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(Comedy, Drama) After a troubled divorced couple agree to coach their sons' summer baseball team, a sharp successful realtor and a stubborn laid-back painter must find a way to somehow make it work.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Kidnapping becomes the order of the day, when three low lives come together to find fortune against every odds;and alerting an enemy that thinks they are after him
(Comedy, Drama) A disenchanted chemistry nerd tries to get the girl of his dreams by transforming into the "superhero" Viro. He fails miserably and ends up in jail, but a better person for it.
(Comedy) An awakened giant and four unlikely heroes have four days to reach Times Square and save the world from an alien invasion.
(Comedy) The feel good, laugh your ass off sketch comedy show
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Four Smash Bike BMX teams play a sudden death round robin for a priceless statue.
(Comedy) When a wide-eyed college graduate finds out her dreamy best friend won't travel the world with her because he has an exotic new girlfriend, she is determined to get his attention by writing a self-help book.
(Comedy) In a world divided into biographers and their subjects, a headstrong biographer falls in love with his subject against everyone’s warnings.
(Comedy) Farcical parody of the old, but still popular, Bonanza TV show. Characters are exposed as buffoons in improbable situations as an unlikely friend works over the Cartwright clan.
(Comedy, Drama) A recently divorced housewife, a cam girl, and their spoiled friend navigate the love-hate cycles of being  young and single in Los Angeles.  
(Comedy) Matt, a lazy orderly at a dementia care facility, is shocked to learn that his long-estranged father has been admitted as a patient. He's even more shocked to discover that his father's second family plans to euthanize him -- and they need Matt's help.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A super-powered, fourth wall-breaking spy time travels back to World War One to fix the altered timeline while trying not to get sidetracked by his chaotic and skeptical mind that leads him into bizarre and surreal experiences along the way.
(Comedy) A young Detroit dog walker trying to break into the dog walking business, falls for an older cowbell player who is trying to save rock n' roll. In this parody spoof of the movie La La Land.
(Comedy, Drama) An offbeat screenwriter's life is hilariously turned upside down and he's nearly killed several times, when he seeks out the creator of the Lone Ranger to ask him why he named the sidekick, Tonto (Spanish for dumb shit).
(Comedy, Drama) A retired MMA fighter opens a gym for the underprivileged, minorities, transgender, gays, lesbians, disabled...from all walks of life to teach them philosophy, self defense and life. At the end of every episode, there is a MMA fight.
(Comedy, Drama) Five strangers move into a 5-Bedroom apartment on the upper west side and bond while they struggle through the obstacles of life in your late 20's/early 30's surviving together in New York City.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) "When a deadly virus gets released at a prestigious High School, chaos begins to take over. Only the wealthy students are infected, and its up to the lower class students to defend them self, and try to take back the school."
(Comedy) New York City Jewish couple retire to an Arizona 55 and up retirement community with a whole slew of group activities and colorful characters. Think Love Boat in the desert.
(Comedy, Drama) Jimmy Charles is a franchise owner of a Burger Brothers Restaurant, a fast food joint in the 1970s. When Cooley's, a chain from the southwest, threatens to put Burger Brothers out of business, Jimmy and his fellow franchise owners must find a way to save the restaurant.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) The Vatican is 'downsizing'. Like all businesses the Vatican facing 'hard' times is forced to 'cut' non essential and superfluous costs. One such cost is a Monastery in a long forgotten Castle atop a mountain in the Pyrenees , Spain. Ooops...


(Comedy, Drama) While spending a weekend in Paris with her step dad, Bel runs off in search of her estranged father Richard, the man who walked out on her as a child.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) I live in Japan. Currently not too many people metal detect in Japan. My idea is to do a show that goes to historic places, metal detect and enjoy the culture. Have fun but be respectful.
(Comedy, Drama) Forced to live with his Aunt and his cousins after Jack lose's his parents his life and his identity. Jack must also contend with his Aunt who he hasn't even seen in 10 years dating the father two bullies who can't stand Jack. There's more to growing up than Just popularity
(Comedy, Kids and Family) After a plane ticketing mishap lands them in Las Vegas, two brothers and their cousin must deal with all sorts of misadventures ranging from beaten up rentals to an angry bride enroute to Florida. Based on the prank videos of the YouTube group theCHAIZYchannel.
(Comedy) An old man gets the lesson of a lifetime.
(Comedy) With questionable guidance from his friends, a hopeless romantic, heartbroken by a cheating girlfriend tries to sleep with 25 women before his 25th birthday, until girl 24 becomes more than a number and he must decide to stop at 24, go for 25, or get both.
(Comedy) A short movie based on impatient people with no time. Miles is just looking to buy some Coffee when he meets the "Sweetest" teller ever.
(Comedy, Drama) Cole & Shaun the average inner city teens are going through a normal day discussing there future plans and goals as some unfortunate things take place later on. The story will be focused on Shaun and the after math of the events that transpired.
(Comedy) Often people do not think about their actions, but these actions lead to a ridiculous and instructive consequences.
(Comedy, Drama) Helena is a lonesome and arrogant woman who works as a waitress. She suffers from a terminal illness that left her with only a few days to live. Her life changes completely when Sidney, a 17-year-old girl knocks at her door claiming to be her daughter.