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(Drama) Rose Colored Glasses Pitch: Burn-out car salesman seeks fresh start as psyche teacher for class of mentally-disordered students with amazing results!
(Comedy, Drama) A Psychologist keeps a young immigrant prisoner in her apartment
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Crew of a lost spaceship find new planet after fleeing earth destroyed by Supernova Sun and find their selves in struggle when treated as Gods by present neolithic species for having knowledge/technology. What role will they play in creation of new world? Gods or humans?
(Drama, Kids and Family) Dyslexia My Life - By Love and Grace - Movie Storyboard - Inspiring script about one person's struggle with my learning disability. Sam, the author of the book Dyslexia My Life
(Drama) Involves for students caught up in a love triangle, where there is circumstances.
(Comedy, Drama) A shy young man, finding a way out of his bubble into a new life of comedy, unashamed, and no regrets.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) After a worldwide pandemic has happened all over the globe many americans believe the end of the world is approaching. A man by the name of Kingston Martin uses every inch of his knowledge about God to get people in his community saved while also facing natural disasters.
(Drama) teen drama
(Drama) Dark face is a teen drama based on the hit movie Catfish. 16 year old Amy has fallen head over heels for the coolest guy in school... but has she?
(Drama) team drama about bullying through social media after meeting a male online
(Drama) A misunderstood surburban-teenage boy struggling to fit into his new city school, meets a rebellious girl that changes his life.
(Drama) The small town tension of elected officials versus lawmen runs everyday life in an 1853 trading community, but when an innocent merchant gets caught in the middle and used as a pawn; can either side win while trying to blame on the other for the merchant's demise?
(Drama) In a deal worth hundreds of millions private equity firm Alpha targets hotel chain Sleepwell,hiring Charles Wheeler to entertain potential investors.His reward is entry into a world of lear jets,high class prostitutes and 15,000 a night hotel suites.
(Drama) example
(Drama) Inspired by true stories of an immigration lawyer having to deal with the issue of domestic violence and immigration law. It is heart-breaking story with a message of hope. With all the issues surrounding immigration right now, this movie provides another perspective.
(Drama) Growing up happens gradually, often without our realising it. For these six girls, it's about to happen much quicker than they anticipated.
(Drama) In New York City, Michael Abraham, a newspaper reporter, bumps into Tina Kennedy, 10 years after their high school sweetheart days in Hale, Ohio are over. Can they get back together? It all depends on how far he'll go for a story and how far she'll go for a part.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Many people are without healthcare and it's up to the President to provide it even if it means breaking a few rules and putting his life in jeopardy.
(Drama) A Hospice nurse discovers how patients can end their own lives.
(Drama) A death in the family leaves a curious fragment of speech forever unexplained — but not unexplored.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) This is the interesting story which shows how world becomes when animals behaves like human being and human beings as animals
(Comedy, Drama) It's 1969 and three teenage boys from Brooklyn head upstate to camp for a summer of drug sex and rock-n-roll.
(Comedy, Drama) Five farmers markets in a conservative city are run by a corporate food conglomerate that claims, with city cooperation, to be organic, until a market security guard discovers the truth.
(Drama) Is a story about a young Gold digger who under estimates peoples because of their social class.Oneday she met an inferior look young guy who turn out to be more than she expected.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In the City of London a trader uncovers the secret to success in making money, but keeps it a secret from his managers. However, when the market turns against the trader he builds up huge secret losses that will bring his bank close to the brink, and make him a rogue trader
(Drama) An up-and-coming Heavyweight Boxer is in the fight of his life
(Drama) An Irish politician hits on the idea of solving the country's fiscal problems by converting the country's empty housing estates into prisons. He pushes through the idea secretly while dealing with a tempestuous private life.
(Drama) The story of a Hell's Angel chapter that operated acid labs and were being murdered by rival biker gangs and by government officials when the government went after the Angels in 1979 with the RICO statute.A dark psychedelic biker's tale of murder,paranoia,and conspiracy.
(Drama) A man must turn the law aside if it means saving his town and his family.
(Drama) Two young sweethearts from the backwoods of Georgia get swindled by a lowlife hustler preying on their Hollywood dreams.