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(Horror) Three American Tourists are traveling the country side of Russia lost their way in the middle of the forest. After a long walk, exhausted they found an empty two-storey wooden HOUSE in the middle of nowhere. They didn't know that the HORROR is waiting for them in it.
(Horror) Adam Sheldon has an insatiable love that he would follow anywhere, even through the depths of hell. Some things aren’t what they seem as Adam learns that in hell, All things must be paid…in flesh.
(Horror) Til Death Do Us Part will scare the hardcore horror fans!
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Clare has a nightmare. She wakes up, but then Mark ...
(Horror, Kids and Family) A child's wish melds the soul of a kind-hearted simpleton to a TOY BEAR. An original take on the GOLEM OF PRAGUE fairytale. A dormant spirit harbors for three generations in the hands of a loving Jewish community... rising in time of need.
(Horror) A schoolgirl transfers to an elite boarding school in an All American small town;- white picket fences, perfect blue skies, friendly neighbors. Slowly she learns that the town holds a deadly secret: - centuries ago, it's gorgeous inhabitants sold their souls to Satan.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A man in the late 1890's was born with a birth defect, A second face on the back of his head. He tried to deal with his called his "Demon face " by becoming a scholar, poet, and a musician of rear ability. His Demon face began speaking to him of the evils of hell.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Based on an e-book titled "The Nightmare Chronicles", this anthology film focuses on stories told by seven people in the town of Springlight Falls who participate in a sleep study. Once asleep, they are stalked by a murderous scarecrow.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Jason and his friends find the devils locket while he is moving from his parent's house into the college dorm. The devils locket posses one of his friends and sends her on a killing spree. Jason unlocks a family curse and has to stop the demon before it's to late.
(Comedy, Horror) London, 1666. 2 poor butchers drunkenly reason that if you could mince a werewolf without using silver, is it still alive? Is it still fresh? Would a stock of werebull and weresheep meat remain fresh forever? They would be rich and famous! What could possibly go wrong?
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Sick of being shackled to the piano by his overbearing parents, Andy Fitzmaurice destroys two fingers on his right hand. When the fingers suddenly grow back, however, Andy must figure out who - or what - he really is.
(Comedy, Horror) A man tells the story of how he came to terms with his true self.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A victim of a murder gets the opportunity to tell us her story.
(Horror) A girl soon learns that not all text messages should be answered...
(Drama, Horror) A man with AIDS knowingly and willingly continues having sexual encounters, infecting those he has contact with. He records his reasons for his actions before ending his life.
(Horror) A man is visited by his old wife and what was their child.
(Horror) Horror film, something like, Texas change-saw massacre. This movie will have many followings it will never die.
(Horror) The Theban King Oedipus by an act of Destiny kills his father, marries his mother Queen Jocasta and begets children.Modern English adaptation based on the original Greek play by Sophocles written in 423 BC.
(Drama, Horror) Elizabeth Bathory murdered 650 young women. She tortured even more. This is the eyewitness account of her only accomplice to avoid the executioner's axe.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) Looking at Nancy you never know shes an Amazon werewolf from outer space. unless you saw her under a full moon. Nancy wants to live a normal life and is searching to cure her curse. The stakes rise when she falls for John and unintentionally turns him into a werewolf...
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) After their boat is pulled to the bottom of the ocean by a vengeful entity, a Father, his terminal son and a deranged dive captain must find their way back to the surface while suffering from nitrogen narcosis and a boat that is steadily filling with water.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A young woman visits her estranged grandmother in anticipation of an inheritance and discovers she has become part of the undead.
(Comedy, Horror) A shy, illustrator falls in love with a beautiful woman, who happens to be a blood-thirsty demon!
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) In a Post-Zombie Apocalypse a lone survivor searches for lost love. written by AYZ WARAICH directed by DAN GAUD
(Horror, Action and Adventure) After a serial killer slaughters her young daughter, a Watchdog Woman from New York finds an ingenious way to rid the world of all the cold-blooded monsters, even those who have not struck as yet.
(Drama, Horror) A man is bitten by a dog/wolf and is cursed in modern day York. He goes to New York to escape his past, but cannot.
(Horror) Five college friends on a reunion getaway are stalked by a mysterious killer who wants to make their reunion deadly.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A son struggles to find the love from his mother after his father's death, but quickly finds it in a monster.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) The Blind eyes of a 13 year old girl who is adopted , who's hopes are now nightmares , who body is broken, who she only her self can be emancipated from this fiendish Man.