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(Comedy, Horror) A mother gets revenge by putting a Bless You curse on a gang, if they sneeze and nobody reply's with a Bless You they will die. The twist is that the mother unknowingly puts the curse on her daughter and granddaughter.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Tim's Strange World is another book that is based on one of my novels and it's it's fantasy and comedy.
(Comedy, Drama) A troubled but talented teenage guitarist reluctantly joins a rock band of misfit high school kids as they all struggle with personal demons and rock band villains to try to win, “The Anthem,” a reality television battle of the bands competition.
(Comedy, Drama) A small lab researcher must confront the power brokers of big pharma before they release his untested autism vaccine to the public.
(Comedy) A cynical teacher is led by his best friend, a personal spiritual advisor, to a week-long workshop to reconnect with his happiness. He soon finds himself in a battle with the egomaniacal head guru and his disciples to keep from losing even more than he had before he went.
(Comedy, Drama) An English sea captain murdered four or so hundred years ago, seeks the aid of Kiyoshi, a timid nerdy Japanese school teacher to help him gain eternal peace.
(Comedy, Drama) A modern coming of age story follows a young man with loads of potential and loads of hesitancy to use it. He learns to find himself through his first summer job, fresh out of high school.
(Comedy) Graham has sex with two sisters on the same night, unbeknownst to each other. He's the envy of all men for hitting the holy grail until...both sisters announce that they're pregnant, and they are keeping the babies.
(Comedy, Drama) Story about Internet services on heaven being attacked by demons.Will human help solve the problem?
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Two unlikely women team work together to create the technology that will change the world forever.
(Comedy, Drama) Lisa Ruben doesn’t realize the hit man she hired to kill her adulterous husband, Frank, was also hired by Frank to kill her.
(Comedy, Drama) A freshman befriends a group of seniors, too bad it's only apart of their senior prank.
(Comedy) Buy the Dip a biting satire on the world of Cryptocurrency in which two friends meet a homeless man who offers them some life changing investment advice.
(Comedy, Drama) Mary and Brad, before marrying, sign a prenuptial contract that says the one who will cheat on the other will lose everything,all goods..Brad falls in love with Jenna Adams,his assistant.Brad want all goods for him and Jenna ,too.So,Brad pays few men to seduce Mary.
(Comedy) How far would you go to protect the family and the life you love? Murder? Lot's of Murder?
(Comedy) College Tradition vs. School Spirit. The story of that line of shirtless boys in the front row of every college football game.
(Comedy) How far would you go to stay young forever? Seven friends, turning forty, each begin to experience one the seven deadly vanities of aging and do everything in their power, both natural and supernatural, to slow the onset of mortality, with hilarious consequences.
(Comedy, Horror) Genre conventions are broken when a self-aware comedy troupe discovers some urban legends are no joke after being run off the road by a family of psychopaths in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
(Comedy) When a man dies prematurely and is tricked into Hell by a hot-and-horny Lady Satan, he meets his half-crazed "hellmate" and together they plan the unthinkable - an escape!
(Comedy) A manager wants to hire new employees but all of them make him incredibly annoyed and frustrated.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a 60'S like satire of a strong girl amazon like comic in a genera that is starting to become oppressively brooding and Gothic.
(Comedy, Drama) Three comic book store employees traverse the perils of life, love and making a living.
(Comedy) Larry, a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge, takes great pleasure in his job as a "varmint control specialist", until one day when he's reincarnated and finds himself on the other end of the schtick.
(Comedy) Witches! Goblins! Wizards! Orcs! Is all part and parcel of the life of a young witches of Young Witches Sophie and Amanda who must fight the evil of the world of magic, without destroying earth in the process.
(Comedy, Drama) Love is not all
(Comedy, Drama) A man with a history of sexual dysfunction reluctantly inherits an adult book store then falls for the woman aiming to shut the store down.
(Comedy) A young Clever Under supervised White kid born into a Brooklyn Neighborhood influenced by Hip Hop culture has a skewed comical view of the world
(Comedy) In a post-apocalyptic Britain, a stand-up comedian inadvertently finds himself leading a revolution against the police state that has emerged from the carnage.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A New Mexico geo-physics professor's life becomes a chaotic whirlwind when mysterious crop circles mysteriously appear. Two alien species, the benevolent Sahajans, create the cryptic circles and the malevolent Rakshas, trade alien technology for human hosts.


(Comedy, Drama) An up-and-coming, LA-based actor is about to have his "big break" meeting with a star-director when he gets news from his casual-girlfriend that she's pregnant, unplanned, leading him on a twist-filled night that escalates to an explosive climax.