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(Drama) Employees at a Fed Ex office in Puerto Vallarta speculate about letters never retrieved. A young woman bursting with discovery steals the letters and lives vicariously through the love story inside. She embarks on a path to find love and unveil her father's true identity.
(Comedy, Drama) Based on a true story about a young man who lives in his SUV and is a retail sales clerk living in the Los Angeles area.
(Drama) 18 year old tennis prodigy suffers a career ending injury.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) A female scientist falls for a painter who claims he sees an alternate Earth--then a spectral agent becomes involved after he is arrested for her murder.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In the late 19th century, a poor Irish girl becomes the toast of New York City by appearing in popular musical comedies, but falls victim to three powerful men each, of whom, is determined to win her hand in marriage.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) The human existence is at risk when the last remaining human is on a mission to find a new planet to continue their survival.
(Comedy, Drama) Growing up in a racially charged world, two teenagers are trying to find their place through the birth of an underground music genre later known as “hip-hop”.
(Drama) What happens when that one person - your standard bearer - dies? How do you pick up the pieces so that you are ready and willing to accept what comes next?
(Drama) an 11 year old girl takes matters in her own hands when bullied by an older girl, after her fathers DVD's (roadhouse)
(Drama) Drinking culture at UoN
(Comedy, Drama) Mike helps Fiona, an angel who escaped from Heaven, to hide. One day, he falls in love with her, but the angel doesn't know what the human love is...
(Drama) Clarence the crow, desperate to become more than just a carrion eating pest, tries to help another bird, but the betrayal of that trust drives him to murder.
(Drama) I come back from America to be in a new life it is a artist fine art life , i have a new world it's hard to live with if you love or hate from your heart
(Drama) A classic "B"movie style car and bike film set in 1970's American south. American Graffiti meets Easy Rider.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) He was a scholar, a writer, a translator, a humble monk, a fierce adversary of heresies, a repentant sinner, and was one of the Founder Fathers of the Church. His translation of the Bible to Latin (the "Vulgata") was used for more than 1,000 years in the Western world.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) In the late 19th century, a poor Irish girl becomes the toast of New York City by appearing in popular musical comedies, but falls victim to three powerful men each, of whom, is determined to win her hand in marriage and take control of her life.
(Drama) ARGUMENTO PRINCIPAL DEL PROYECTO CORTOMETRAJE Aparición de hallazgo PARANORMAL, sin precedentes dentro de la literatura Universal. Descubrimiento asombroso de aparición de una CONDESA DE TRAJE NEGRO,
(Drama) A financially-unstable, drug-addicted woman, does whatever necessary to get her fix. In the process, she forgets about her three-year-old daughter in the vehicle.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In the 8th century, three kingdoms fought for the dominance of North Africa. With the Muslim army of a million in the north and the Berbers ruling the central plains, the tiny country of Nubia struggle to hold its ground against these juggernauts.
(Drama) A girl falls in love with a lost hedgehog.
(Drama) New Mexico, 1886: the killing of a preacher man starts a series of events that will overwhelm the lives of many people like an avalanche, but under the desert sky nothing is what it seems…
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Decisions, Lies, Deceit, Drugs, Friendship, Heaven, Hell, all these things that comes into the life of a young man just trying to do right.
(Drama, Kids and Family) On a cold and windy Thanksgiving night a grumpy old man finds himself stuck at an airport over night, trying to find a quiet place to rest for the night he is quickly interrupted by John and family. After some coaxing and beers Mark beings to talk about the 1 that got away
(Drama) A veteran Air Force pilot leaves the war, death and destruction to become a firefighter, only to find more death and destruction as he struggles to balance his family life with his duty without being overcome by the depilating effects of Critical Incident Stress.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) The raucous Canadian West of the 1870s is the fabric and the framework of this story of five years in the lives of two historic characters whose unlikely bonding provides a classic moment of the testing of the human spirit in a battle of the individual against the state.
(Drama) At the outset of WWI a French General defies the High Command and saves France from disaster by retreating instead of fighting..
(Comedy, Drama) The orphaned daughter of a military man struggles against her growing attraction for an Army officer. Years after ending their whirlwind romance, fate throws them back together with her as his caretaker.
(Drama) Girl twins: One has "no brain" but heart (kind, compassionate etc) other has "no heart" butbrain (over thinking, worrying, planning etc) , About a world population stereotype in two closely related people, have the same childhood and opportunities but use them differently.
(Drama) I wrote the whole think out and It disipeard please call me 256 636 -1926 I can't take It anymore
(Drama, Kids and Family) What if after running away from her drunken prostitute mother to her small town uncle’s home, a teenage girl must retrieve her two younger sisters before they are put into the big city street trade? Based on true facts.