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V.M.Clark says:
I have submitted the pilot. How in the world do I submit the mini bible?
Just link it in creative notes as a google drive document
V.M.Clark says:
Thank you. I thought it has to be pdf or rtf format.
You can upload a pdf to a google drive and share the link.
V.M.Clark says:
I see that for other projects shows up when I click on the project. Both the pilot and the mini bible show. I didn't have the option to upload 2 files. Or I didn't see it.
There isnt an option. People upload them separately.
V.M.Clark says:
Thank you
you don't see that option if it's not for a kids show.
V.M.Clark says:
I've added it in the notes. They might like the concept and wonder where I'm going with the story.

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