say to the world then I think you can market better. of course, not every producer gives a shit about this, but... whatever.
Thanks, I don't really market my scripts, I feel I've got a long way to go with writing before doing that. Someone kept pushing me to query a particular script they liked so I had a little go on VPF, I actually got cold feet and never checked the last response I got.

Besides, I think my motivation for writing my previous scripts is lacking in those core values you mention.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this, I do like VPF, fingers crossed for you.
I’ve been using Virtual PItchfest for a couple of years now and like the service.

In fact my script BOSS OF ME, listed here at Amazon:


was the 3rd most requested screenplay on VPF Hotlist for the month of November 2013 and I was rewarded with 3 free pitches.

Usually the pitches are $50 for 5 pitches, $90 for 10 pitches. However if you are on their e-mail list they will let you know when there are specials. Mostly if you buy the 10 pitch package you get 2 free ones. You may even want to contact them and ask if you can have the special sale price. Just be ready to buy them if they extend the offer.

As an aspiring writer you have to be careful of the cottage industry that has built up to help aspiring screenwriters. $12 for a book, that’s okay. $1200 for a screenwriting weekend seminar or $400 for script coaching services, I’m not so sure.

VPF isn’t cheap, but you do get access to people that wouldn’t normally respond to unrepresented writers. And they’ll do it in five days, if not five minutes sometimes.
Absolutely do your research on the companies you reach out to. Use IMDB or a Production Company Directory. Or just Google the company or contact name. You don’t want to see your pitches go to waste.

While I haven’t actually sold anything on VPF, I have gotten meetings with Smart Entertainment and Paramount Pictures and have had several companies agree to read my script.

I like VPF a lot better than the Black List. At least you get to make direct contact with producers and mangers as opposed to hoping someone will discover your script on a database.
JBB says:
I like your script "Gift Card." Making any headway?
Unfortunatly no movement on Gift Card. Funny thing, when I started that script I wasn't sure this credit card that could change apperances and have all these great uses was possible. But just the other day I saw a news story about a computer swipe card that will take the place of all your other cards.
Lisa Scott says:
write for the future! if you can imagine it then most likely someone is already working on it. so don't doubt yourself.

write on!
Ron Reda says:
I don't know anymore about VPF. I had my most entertaining script told to me in a rejection fashion that "it didn't grab us" - ok, it is a very grabbing concept and when I sent ito a reading service, they loved it and raved about it. So, I now have doubts about VPF. You said you haven't actually sold anything on VPF... Now I know I am not the only one with salable material. It's them, the "producers" who are getting screeners toreject everyone so VPF can make more money. Do you know of anyone who actually has sold anything?
I bought six pitches. I got the word for word identical response (It didn't grab us......) from each of them.

I found this to be crap. Not that I did not get a positive response - but that apparently they have some pre-formatted response tool t hat they just click. They don't have to even type.! Ten bucks a click - nice cash machine.

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