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(Comedy, Drama) A 28 year old hustler chases after a skeptical and stubborn retiree for love and companionship.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Lycette, and Beau, are two childhood sweethearts get divided by a tragedy and greed, are separated by the jealousy of Aurora. It is their love of music that reunites them.
(Drama) CYCLE OF OPERATION follows a single gun that passes hands throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The gun has a different effect and repercussions for everyone who encounters before winding up back at the beginning, thus completing the cycle.
(Comedy, Drama) $TASH is set in the world of the black ‘yardie’ gangs of England, where a former gangster tries to go straight. But when his old boss is released from prison after a botched robbery from years earlier, he is forced to make amends and do one last job.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Five men investigate the mysterious death of a member of their group. They discover his mistress has been holding up in a secluded house with knowledge of the location of stolen, and neither the girl or the gang know a killer is on their trail for them and his money.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In China, four friends' decades-long reign over a booming city starts to unravel when one of them finally faces the brutal reality of what they created and what he's become.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Contemporary reboot of the Rasputin phenomenon.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) An MMA fighter rejects a gangdom family's generous offer and falls for their marketing executive, both pursued by the son of the mafia chief.
(Drama) What is success? Is it ever late to start your way for it? It is never late, if your heart is young, and you are not afraid to feel and change.
(Comedy, Drama) In a downscale desert town, where open carry guns and brothels are the main events, a desperate pair of sibs seek a permanent solution to the nagging problem of... Mom.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Patricia Robinson, an abused woman, must tell her terrifying story of physical and mental abuse she experienced at the hands of her abuser, Andre Robinson, while serving time in prison for killing him.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A Special Tactical Unit (STU) top cop, must team up with the first female officer ever to join the unit when his family is kidnapped. He finds out there is a leak in the unit and she is the only officer he trusts. To save his family they must become a deadly duo.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) During the Civil War...Enus Tommey...a slave...travels for 7 years, through 8 states, to find his master to give him a silver wedding chalace...a family treasure. Why...? Because his master Major Tommey, when a young boy, saved Enus' life from a another slave owner.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) From the banks of the Mississippi to the Battlefields of Korea; "Blood and Souls" tells a story of what happened when racism taught, didn't take. A lesson in the three "R's": Race, Religion and Redemption.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) When a single mother is diagnosed with a degenerative illness, she is faced with two options. One million pounds, or the cure of the disease. In a world full of greed, which will she choose?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) It is 1855. A free black woman working as a trail hand is searching for her still enslaved mother so that she may purchase the woman's freedom. But, a newly hired hand, with vengeance on his mind, puts her dream and an entire wagon train at risk.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Independent candidate nominates his candidacy in the elections of the President of Russia 2012 and wins the Prime Minister Tupin. For Hollywood, this screenplay is not interesting, for Russia it is impossible, therefore this screenplay to read Russian readers.
(Drama) A boy and a girl fall in love, in the virtual environment of online chat rooms. After three years of remaining invisible to each other, they finally decide to make themselves physically visible to each other. They set up a meeting - hoping that their love continues to bloom.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) This is a tale of revenge, bribery, murder, romance and intrugue as two crooked police men, a damsel, a private detective, a mob boss and various other people are i search to find a briefcase full of money.
(Drama) I'm telling how teenagers get involved in crime and what makes them turn into criminals.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A Union soldier seeks revenge on the Union commander that tried to have him killed.
(Comedy, Drama) Causal revolves around a pair of love birds- a boy and a girl who sit discussing the course of their newly evolved relationship - a conversation that keeps on diving deeper and deeper exploring the nature and understanding of the two and then unfolding in a humorous manner.
(Drama, Horror) Mark is just an average kid living in Texas. His friend Frankie is abused by his step-father. We start to see reality slip for Frankie, and then Mark after he realizes the truth about his parents. That they are Serial Killers. Can both these boys stay sane?
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) The Son is an actor turned prostitute, and his Mom is having an affair while his Dad is his girlfriend's best customer. This families secrets are all about to come to light.
(Drama) Haunted by the abandonment of a would-be father, a retired Naval Officer searches for significance in the wake of his wife's infidelity and paternal uncle's shocking confession.
(Drama) Based on the true story of a woman who fought in the Revolutionary War as a man.
(Drama, Kids and Family) In the spring of 1976, DEE a 13 year old black boy, deals with the estrangement of his father, a first crush and the unwanted attention of the neighborhood pedophile.
(Drama) A story of betrayal, destruction and the struggle for redemption.
(Drama) This screenplay is based on my own experience of taking care of my mother, Jeanne, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease when I was 23 years old. It details my struggle to take care of her while working full-time and attending college.
(Drama) Richard Maxwell, a married husband and father, who is trying to escape his past as gay, male prostitute, finds his world turned upside down when his fomer lover, Sean Montero re-enters Richard's life, posing a threat to Richard's marriage and revealing a shocking secret.