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(Thriller and Suspense) It is a story about rape in a community
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) The Cecil Hotel, a hotel with a dark history, and unfortunately Elisa Lam became part of it. Two serials killers are on the loose and they need to be exposed, and it's up to you to find them in this Who Done It, Thriller Mystery. It's not a game to solve, but a real crime
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) 17 years after the zombie apocalypse a group of people are trying to survive, one of them has a secret
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Based on tru events.. a murder man realised that murder..
(Drama) It's a story about barrenness and what women goes through due to barrenness, ,,,
(Drama) A personal documentary film about the search for the genetic mutation that causes heart failure in the filmmaker's family and research to develop a genetic therapy for heart failure.
(Comedy) The main character is an Indian man who owns a convenience store and deli. He is subject to a health food inspection and tempers flare with the inspector declares that he found a vermin dropping. The main character is likened to the Indian version of Archie Bunker
(Drama) all
(Drama) In our society today, their are individuals who seek out to find what they describe as ''Something bigger than themselves", even if it means hurting others.
(Comedy, Drama) This video is a part of Art Of Digital Magic, Out Of The Screen Effect For Coco Cola are shown as a Funny Commercial Advertisement.
(Drama) Mitch is a young man struggling to survive the streets and the system. The series takes you through wards of New Orleans and keep you at the edge of your seat with its twists and turns.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) It’s a docudrama film based on child trafficking in Indian villages.
(Comedy, Drama) Hate how others always have something to say about you or how you are living your life? This should help.
(Kids and Family) An intro to the main characters for a children's show called Naomi Thorax, about an exuberant young grasshopper striving to be a member of the coolest insect crew at Cornbeetle High; the honey bees. But her only friends so far are dweeby termites, Rory and Maxie Woodwork.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) "With an instantaneous rise to the top as an owner in the Hip/Hop Radio Industry, Adonis the son of a powerful Bishop has it all or so it seems. Running from a spiritual event that left him scarred from his past, all he would like is to leave it all behind.
(Drama) Historical truth is composed of the silence of the dead…
(Comedy) Under the threat of death a serious and vane art-house film director is forced to direct a comedy, which would make a group of experts with no sense of humour laugh. Black comedy with the light at the end of the tunnel.
(Comedy) A comedy about the love between a doctor who specializes in sexually transmitted diseases and an astronaut, and a covert space experiment.
(Comedy) What happens when you take a punk to a hippie festival ? Well this plus alot more I never managed to get on film a drunken weekend with 2 friends and this mishaps that befall them
(Comedy, Drama) Pale Blue Light is a television drama series centered on a record company called Pale Blue Light Records. The show focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the hip hop industry and culture. How do we quantify the world’s largest demographic? Through music, that’s how!
(Comedy) Craft beer is taking over the country and Dustin finds himself in Billings, Montana, drinking from the best craft breweries they have to offer.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) This is a pilot episode of the mini-serial (3 episodes). In the near future three characters will have a long way full of many dangerous situations. They are interested and stay together because of one very important thing. The plot was edited for the film budget (900$)
(Kids and Family) In this episode of The Daisy Blue Fashion Variety Show, Nancy and Jessica discuss all the great bargains in thrift stores and stop by a local Denver store to shop. Model Chantel Barrett shows off our favorite bargains. Shopping for a bargain can be fun! Just watch!
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) This story is the sequel to the Crenshaw Serpent, it also serves as a stand alone novel designed to introduce another major Demi-god. The sequels ''Roze'' and ''Fightstar's Fury'' will follow when I'm able to knuckle down and write them.
(Action and Adventure) Exclusive inside look at the Urban Motorcycle world in the DMV area. Clubs, experienced and new riders, parties, safety and death are all explored. This is the closest you'll get to the inside world of the Secret Urban Motorcycle Culture.
(Comedy, Drama) EOW is a Docu-series/reality comedy about 2 Producers from Los Angeles traveling around the US/Globe in search of talent. Producers include Patrice Wilson (Creator of Rebecca Black-Friday) & Richard Brown (Co Producer). You get to see their dynamic in tensed up situations.


(Comedy, Drama) w
(Kids and Family) Nancy and Jessica explain the benefits of adding accessories to your Spring and Summer outfits. Accessories have the ability of making an outfit more elegant or casual, depending on the event you are attending. We both love fashion and it shows! Just watch and enjoy!
(Thriller and Suspense) Swing Low can be described as a social thriller because the scariest monster in the world are human beings and what humans are capable of, especially when we are afraid of another race.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Sloof is a wizard-scientist who runs a shop with Robot, his swiss-army assistant. Together they sell everything from love potions to shrink rays. But in their workshop upstairs, unbelievable adventures await as the two concoct new things to sell that defy imagination.