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(Comedy, Action and Adventure) On her first day in a new city, reporter Melody King meets her coworkers, a police officer, and a gun-wielding nutcase dog napper who decides she's the right one to hear his story. On her second day, the murder mystery begins. She hopes there will be a third day.
(Comedy) Bink and Hogan break out of their routine existence by getting girlfriends, only to send their lives spiraling into the chaotic world of mad crime lords, incompetent henchmen and ruthless ice cream men.
(Comedy) Two feisty sisters get one helluva lot more than they bargained for when they go along with their shyster lawyer to increase the terms of their divorce settlement
(Comedy, Drama) A eccentric man in his early 20's comes to a small town and gets a job as the local ice cream man, while at the same time the family he stays with deals with the death of their daughter.
(Comedy, Drama) Robert Weinguard enters the wine business under the tutelage of Barry Long, who devises far-fetched and effective schemes to make a fortune making and selling counterfeit wine.
(Comedy) The father of a college slacker pulls strings to get him conditionally accepted to Harvard Business School, but the 'condition' he must fulfill in concert with three other dubious admittees is arduous, and the consequences of failure drastic.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A pair of Bostonians, pals Jack and Donald, undertake an adventure to obtain an all conquering artifact, Vidar’s Boot, thus preventing Freya, Norse goddess of love, from completing her ancient quest to begin Rognarok, the Scandinavian-themed end of the world.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Shakespeare's First Folio publisher and friend, Henry Condell, inadvertently time travels from 16th century London and brings romance to a heartsick Anglophile in Reno, Nevada in 1999.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) The Earth’s President orders a rag-tag crew for a mission to find a new Savior for mankind. The crew navigates the stars, confronts dangers, get involved in a civil uprising, uncovers secrets, and saves the day.
(Comedy, Drama) A dark comedy that follows an eccentric, drug-addicted powerlifter on his personal journey to become the strongest man in the world.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When his universe is threatened with destruction, a geeky-nerd teen is recruited by his science teacher to do the impossible, break a universal law in order to save the universe. And by whipping the school bully in every universe, he does just that.
(Comedy) A marketing director lies to his boss to skip dinner with an important client in order to attend his friend's birthday bash. When the truth comes out, he's left umeployed and facing the difficulties of reentering the job market.
(Comedy, Drama) A party hearty medieval lord falls into North Carolina through a time warp where he experiences extreme culture shock, modern romance, and courage to battle the Green Knight.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Learning to kill is murder when an inept paperboy learns the identity of New York's most wanted serial killer, and tries to convince the murderer to become his mentor.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Pirates who would be kings, shiprwreck off the Baja with enough Spanish plunder for several lifetimes... but must storm the gates of hell in this life and the next to get back home.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A nerdy accountant is forced on The Coliseum Series--a T.V. show where convicts fight trained gladiators--and must face off against the show's beautiful female gladiator, with whom he's been infatuated ever since she appeared two seasons ago.
(Comedy) A group of thirty-something guys take one week to remind their newly-single friend, and themselves, of all the joys of singledom and bachelorhood before it's too late.
(Comedy) Brilliant at a job she resents and secretly in love with someone who's already taken, writer Anabelle Wentworth is stuck in neutral until an unexpected adventure with old friends sparks her imagination and her muse, catapulting her to places she never dreamed she could go.
(Comedy) Zack Denson, 28, a recent college career student, is given an ultimatum from his fed-up father: Land a career in 30 days or pack your bags. In order for Zack to maintain his college lifestyle he must outlast his vile, conniving, and tech-savvy, 16 year old sister, Suzie.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A professional gamer who never leaves his apartment must deliver a package to China to save his sister. Upon arriving, he's forced to hook up with a gorgeous, but untrustworthy American woman involved in the Chinese underworld to make the exchange before it’s too late.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Set in a small town of Sleeping Meadows, the adventure of a lifetime happens to a group of curious kids wanting to investigate a Haunting Legend of their town.
(Comedy) A floundering twenty-something wins tickets to a rock concert and ends up getting pregnant after a night with the lead singer.
(Comedy) With just one week left before his retirement, a very human 53 year old Father Time struggles to get a totally uncooperative and accidentally ADULT New Year's Baby prepared to take over on Jan 1st or time will stop forever.
(Comedy) Judge Brewer dreams of a life outside of the trailer park. When he meets Rusty Johnson, a retired sign spinning champion, he’s given a chance to spin his way to success!
(Comedy, Horror) Two directors - a slasher film hack and a Hollywood-endorsed prodigy - find themselves trapped by a mysterious third director, and competing to provide the best death scenes to this show biz ghoul before they both end up on the cutting room floor.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A car thief from the suburbs is sentenced to the Compton police department to repay his debt to society.
(Comedy) Life has not been easy for Bob, especially with a last name like Glasscock. But when a family secret is spilled, and a tantalizing new last name is up for grabs, Bob embarks on a journey he never could have imagined.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) If James Bond was a "consulting spy" with a strong social media presence, he would be Valentine: Spy For Hire. He's cool, good looking, and deadly efficient. But soon he'll learn that's not always enough.
(Comedy) The most popular Jock in high school gets decapitated in a tragic car accident and brought back as a hideous Goth. Now that he is an outcast, he must prove that he can still play football and win back the heart of his girlfriend.
(Comedy) After being cheated out of her inheritance by her scheming step-mother, a spoiled debutante is forced to move into her sole possession, the same singlewide trailer her father started out in, and struggles to take back the family fortune.