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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Johny Space Walker travell around the Universe as an advertising agent,trading everything anywhere in space at any price,making an astonishing space commercials all around the Universe, living just outside our Universe in an artificial orbiting small private Universe...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) a space pilot send on a mission realize that the planet he land down is the egg that everyone is looking and fighting for centuries around the universe,which has choose him to be fertilized from,giving him the chance to be born in the divine reality as a child of the Gods
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) "Osmosis Johnes"meet"Altered States"...a blood cell from a halucinating body must to fight the halucinogenic substances,which provoked a series of halucinating effects over all body cells,trying to save the body from self destruction...
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In this action/war film, a group of physically challenged Iraq War veterans who were all wounded in combat must return to Baghdad in search of a cache of Saddam Hussein's hidden money.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) A cashier is forced to team up with an escaped school shooter and take part in a plot to assassinate his former employer with an exploding DVD.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) our universe is one of the many eggs into the God's garden,but it is the only addled egg,which God try to heal and clean away,through his anty-chaotic pills,who appear on Earth as a humanity spiritual leaders of all times,who failed,that is why he send a new messiah...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Universe is an Echo phenomenon result from a vision of the Creator, which basic source of existence The Creator’s Voice already didn’t exist…
(Action and Adventure) A pair of lifelong rival British brothers lead cavalry units against each other in the final bloody months of the American Revolution.
(Action and Adventure) A pair of lifelong rival British brothers lead cavalry units against each other in the final bloody months of the American Revolution.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A man recalls the violent and dramatic events that led him to shadow Lee Harvey Oswald.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) A cyborg with a dark past, and a group of unruly misfits, must embark on a journey across a war-torn America in a race to save the last of humanity from an out of control super-computer and its army of android soldiers.
(Action and Adventure) A bank employee working in Spain learns through a computer program that the Mayan prediction of the world ending on December 21st 2012 might actually come true, so 30 days before the fateful day he rushes to Argentina to prepare to save himself and the woman he loves.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) An Italian Don enlists old friends to assemble an oddball crew and steal the 15 ft. square, 9-ton ceiling from his childhood church now in a Cleveland museum. Big job needing a big tunnel, a big crew—and some big balls, too.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A Special Tactical Unit (STU) top cop, must team up with the first female officer ever to join the unit when his family is kidnapped. He finds out there is a leak in the unit and she is the only officer he trusts. To save his family they must become a deadly duo.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) a vacationing lawyer from the midwest gets lost in the amazon jungle - from the amazon encore book of the same name "smart-exotic" - NY Times "Polster fits somewhere between Vonnegut and Hiaasen" - "One of the Best Books of the Year" Publishers Weekly
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A hacker-assassin juggles a relationship with two very different women. The stress begins to get to him while on a series of jobs to destroy a corruptible element in his city.
(Action and Adventure) A rogue group of U.S. Military led by an Admiral kidnap the president and hold him hostage aboard a stealth nuclear submarine while blocking his signing of a unilateral nuclear disarmament treaty.
(Action and Adventure) The U.S. President is kidnapped by a rogue group of disgruntled military leaders in an effort to thwart his elimination of the country's nuclear arsenal.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A gripping wintry climbing rescue culminates in a shocking discovery that changes the lives of many, forever.
(Action and Adventure) An Afghanistan cab driver and three spirited US Army officers encounter terrorists and drug lords as they travel through the Hindu Kish mountains to uncover Alexander the Great’s hidden treasure.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A lovable rogue chases the rock superstar STING around Britian for a week and demands that he gives his friend away at her wedding in a week.
(Action and Adventure) In an effort to strike into the heart of America a group of terrorists take over a 787. They didn't count on Sterling, a flight attendant with an interesting skill set, and a group of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters heading to a tournament.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) When Alexander the Great pressures an Oracle for his true destiny but then breaks a Holy vow, he dooms his path but alters that of the world forever.
(Action and Adventure) Sgt. Jim Burton, a disgraced ex-soldier living in the mountains of Utah, comes back to civilization only to find America gutted and torched, its citizens in hiding from a hostile occupying Chinese force.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) In a future America occupied by a newly formed foreign superpower, a fatherless teen fights to protect his family, first by joining the insurgency, and then by allying with the very invaders he so despises.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) When the revolution of 1776 fails the British remain in control of the colonies to the present day. The descendants of the founding fathers must band together to lead an underground militia against a modern British fighting force.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A former rebellious juvenile finds the meaning of life after she is sent to a poor village in Ghana. When she comes back as a better person to America, her friends' persecute her. She goes back to Ghana and receives a more deadlier persecution there.
(Action and Adventure) An initiation into a secret elite U.S. military squadron goes wrong placing Angel Shadowheart into a quest for vengeance.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) On the night of their first major heist, a group of budding professional thieves are thwarted by a new teenage superhero named Gravitas. After serving time in prison, the group of thieves decides to hire a super villain to end Gravitas' reign of justice.
(Action and Adventure) A killer storm approaches the Big Easy, destroying a young middleweight's dreams of ring glory and a purse big enough to save his family's famous Uptown restaurant, Yat's Place. But mysterious, evil mercenaries arrive on Magazine Street to complicate things even more.