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Steph S. says:
Our Best Script Awards this month go to a pair of action/adventure stories with a supernatural twist: Pack Behavior, about a social worker menaced by a group of murderous teen werewolves; and The Temple, about mercenaries facing the wellspring of all human violence. The Best Test Movie award goes to Sky Pirates, a drawn storyboard visualization of a previous Best Script winner about a barnstormer battling a Nazi airship. Best Dialogue Track awards go to Bee Wars and The Break-Up Artists.

See the winners here: http://studios.amazon.com/contests/15

Congrats to all!
Congrats to the winners :-)
A Participant says:
I believe PACK BEHAVIOR will make a good commercial project. Congrats to all.
John Carr says:
Congratulations to the winners!
Harry Lime says:
Congratulations to Gary. Great job. Tough competition this month.

I guess I'll have to look at "Pack Behaviour" now. I was certain "In the Silences" was going to win.
I'm glad Alex is finally getting some real recognition. Congratulations!
Harry - just as well. I just did a fairly major rewrite of In The Silences, which I'm lobbing in later today...
A Participant says:
Great job, all! Gary definitely knocked it outta the park with Sky Pirates. Though Memory was damn good, too.
A Participant says:
Anybody else hearing zither music?

One of the greatest shots in movie history...

Jamster says:
All the best guys on your well deserved wins!

Gazza break out your tin helmet...

or get ready to duck - lol!

Congrats guys! G- Money strikes again!!
I am very grateful for the opportunities this contest has presented to Alex and myself thus far. I am also very grateful our new material was so well received this month. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners. Thank you, Amazon Studios, for letting us all play in this sandbox every month. I do believe it is raising everyone's game up a few notches across the board... proof is in the steadily increasing level of competition as the contest progresses. Again, congratulations to all.
L says:
I thought i had already posted on this thread , but I don't see it... Weird. So again...

Congrats to the winners!! :-)
K Klmn says:
Congrats to all the winners.
Robert Ward says:
Congratulations everyone!

Wow, Gary, livin' large buddy!
Gary's going to make more money than Microsoft this year!
Congratulations to all the winners!
I knew Alex would came some appearances before the year was up. He looks so cute in the video.
A Participant says:
Thanks, everyone!

AS has turned out to be a great community of writers, and we don't often get a chance to gather in such large groups to exchange ideas and reviews.

Let's keep working on helping each other get better at creating great movies!

Remember, only porn stars and writers get to go to work in their underwear.

And writers don't have to keep their socks on.
Congrats Michael, great Job!
shreeta says:
Congratulations to the winners.
Paul Chironi says:
WTG Gary!

And congratulations to everyone else as well!
Many thanks for the kind words! Eitelman and I are proud of THE TEMPLE and see big things on the horizon.

Let me give a big hat tip as well to Michael Ezell. We had an early horror month! Go genre!

Another extra round of applause for Chris Davis, who made the best movie at Amazon in my opinion. You wuz robbed!

Congrats to all.

IƤ! Shub-Niggurath!

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