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(Comedy, Drama) When a dirty cop gets his entire family murdered, he must relive his life from age six to correct the wrongs he has made.
(Action and Adventure) The illegitimate son of a notorious outlaw rides west to exact revenge on the wealthy banker who killed his mother. He meets his father and discovers the awful truth about war.
(Thriller and Suspense) This Script is both irreverent and impossible to hold back once you get started.
(Kids and Family) This video is an into into a small mini series focusing on the rise of an inner city, underprivileged young man. To being the current lightweight IBF Boxing Champion.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A coming of age supernatural drama centring on a brother and sister growing up in the ’90s on the site of what was once Whittingham Hill Convent, an institution with a sinister history of abuse and black magic.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) What if the Big Bang, which is assumed to have created our cosmos, actually destroyed our spiritual existence, trapping us as physical entities bound to the fabric of the time-space continuum for billions of light years?
(Comedy, Drama) Hate how others always have something to say about you or how you are living your life? This should help.
(Drama) With no memory of the night prior, a sarcastic college student must prove her innocence while on trial for her boyfriend's murder.
(Drama) A man who suffers from PTSD for 3 years doesn't want people to help him recover. When a girl comes to his life, try to help him get his life back, the only one who convinces him that he still got a second chance.
(Drama) Ryan Bennett, an introverted convenience store employee changes his life around and becomes an extroverted adult film star.
(Drama) A traumatized priest haunted by visions of his violent past obligingly serves a rural parish while indulging in a long distance affair. But when he’s blamed for the deaths of two troubled altar boys he’s launched down a shadowy path seeking redemption through revenge.
(Thriller and Suspense) A masterpiece which challenge Antisemitism!
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) It’s a docudrama film based on child trafficking in Indian villages.
(Thriller and Suspense) College graduates get together one last time, until they start to disappear one by one.
(Comedy) A series of comedy skits spanning all of human life, from ancient greetings at the dawn of civilization, to irritating ordeals with over-the-phone customer service.
(Horror) There's a haunting in the house. However, things are not what they seem. Marian soon finds out that the horror in the household is much more familiar than she thinks. A film that explores what happens when we suppress our demons and how it comes back more demonic than ever.
(Drama) A vengeful slave, a first-mate struggling for his morality, and an unscrupulous lone passenger with ulterior motives find themselves in deadly and historically-altering circumstances on a slave ship voyage.
(Comedy) Desperate to get back into shape and fix his failing marriage, an obese former athlete joins a gym class run by “The King” a former doormat secretly hell-bent on ruining his marriage, job and everything he lives for in revenge for the most horrible of high school pranks.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Jake is trap by ET, desesperate, he get into an Alien spaceship and get into space. He travel through different planets and finaly get on Venaris. He quickly learn about is origins. Damn by is father past, he try to fix conflict with an alien race for a better end.
(Thriller and Suspense) The retired director of MI5, decides to infiltrate a Nazi-cartel in Brazil. The original objective was to take financial control of the Nazi-cartel, but now it is one of murder.
(Thriller and Suspense) In the year 2030 a retired assassin, now detective, is dealing with the lost of his best friend and wants to find and kill the person who did it. But, is held back by his boss, who gives him a weird case, which questions his life and reality.
(Comedy) mocumentary style comedy series
(Drama) “Scabs could be heal by time, but not the hurted soul which had abused by their lovers. Let a house is a home for children back.”
(Drama) One night, a man decides to rob a house out of financial desperation. He sneaks around, thinking no one is home, but comes across the homeowner in an odd state- he's drunk, in his bathtub, and is currently holding a gun. The night then unfolds in a very unexpected way...
(Thriller and Suspense) A bank robber is trying to make a clean getaway, and he's managed to lose the cops, save for one. He flees to a nearby farm to hide, it becomes a cat and mouse game between him and the lone police officer until backup arrives. However, things aren't exactly what they seem,
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) An artificial intelligence left only with knowledge of a world that no longer exists tries to find his own humanity
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Li is the lieutenant of the largest Triad boss in the city and takes care of his orphaned sister.  When she’s killed he discovers that his boss may be into darker dealings than drugs and prostitution.
(Horror) A police detective and his partner are on a case that originally suggests a bear mauling, but, as the killings continue, evidence begins to suggest that this brutal killer is actually a man.
(Drama) Stuck in an abusive relationship, a man does everything in his power to fix it but a new employee at his marketing firm disrupts everything he thought was true.
(Drama) Mike accidently packs up sensitive government documents after being laid off. He uses them to bail out others like him.