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(Comedy, Drama) A sports writer who always avoided confrontation, just upset the most dominating boxer in World. Out of frustration he verbally insults and writes an article that enrages the champ! Refusing to let this go the champ offers a 1,000,000 challenge for an exhibition.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Born with Fire, Fueled by Destiny. One Redheaded Stepchild, BEATS BACK, and Stands Up to become a Hero. THE GINGER. Because what the world really needs MOST, is an ORIGINAL SUPERHERO to save us from remake and sequels of old characters, and NEW MERCHANDISE to BUY!!!
(Comedy, Drama) A real estate agent’s vow to give up sex and cure her chronic case of "Wrong Men-itis" wavers when an enigmatic new client sweeps her off her feet…and into bed. Bridget Jones' Diary meets Waiting to Exhale…with added drama and suspense.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Identity Check is an action/comedy about Nurse, a homeless woman living a delusional past in an alley behind a Las Vegas casino, who disbands a powerful identity theft ring when she mobilizes a ragtag bunch of homeless friends and finds her identity in the present.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) As the world learns to embrace interracial relationships and grasp the idea of gay marriage, it appears they are not yet ready for Inter-Vamp Relationships. Follow one hilarious night in the lives of one couple as they expose their relationship to their family and friends.
(Comedy) A tale of two losers who rig the lottery
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Nancy Drew meets Madam Butterfly by way of Heroes.
(Comedy) The employees of a pizzeria are issued an ultimatum by their district supervisor. They must increase the store’s daily sales average to $1000 over the course of the next three days or they will all face termination and the store will be converted to a tomato holding annex.
(Comedy, Horror) A movie-loving homicide detective and his partner are on the hunt for a serial killer who copycats slasher films such as HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13TH, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and SCREAM to murder the famous female stars of those movies.
(Comedy) This movie is about a band that is terrorized by a Phantom.
(Comedy) An ex-con's relationship with a sexually-free Russian woman leads to questions about the murder that put him in prison, and his best friend's involvement in the crime.
(Comedy) With questionable guidance from his friends, a hopeless romantic, heartbroken by a cheating girlfriend tries to sleep with 25 women before his 25th birthday, until girl 24 becomes more than a number and he must decide to stop at 24, go for 25, or get both.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) As a matter of national security, an alcoholic ex-CIA agent is banished to the one place that no one will find him: Santa’s Workshop. Just days before Christmas, Santa is kidnapped and the ex-agent must use his CIA training to save Santa and the spirit of Christmas.
(Comedy) Cheerful fairy tale about the meeting of “two halves”, who themselves create barriers in their relationship. She proudly calls herself “asexual”,she despises carnal joys – but he is a guy for all jobs...D'you know about Antisexual's movement? Wow! It's cool!Or no?
(Comedy) 64$ for 8 hours of work. This is the pay that TV and Movie "extras" have come to expect in their chase for stardom. In this unconventional comedy series we follow the lives of five quirky friends trying to hit it big in the new hollywood of the south: Atlanta Georgia.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A young man must save his sister from the man who murdered their parents 20 years ago. Winner Best Teen Pick Bare Bones Film Festival.
(Comedy) Family Values is a indie sitcom shot three wall style like popular shows in the 90"s.
(Comedy, Drama) This awkward teen has no luck and must go through a scarring trauma to get her point across. Even if that means, relying on an out-of-state Attorney, to help her face her fears.
(Comedy, Drama) One man and his childhood friend tired of all the Black Friday shopping hype,decide to shop without money and leave each store with I.O.U's
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A lonely Special ops soldier drowns his broken heart in tequila until he meets a new love South of the Border. But when the most notorious Mexican drug cartel wants his new love dead, against all odds, he single-handedly goes into battle with them to save her.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Kosher is convicted of murder & is released from prison after 1 year when missing evidence resurfaces. He is awarded his own cooking show on tv & meets his dream woman. Life is perfect until people around him start dropping like flies.
(Comedy) The course of true love never did run smooth, but when a socially inept millionaire disguised as a tramp falls in love with an intelligent actress pretending to be stupid (whilst fending off a psychopathic gangland boss) the results are hilariously chaotic
(Comedy) After being unexpectedly dumped by the girlfriend he adores, a New York photographer hits the road to do a cross country photo series that he hopes will alleviate his pain. But instead of finding solace, the photographer experiences three more years of emotional setbacks.
(Comedy) After buying a house as an investment just before the housing crash, Adam is forced to take on the world's worst tenants in what turns out to be the world's worst house. Will Adam collapse before the house does?
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) NYC-based ventriloquist/detective Van Trillo and his wooden sidekick, Sam Suede, travel to England. Their mission: to save the world by uncovering the guilty secrets that went to the grave with Lord Gooseford.
(Comedy) Billy Shade gets on a bus and does what millions have done, relocates to New York City with big dreams. SUBLET is a coming of age story about a young artist who falls down the urban rabbit hole and is forced to earn his feelings with the help of the people he finds there.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Danny Sheridan was a young, successful banker on the verge of a major promotion until he was killed in cold blood by an intruder. Now trapped in limbo as a ghost, he must solve his own murder while proving he has what it takes to ascend to the next phase of the afterlife.
(Comedy) Real Life Stories in the Moving Industry, As told By A Woman who had the 'Balls' to work along side of a male occupied work force. . A real life comedy but not a reality show, A comedy with real reality!
(Comedy) After a going-nowhere nineteen-year-old lucks into tickets for the World Series, he and his druggy soon-to-be girlfriend trip headlong into meeting the home run hero and having his first real-world adventure not involving a trip to the yogurt shop.