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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a guy is chased by sexy girls,women and image changing female ghosts,who get sick and die after contacting him,realizing that they are in fact a different kinds of psycho/somatic diseases while he turn to be an antidote,who eliminate diseases(females) inside a male body
(Comedy) Two ballet teachers battle it out for students in competing mini-mall studios in Burbank. They eventually find love, and the meaning and purpose of the wacky world of ballet. LOW BUDGET. HALF MILLION BELOW THE LINE! 90% ONE LOCATION REDRESSED!
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a man who is conceived into an artistic woman's mind,get out in the real world,through her art,only to meet her and to confess his true identity to her,till after she create more art about him,only to keep him into her life as her perfect sophisticated companion
(Comedy) It's got the same type humor as "Airplane 1-2-3", "Police Precinct", and "Soul Plane" all of which were and still are, major money-makers. It's the simple story of a mafia mobster who starts his own airline and this is the inaugural flight to Sicily.
(Comedy, Drama) A young couple give birth to a child and then spend the next twenty years doing their best to raise her and teach her about life while learning a little themselves along the way.
(Comedy) Gorgeous young black girl helps failing companies get fat government contracts
(Comedy) A light hearted comedy about Santa, his Christmas Eve trip and the troubles that befall him during the journey.
(Comedy, Drama) $TASH is set in the world of the black ‘yardie’ gangs of England, where a former gangster tries to go straight. But when his old boss is released from prison after a botched robbery from years earlier, he is forced to make amends and do one last job.
(Comedy) Zack Denson, 28, a recent college career student, is given an ultimatum from his fed-up father: Land a career in 30 days or pack your bags. In order for Zack to maintain his college lifestyle he must outlast his vile, conniving, and tech-savvy, 16 year old sister, Suzie.
(Comedy, Drama) Two recently widowed army buddies set out on journey, forty years in the making, to visit all thirty Major League Baseball parks, while making new discoveries, like the perils of preparing their own meals or experimenting with fuel injector cleaner.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) An Italian Don enlists old friends to assemble an oddball crew and steal the 15 ft. square, 9-ton ceiling from his childhood church now in a Cleveland museum. Big job needing a big tunnel, a big crew—and some big balls, too.
(Comedy) The prototypical "Last Man Standing" is forced to attempt Internet Dating when his best friend finds success on that route.
(Comedy) A nightclub bartender completely changes his life when he thinks he won the lottery. Will he be able to regain it when he realizes he didn't win.
(Comedy) Frustrated with life, Brian accepts a salesman's 'fresh start' who fakes his death and provides him a new identity. Things quickly go sour after learning his new life belonged to a thief who stole a mobster's diamond, giving him a week to return the stone or face real death.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) a vacationing lawyer from the midwest gets lost in the amazon jungle - from the amazon encore book of the same name "smart-exotic" - NY Times "Polster fits somewhere between Vonnegut and Hiaasen" - "One of the Best Books of the Year" Publishers Weekly
(Comedy) A wealthy man loses his wife to another woman. He breaks all the rules to speed up the sex change operation he believes will win her back.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A struggling screenwriter from the year 2060 inadvertently travels back in time to the present day.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A hacker-assassin juggles a relationship with two very different women. The stress begins to get to him while on a series of jobs to destroy a corruptible element in his city.
(Comedy) Two teenage boys who share the same name, who were born on the same day at the same time, must choose their paths wisely. In this dark comedy, only one will make it out of high school alive.
(Comedy) Dale pisses off his university's theater department and finds himself on Sudden Death Playwright Probation. His friend, Professor Dubarre, gets him in more trouble by vandalizing a student's house. Now Dale and Don must set things right by putting on the worst play ever.
(Comedy) Chester, a writer, who never learned to stand up for himself. Is given a second chance when he's asked to do career day at his old high school and face the demons of his past.
(Comedy) A 39 year-old career bartender is a stay-at-home dad and gets a chance to pitch for the Chicago Cubs.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A lovable rogue chases the rock superstar STING around Britian for a week and demands that he gives his friend away at her wedding in a week.
(Comedy) A conceited womanizer must confront his anxiety upon discovering he suffers from erectile dysfunction.
(Comedy) Two feisty sisters get one helluva lot more than they bargained for when they go along with their shyster lawyer to increase the terms of their divorce settlement
(Comedy) Two feisty sisters get one helluva lot more than they bargained for when they go along with their shyster lawyer to increase the terms of their divorce settlement COVER PICTURE BY PETER CLARK FEATURING JAMIE HEARD AND GEORGINA SUTCLIFFE
(Comedy) With only two months left before moving town, high school student Jack makes a pact with his two best friends to change his loser reputation, befriend the cool kids and win the girl of his dreams.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A single mother and her two children set out on a trip across the United States to relocate for her job. This story entails the mishaps and lessons they encounter along the way.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Gigantic mutant mosquitoes threaten to proliferate and wipe out all of mankind. Only Dr Sebastian Kralick can save us.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) On the night of their first major heist, a group of budding professional thieves are thwarted by a new teenage superhero named Gravitas. After serving time in prison, the group of thieves decides to hire a super villain to end Gravitas' reign of justice.