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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) In a future where memories of the dying professionals are transferred to infants to preserve their knowledge for future use. The richest infant gets kidnapped and tortured to deliver his financial credentials. The infant must kill all the kidnappers to get back his wealth.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Two unlikely women team work together to create the technology that will change the world forever.
(Drama) A political dissident in the Cuban Underground, pre Castro's takeover, gets caught up in revolutionary turmoil, while also consumed with the emotion, of dealing with his father's murder.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Real street reality movie
(Action and Adventure) A government expirement. Used. On inmates, to see how humasn would react.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Down & out, Dublin junkie, Anthony Keogh finds his meaningless, pinball existence reaching crisis point as all roads converge... but just maybe... could there be more to him than meets the eye in the bigger scheme of things!
(Comedy, Drama) Lisa Ruben doesn’t realize the hit man she hired to kill her adulterous husband, Frank, was also hired by Frank to kill her.
(Drama) The true story of a young Jamaican girl that rises from poverty, struggles with abuse and finally lands on her feet in London where she becomes an inspirational speaker to inspire other girls from similar situations.
(Comedy, Drama) A freshman befriends a group of seniors, too bad it's only apart of their senior prank.
(Comedy) Buy the Dip a biting satire on the world of Cryptocurrency in which two friends meet a homeless man who offers them some life changing investment advice.
(Comedy, Drama) Mary and Brad, before marrying, sign a prenuptial contract that says the one who will cheat on the other will lose everything,all goods..Brad falls in love with Jenna Adams,his assistant.Brad want all goods for him and Jenna ,too.So,Brad pays few men to seduce Mary.
(Comedy) How far would you go to protect the family and the life you love? Murder? Lot's of Murder?
(Comedy) College Tradition vs. School Spirit. The story of that line of shirtless boys in the front row of every college football game.
(Comedy) How far would you go to stay young forever? Seven friends, turning forty, each begin to experience one the seven deadly vanities of aging and do everything in their power, both natural and supernatural, to slow the onset of mortality, with hilarious consequences.
(Thriller and Suspense) When a feared Mafia hit man has an epiphany he believes that God has chosen him top be His avenging angel. He goes against the teaching of his Father and meshes his professional and personal lives together by going out an avenging abuse towards Women, Children and Dogs.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A father and a son are locked in a house with a strange family. During the night, when everyone is asleep, the children get up from their beds to play hide and seek with a monstrous being.
(Drama) This is a true story of unintended consequences. Two men traveling through Minnesota during the late 1800's are falsely accused of assaulting an area farmer. A popular county sheriff who attempted to arrest them on a illegally drafted warrant is killed. The men are lynched.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) This story is about doing whatever it takes to help yourself and your family. No matter what path you take to get there, but going all out and not holding anything back.
(Thriller and Suspense) HAYNO, Dictator of Transylvania, is cornered in his castle by revolutionary forces, while his 12 captives are awaiting to be executed in a sacral ritual in a GRINDER. Hayno needs blood from 13 men. A nearby village’s REVEREND decides to face Hayno, thus becoming the 13th.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) a highly technical and specific architectural narrative. space design and movement all from character
(Drama) Jesus Girl (drama) A crippled middle school student from a dysfunctional family is bullied even more by her peers when she brings a Bible to school .
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) When an LA detective assigned to an Native American reservation is abducted, he must make allies of other aliens, lead an uprising, or die in deep space.
(Horror) A research scientist must complete his artificial blood discovery to keep his dead girlfriend among the living before the cops close in and angry demons destroy them both. This couple under siege, but they find a most unlikely ally and a surprise resurrection.
(Action and Adventure) After his beloved dog is tortured and killed, wealthy retired Navy Seal trains a wolf he befriended in the wild and both bring justice to animal abusers while hoping increased public awareness will bring about a change to our criminal laws for domestic animal equality.
(Action and Adventure) there are some who risk their lives by ensuring the transfer of canabis resin(drug) from the western border of Algeria(morocco) to Libya ... yes sir.. those who claim to fight terrorism contribute indirectly to its financing
(Thriller and Suspense) Aircraft flying on flight 2222 gets disappeared .All the investigators are puzzled… Ms juliat the US Investigator on aviation safety has a theory ……what is this theory How she makes the break through ….watch !!
(Drama, Action and Adventure) 1063 A.D.In the heart of the Mediterranean our heroes move through ancient architectures and unique landscapes to tell a story between the East and the West,where Arabian and Norman cultures meet.A message of integration from here where everything began, in Sicily.


(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Witness the true origin of our Solar System and of Planet Earth as experienced through those who lived during 9, when all or most of our nine planets had intelligent life.
(Horror) A group of siblings are put into the ultimate game of survival when their parents horrific secret life is revealed. What would you do when you are forced to kill the ones you loved?
(Drama) Gerard is a handsome young man who, because of things from the past, is afraid of being rejected in his search for love.