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(Comedy) The most popular Jock in high school gets decapitated in a tragic car accident and brought back as a hideous Goth. Now that he is an outcast, he must prove that he can still play football and win back the heart of his girlfriend.
(Comedy, Drama) A 28 year old hustler chases after a skeptical and stubborn retiree for love and companionship.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) If James Bond was a "consulting spy" with a strong social media presence, he would be Valentine: Spy For Hire. He's cool, good looking, and deadly efficient. But soon he'll learn that's not always enough.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) After the North Pole floods on Christmas Eve Santa and the gang move to Los Angeles to start over. In glitzy LA, Santa begrudgingly becomes the most loved celeb in town, then the most hated sell-out in the country. This year he'll have to save Christmas from himself.
(Comedy, Drama) $TASH is set in the world of the black ‘yardie’ gangs of England, where a former gangster tries to go straight. But when his old boss is released from prison after a botched robbery from years earlier, he is forced to make amends and do one last job.
(Comedy) Newlyweds on the run after witnessing a mob hit accidentally make friends with the mafia while trying to stay alive.
(Comedy) A business consultant's struggles to find love are complicated by the inept corporation that lives inside his body.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) The world ended... ten years ago. Remaining are the misfits, misanthropes and misadventures teens that have grown up knowing nothing else. In an effort to try and get them to regain some humanity James Stevens bribes them into therapy. It won't end well.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When the 'Princess' of L.A. gets kidnapped, it forces 4 movie stars known as The Hollywood Boys, to embark on a mission to tackle the obstacles and collect the clues, to save her from the evil villain; turning their lives into an actual action comedy adventure.
(Comedy) A wealthy man loses his wife to another woman. He breaks all the rules to speed up the sex change operation he believes will win her back.


(Comedy) A young man and woman, who secretly love one another, find themselves targeted by a wealthy, deranged woman who will stop a nothing to capture the young man and behead the young woman. Will the young man and woman find true love without losing faith in humanity?
(Comedy, Horror) Despite plunging the country into financial chaos the bankers of the City of London continue with their old ways. Who can wipe the self satisfied smirks off their faces? Captain Cleaver, that's who!
(Comedy, Drama) In a downscale desert town, where open carry guns and brothels are the main events, a desperate pair of sibs seek a permanent solution to the nagging problem of... Mom.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Youth-obsessed Beverly Hills power player wakes up to find herself OLD the day of the launch of her anti-aging beauty company.
(Comedy) This is Holiday Comedy Romance. A writer for a "Good House Keeping" type of magazine is dispatched to Vermont...back to the very town he grew up in...a town that doesn't have fond memories of him. While there...he falls in love with a widow who owns a bed and breakfast.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Two friends who run an unsuccessful small-town theater bolster their business by illegally re-running classic cult films. Their plan goes awry when the MPAA finds out...and decides to have them killed.
(Comedy) An animated series chronicling the rise and daily fall of a super slightly secret and somewhat covert government agency tasked with securing a nation against terrorism utilizing the most up to date and horribly wrong intelligence and with an unlimited budget.
(Comedy) Two desperate, aging minor league hockey players travel to Asia to tryout for an obscure Asian hockey league in an attempt to keep their careers alive. A sports film / buddy road movie / fish out of water comedy. “Lost in Translation” meets “Slap Shot”.
(Comedy) When a lonely high-school German teacher falls for her student, they're forced to hide their relationship from a world that disapproves, all while trying to avoid sex until after graduation.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) The Geeks, The Pranksters, The Government and The Gangsters; who will come out on top in the Las Vegas game where no one knows who's playing who?
(Comedy) Peter, Dick, and Willie are going back to college. Let the shenanigans begin!
(Comedy) With only two months left before moving town, high school student Jack makes a pact with his two best friends to change his loser reputation, befriend the cool kids and win the girl of his dreams.
(Comedy) Years ago, Warren Boyd got really drunk and had a one-night stand with Margo. Years later, Margo's son "Chunks" turns up looking for his dad, and Warren has to pretend to his family and colleagues that he's not his son - while pretending to Chunks that he's now family.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A nerdy accountant is forced on The Coliseum Series--a T.V. show where convicts fight trained gladiators--and must face off against the show's beautiful female gladiator, with whom he's been infatuated ever since she appeared two seasons ago.
(Comedy, Drama) Causal revolves around a pair of love birds- a boy and a girl who sit discussing the course of their newly evolved relationship - a conversation that keeps on diving deeper and deeper exploring the nature and understanding of the two and then unfolding in a humorous manner.
(Comedy) A 39 year old singles therapist with failed marriages to three identical women he met on-line meets his total opposite when the dating computer is hacked and everyone’s profiles are reversed.
(Comedy) Frustrated with life, Brian accepts a salesman's 'fresh start' who fakes his death and provides him a new identity. Things quickly go sour after learning his new life belonged to a thief who stole a mobster's diamond, giving him a week to return the stone or face real death.
(Comedy) A rich-kid-hating lawyer's unorthodox tactics land him a slot doing community service at a summer camp for spoiled rich kids.
(Comedy) Three broke buddies become relationship wreckers for hire, only to use their skills against each other when they fall for the same girl.