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(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) in a society where high tech film cameras that know everything about anything are used everyday by people,instead to use wikipedia,but when actual facts don't fit the camera database,the camera start adjusting the facts to its statistics,kiling anyone who isn't fit enough...
(Drama, Horror) a man realize he exist as an obsessive ghost in another man's body,while the man is asleep,in a way to continue the relationship with his still alive wife
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a detective visit an art gallery with still life alike human exponents representing the horror in the moment of dieing,discover that they are copies of real victims killed by the artist through an instant polyuretane body covering,sealing the death agony inside the foam
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) because of the overpopulation of the world,the unborn souls can’t born anymore and start using the bodies of the sleeping people to experience the life they can’t have,but while doing so they start killing each other,reducing the human population as a chance to be born
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a man start searching and following his wife after she is asleep to uncover that her body is obsessed by unborn ghost who use her body to meet and have a relationship with another already dead ghost obsessed body,both having a family together...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) a moon expedition go awry when after landing on moon surface the human astronauts collide with a local aggressive form of life, which turn to be a human controlled surrogates-an avatars unconsciously controlled from the sleeping humans of earth, who dream about the moon
(Comedy, Horror) recently deceased ghost start using another body to meet and work with his widowed wife who work on a night shifts to continue and prolong their life together…
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) In a futuristic world of population explosion, hunger and deep poverty, the government runs a bizarre plan of feeding its masses from their own dead until suspicion arises of disappearing bodies.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) At the beginning of the twenty first century two tragic events occurred that shook the world. Two sacred stones of great religious value disappeared mysteriously from their resting place:
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A psychiatrist develops the ability to transfer his mind into other peoples’ bodies. However, during the process of these tense transformations the strain overtaxes his brain, slowly driving him into a madness of a murdering, knife wielding sexual psychopath!
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A web-series featuring the combating video diaries of the brilliant Dr. Henry Jekyll and evil Mr. Hyde.
(Horror) Сутулый зашибленный подросток чтобы вернуться во времени и спасти погибшую в автоаварии Мать должен найти Сурового Маньяка, похитившего у главного героя часы перемещения во времени.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) A gladiator must save Rome from the outbreak of the world's first zombie plague.
(Comedy, Horror) A Canadian tour train through the Canadian Rockies takes on passengers infected with zombism after they have stood outside viewing a new comet coming close to earth. Canadian Olympic Fencers rescue the train from the "Lickers" using their skill with foil and teamwork.
(Drama, Horror) A heartless hit man unwittingly unleashes a zombie virus and finds his humanity, and love, as his life fades away.
(Comedy, Horror) There is a certain horror to awakening to the fact that you are now a zombie. What do you do with your “undead” life? One zombie, Harry, thinks he has the answer – get a SAG card!
(Comedy, Horror) There is a certain horror to awakening to the fact that you are now a zombie. What do you do with your "undead" life? One zombie, Harry, thinks he has the answer - get a SAG card!
(Horror) Rachel's a typical teenager. She likes hanging out with her friends, falls asleep in History class, and can't wait to get her driver's license. Rachel just learned something very surprising, something that will change her life forever. Rachel can raise the dead.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Will Mrs. President escape Dallas or does the Secret Service fail again?
(Horror) Logline: Four plucky senior citizens survive Hurricane Katrina, flooding, looters and Zombies.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Zombies invading the city.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) The story of a group of friends that throw a party and get a few uninvited guests. The main charecter gets bitten and becomes their leader. He plays games on a few more party guest . The party guests later figure out what is going on and invite the help of the millitary.
(Comedy, Horror) A pizza delivery guy and his aimless friend use more than dope to save their sweethearts when zombies overrun Sandusky, Ohio.
(Comedy, Horror) A juvenile delinquent is sent to live with her aunt and uncle on a farm in Kansas just before a zombie plague strikes. Alone in a post-apocalyptic world, Dorothy seeks out the one person who can return the world to the home she once knew.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Ebola virus turns its host into the undead.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) Terrorist created a virus and injected it into American POW's in Iraq. When rescued by Navy Seals, the infected POW's breakout and spread an Apocalypse of the undead. A group of survivors of Los Angeles are trying to find a safe haven.
(Comedy, Horror) The pizza guy and his three friends return for round two of the zombie apocalypse and get as high as the moon after they throw the biggest zombie pot party the world has ever seen.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A father and his teenage son take a road trip to a historical military base. This much needed bonding time, turns out to be much more than they could of ever imagined.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Civilization has fallen, the dead walk among us, all hope is lost. Though don't tell that to the drivers of The Run. A group of racers about to make their fifth run, from Thomasville Georgia to The Golden Gate Bridge. The dead are the least of their problems.
(Horror) Simple story of angry gang lord, he handcuffed his cheating lady's lover and forced the man to run through a zombie infested woods. (Story is intended for low budget filmmaking.)