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(Action and Adventure) Stone age young boy finds an egg, which hatches out to be a prehistoric monster, The story line tells about there exiting journey leading up to the building of the english world heritage monument stone henge.
(Action and Adventure)
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) In 2012 I was breaking the seven seals of the life book described in the bible.I am the lion of judah who has finally won to sit in the throne of god in the kingdom of heaven.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) An expedition to Egypt uncovers a world of aliens inside the great pyramid.
(Action and Adventure) A young man, on probation for a nasty street brawl that left a man in the hospital , helps his long-time criminal cousin pull a hotel robbery and is later double-crossed and framed for a triple homicide.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In a small town,Bill Drake desires to become a police officer like his father was.whilst helping out at his local police station he tags along on a case,which happens to be the most life changing thing that will ever happen to billy.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) Cooties are taking over the world by making boys into girls so Cootie exterminators Alex, Blake, and Malcolm to stand up to this act
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) its about a boy name Jason who wants to be an actor who has support from his teacher who use to be in theater the script is very entertaing and think people would love it
(Action and Adventure) the gunman who has a duties to illuminate a pregnant woman.what's will he do?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) We follow a five-year-old girl Sara from Iran who does not understand why everyone has to act in such bizarre way. We experience her life through her thoughts and eyes and see a world of lies, breakups, war, disappointments, and loneliness.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) This legal technicality indicates the Hague must dismiss charges against Dr Karadzic and others awaiting trials in the Hague jail; like it or not.
(Action and Adventure) This story describes the state of dispersion and loss experienced by the Syrian illegal immigrant from Syria to Europe .. This illegal immigration by sea and how to be any loss faced by immigrant
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) The story is about a futuristic Space Race on a magnetic racetrack, linking our moon and all the planets in our solar system with Earth....Each planet contains territorial alien planet monsters, which are attracted to the racetrack, and attack the racers aggressively...
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) Like all great superhero alter egos, Pete is not your normal caterpillar, for when danger calls he transforms within his “Special Chrysalis” to become The Incredible Buck Butterfly.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) When top assassin, Solitaire, goes rogue and starts making unauthorized hits, her former teammate and best friend, Jaci, is called in, to track her down and stop her. But will Jaci be able to save Solitaire, or will she be forced to put her down?
(Action and Adventure) l'histoire debute au 13eme siecle et se poursuit pendant la 2éme guerre mondiale c'est l'histoire de Valerian et Evana : reincarnation de personages ayant vécus au 13eme siecle , c'est l'histoire d'un mysterieux médaillon qui leur fera vivre de nombreuses aventures
(Action and Adventure) la réincarnation de 2 personnages ( le chevalier Valère de Montbrun et Evana ) donneront lieu durant la seconde guerre mondiale a la recherche du mysterieux tresor des Cathares.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Between the realms of life and death, a society of ethereal beings exist. Their purpose in life, to maintain karmatic balance. To us, they are known as Phantoms, and one is about to crossover into our world.
(Action and Adventure) The gold stolen from Chinese goverment.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) 13th century EVANA from Tibet and VALERE de MONTBRUN, a knight who saved the Cathar treasure from the castle of MONTSEGUR in France. They will reborn 7 centuries later to discover 
the treasure during the World War 2, chased by the Nazi armies.


(Action and Adventure) An ex-CIA/SAS man has forty-four hours to locate and disable four nuclear devices before they decimate four European cities.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) An overly shy woman asks her 99-year-old grandfather to recount his life when he first came to San Francisco during the Gold Rush of 1849. In order to bring her out of her shell he will do it on one condition – that she writes a book about it.
(Action and Adventure) It tells how anyone with a 'HEART' can make a difference in people's lives in their community or a community in need. Christine's testimony shows how a person can fall and fail, but can triumph and become a champion through faith. This is a non-fiction book.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) In a parallel universe on a planet named Ressear, a brave soldier named Sofia Hayden is on a quest to find the reincarnated bodies of 3 kings and a queen to help defeat an evil warlock named Sil.
(Action and Adventure) A former Cypriot Special Forces soldier and current Crown Princess of Greece must prevent a terrorist group and drug syndicate from pulling off a major deal in her homeland.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Attaining the secret of human flight, a twelve-year-old boy finds himself a reluctant superhero ensnared in a time space mystery contesting aliens and global terrorists unsure as to what is real and what is imaginary.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) a man who kill for surviving is chased by an alien secret agents invading from space,only to realize that he is in fact a deadly virus living inside a human body,till the alien agents turn to be a chemical agents(antibiotic pills),who take care for the human's body health
(Action and Adventure) The Bounty Hunter: " A professional bounty hunter gives a reward for killing himself to take revenge on the killers have not been successful in killing him."
(Drama, Action and Adventure) The hunt for the secret of the weapon "Greek Fire", set against the violent siege that led to the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and the final end of the Roman Empire - The story may be compared in some respects with the film "Kingdom of Heaven.