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(Drama, Horror) Based on true events. DECADENCE follows the exploits of one man as he aspires to the impossible. The film spans ten years and follows Drew Evans (Roger Cerqua) as he struggles with loss, rejection, hate and anger.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A kidnapping, a time traveler, a vengeful cop, an obsessed ex lover, an insane killer, a doomed love affair, all linked by a mysterious locker 13.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Unhappy with life?... Need something more?... Money?... Be made 15 years younger?... Or something else, anything else in fact? Who you going to call- Satan, who else? And the cost is just the small enjoyable sin of gluttony!
(Drama, Horror) The Cunning Fox and the Clever Stork
(Horror) The story is about brave police officer who comes back from the dead and he has his visible goal throughout the story. He must kill the last vampire leader , stop the monstrous vampire siege and become human again.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) Nearly a century after the death of his creator, Frankenstein's monster now lives a reclusive life deep within the mountains, far away from the world of man; till one day when a curious traveler finds the monster's hidden lair. But did he stumble upon it by chance?
(Horror) Its a Horror film made in just 5 and a half hour with just a few characters, with out using any type of professional lights. But the outcome of the film is almost like a mainstream cinema.
(Comedy, Horror) Vampires have now sunk their teeth into the music business. A female rockstar set on reviving her career stumbles upon a dangerous discovery of the vampires controlling her music.
(Drama, Horror) "The Graduate" meets vampires.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A criminology student searching for the truth behind Dillinger's demise encounters an evil clone of the notorious gangster and a mutant fish in the North Woods of Wisconsin.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A young Russian Detective, is thrown into a race to save lives as he chases a Psychopathic killer, from the wilds of the Soviet Union, to the back alleys of Los Angeles. But the twist is, this killer can’t die, and to make matters worse, he has to kill to live.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Central Characters', uniquely disturbing, lives, converge, on, an Outcome, that, at, once, destroys, the superficial facade of class distinction, while, evoking, One's, innate sense, of, injustice, destiny, transformation and redemption.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A dysfunctional young couple must put aside their differences to survive on an island where they are a hungry cat's feast.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Following the death of her husband, a grieving widow tries to move on with her life but begins to fear that her dead spouse is trying to contact her from beyond the grave.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Five close friends go on a vacation together to Routt National Forest, and never return. Here is the video evidence of what happened to them in the summer of 2012.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) The THUN are an ancient evil, old when the earth was young. Dormant for ages, they're now stirring. An unlikely alliance is formed between the Wolf and the Vampyr nation in order to counter this threat to their world - and to ours.
(Drama, Horror) violet 25 returns home after her families death to find more horrid discovery dead bodies in a under ground cave . with the help of her child hood friends john ,jake justin and adam. together they try to solve they mystery and discover evil vampires.
(Comedy, Horror) After a teenage girl commits suicide, a masked killer begins terrorizing Austin, Texas high school students on their social media accounts. He knows all their darkest secrets. Teachers and students quickly become suspects as two detective try to figure out who the killer is
(Horror) The murder of a beautiful young woman,who was kill by her ruthless,jealous,slave owner husband,during the civil war.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A sleepy village does not see the black peril that drifts in amongst them. Rowan, a local doctor & alchemist fights the Church to save them all. The potion to save his Sarah is destroyed. With blood offerings from the Church, Rowan lives until Sarah is reborn, in our time
(Comedy, Horror) The everyday lives of two mis matched serial killers, attempting to share a secret and a house without too much blood and tears. The classic odd couple with a psychopathic slash.
(Horror) A group of privateers and an inquisitive inspector are sent to investigate an English colony after one of their ships shows up in England with no one on board.
(Horror) Nine random, twisted tales -- all centering around a one-dollar bill.
(Comedy, Horror) Four young people spend the night in an abandoned house with the intention of scaring one another with tales of its notorious history. As the night draws on, they are confronted with increasingly inexplicable phenomena suggesting the house itself may be a source of evil.
(Horror) A prequel to horror classic '28 Days Later' as well as a follow-up to its first scene, about the first person in London to survive a rage attack and to secure his family - temporarily. It is supposed to end 28 hours after the virus outbreak, as the Royal Family is evacuated.


(Horror) Based on true events, a new home brings hope and comfort, but for a single mother and her four children, it unveiled unspeakable acts of horror that could not be escaped.


(Comedy, Horror) Four women from Austin, Texas are trapped in the home of a crazed killer.
(Drama, Horror) A story about some very troubled people who live in the very troubled United States of America.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A simple road trip gone haywire for Mr. White as he journeys into realms of Human Consciousness never traveled before. As he discovers The Exiled, The Curse and The Executed all hope shall be lost and regained.
(Drama, Horror) A horror novelist plagued by memory loss returns to his childhood home only to discover that the scary stories he creates…are not stories after all.