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(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) The residents of a small Texas town are shocked when 7 local residents are killed in a bank robbery gone wrong.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) After four thousand years, evil creatures break free from the underworld seeking revenge against mankind.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Based on the 90's Batman cartoon, Mr. Freeze is a dark tale of the origins of Mr. Freeze.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) The character Clayface gets a more in-depth, sympathetic origin story. This is loosely based on the story from the 90's cartoon and given a more edgy, adult setting.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) An ancient evil is awakened at the heart of our world and a team of scientists work together to prevent the apocalypse.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) If James Bond was a "consulting spy" with a strong social media presence, he would be Valentine: Spy For Hire. He's cool, good looking, and deadly efficient. But soon he'll learn that's not always enough.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Lycette, and Beau, are two childhood sweethearts get divided by a tragedy and greed, are separated by the jealousy of Aurora. It is their love of music that reunites them.
(Action and Adventure) Virtual Woman is a graphic novel-style action film in which a computer glitch transports a female warrior from video game into the “real world” where she merges with human DNA and metes out punishment on the creators & players of games depicting violence against women.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) well its a slasher flick with a brain you don't see that much yes it has blood gore and i would intend allot of classic/rock and metal to be used but it has a heart brain and soul it shows to rock n roll teens fighting to survive while discussing the troubles they face.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) After terrorists ignite a dirty bomb filled with a prototype bio-weapon in NYC, it turns the Big Apple into a zombie apocalypse. This is not your typical zombie-flic, as we watch the various cultures and cliques found only in New York band together to fight back and survive.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) What at first appears to be a tale of a group of hit-men who botch their assignment for a Los Angeles crime lord, soon becomes apparent that this is a supernatural tale of good vs. evil in a biblical sense.
(Action and Adventure) In an effort to strike into the heart of America a group of terrorists take over a 787. They didn't count on Sterling, a flight attendant with an interesting skill set, and a group of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters heading to a tournament.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) As the world around him is ripped apart by disease, James, a young man puts his last bit of hope into one plan: reuniting his family.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In China, four friends' decades-long reign over a booming city starts to unravel when one of them finally faces the brutal reality of what they created and what he's become.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When the 'Princess' of L.A. gets kidnapped, it forces 4 movie stars known as The Hollywood Boys, to embark on a mission to tackle the obstacles and collect the clues, to save her from the evil villain; turning their lives into an actual action comedy adventure.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) An MMA fighter rejects a gangdom family's generous offer and falls for their marketing executive, both pursued by the son of the mafia chief.
(Action and Adventure) What Bailey Bryce’s foster girls don’t know is that their guardian is actually from a long line of female ninjas. When Bailey finds herself falling for her newest target - her best friend’s cousin - Bailey must decide whether to fulfill her contract or save his life.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) When a chemical warfare experiment goes wrong on a Pacific island in WWII, a team of GIs are sent to investigate, enticed by a chance to recover millions in looted gold. But even these battle-tested veterans are unprepared for the horrors that await in the jungle's depths.
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) When a troubled young boy from a broken home is given a magic compass, he embarks on an epic quest to slay nine terrifying metaphysical Giants—and his inner demons—one pivotal autumn in a quaint New England small town.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Two friends who run an unsuccessful small-town theater bolster their business by illegally re-running classic cult films. Their plan goes awry when the MPAA finds out...and decides to have them killed.
(Action and Adventure) An adventurer uses a scroll to travel back in time to validate the Resurrection of Christ, but drastic memory loss may stop him from bringing back hope to an evil world that desperately needs it.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A Special Tactical Unit (STU) top cop, must team up with the first female officer ever to join the unit when his family is kidnapped. He finds out there is a leak in the unit and she is the only officer he trusts. To save his family they must become a deadly duo.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) During the Civil War...Enus Tommey...a slave...travels for 7 years, through 8 states, to find his master to give him a silver wedding chalace...a family treasure. Why...? Because his master Major Tommey, when a young boy, saved Enus' life from a another slave owner.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) When a young Boy from Ancient Greece falls in love with a Goddess, He makes a deal with an imprisoned God to gain immortality. When his pact unwittingly uleashes an ancient evil, he must fight his way to the top of mount olympus with a weapon of the Gods to set things right.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) The Geeks, The Pranksters, The Government and The Gangsters; who will come out on top in the Las Vegas game where no one knows who's playing who?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) A group of reality show Ghost Seekers awaken much more than they were looking for.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) It is 1855. A free black woman working as a trail hand is searching for her still enslaved mother so that she may purchase the woman's freedom. But, a newly hired hand, with vengeance on his mind, puts her dream and an entire wagon train at risk.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Independent candidate nominates his candidacy in the elections of the President of Russia 2012 and wins the Prime Minister Tupin. For Hollywood, this screenplay is not interesting, for Russia it is impossible, therefore this screenplay to read Russian readers.
(Action and Adventure) When love gets the meaning of beaing heart of men, passing by gods to be lived.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) U.S. Navy Seals seek to take back control of an oil tanker which has been taken over by Somali pirates. The seals soon realise they have walked into a trap and as well as the pirates something much worse lurks below decks in the darkness.