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(Drama) In 1840, a frontier family of three dissolve into total wilderness. When Noah's parents die, a group of Native American Cheyenne Indians adopt Noah, calling him, RIVER WALKER. When his tribe is killed, he now has to find the killer, except people change when he needs help.
(Comedy, Drama) A young couple give birth to a child and then spend the next twenty years doing their best to raise her and teach her about life while learning a little themselves along the way.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In this action/war film, a group of physically challenged Iraq War veterans who were all wounded in combat must return to Baghdad in search of a cache of Saddam Hussein's hidden money.
(Comedy, Drama) $TASH is set in the world of the black ‘yardie’ gangs of England, where a former gangster tries to go straight. But when his old boss is released from prison after a botched robbery from years earlier, he is forced to make amends and do one last job.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A man recalls the violent and dramatic events that led him to shadow Lee Harvey Oswald.
(Comedy, Drama) Two recently widowed army buddies set out on journey, forty years in the making, to visit all thirty Major League Baseball parks, while making new discoveries, like the perils of preparing their own meals or experimenting with fuel injector cleaner.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A Special Tactical Unit (STU) top cop, must team up with the first female officer ever to join the unit when his family is kidnapped. He finds out there is a leak in the unit and she is the only officer he trusts. To save his family they must become a deadly duo.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) After reading Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, I began to wonder how one might speak my death. Trying to write a book, which is what I was doing, seemed the perfect focal point for my story. Ordinary and static. It is about how the author feels about himself.
(Drama) Like a Greek Tragedy, this story is told in 3 acts. Complete with family disfunction, sexual abuse and exploration; A Modern Tragedy is all of this and more.
(Drama) When a budding Ivy League magazine editor and her sister bump heads, their mother will be caught in the middle. On New Year’s Eve, the two sisters will bump heads one last time. And a dark taunting secret will be revealed, bringing one sister to her end.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A gripping wintry climbing rescue culminates in a shocking discovery that changes the lives of many, forever.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) New Land, 1704 - A group of African slaves are rescued by a Native American tribe, one of the slaves is psychic and is haunted by her dead Father who wants control of her powers.
(Drama) A dotcom failure, washed up at the age of 24, goes abroad to end it all. But he can’t escape the sensual pull of Italy.
(Drama) A 30-something man finds life isn't turning out what he thought it would be. He befriends a retired psychologist who helps him through his problems by telling him he simply needs to "wake up" from life.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) When Alexander the Great pressures an Oracle for his true destiny but then breaks a Holy vow, he dooms his path but alters that of the world forever.
(Drama) A boy and a girl fall in love, in the virtual environment of online chat rooms. After three years of remaining invisible to each other, they finally decide to make themselves physically visible to each other. They set up a meeting - hoping that their love continues to bloom.
(Drama) Based on the true story of a woman who fought in the Revolutionary War as a man.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A former rebellious juvenile finds the meaning of life after she is sent to a poor village in Ghana. When she comes back as a better person to America, her friends' persecute her. She goes back to Ghana and receives a more deadlier persecution there.
(Drama, Horror) Appliance Whittaker can fix anything. He can even fix you - permanently.
(Drama) When life gives you lemons: artificial sweetener.
(Drama) “Desperate for work, a government job brings a young and ambitious girl face to face with fate, time travel and Elvis Presley. Convinced she can change his fate, she soon discovers the government has other more dastardly ambitions.”
(Drama) A man, Antonio, wanders in a wilderness, inside and out. He is barred from being with Olivia, the woman he loves, and sees her only in his mirror. When he seeks help to bring her out of the mirror from a witch doctor, who counsels him against his desires.
(Drama) A college professor accused of Holocaust denial tries to clear his name and repair the strained relationship with both his teenage daughter and former lover before the scandal can widen the chasm between all of them.
(Drama) An aging man deals with the lasting impact of a traumatic sexual encounter from his childhood. Some wounds never truly heal, and years later, those wounds can bring about his downfall.
(Drama) An unhappily married man meets the love of his life in a country in turmoil where dramatic events conspire to deny them a future together.
(Drama) The search of a dancer to find her true love, a famous movie star who does not even know her exists. Among the lives and reincarnations the story show us that time and sincere love go together.
(Comedy, Drama) When an ordinary guy takes a Swing dance lesson to impress an extraordinary girl, he gets more than he bargains. He becomes BIG TOWN and is forced to choose between his passions - the dancing or the girl. – “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.”
(Drama) An army wife loses her husband in the war and almost dies of grief. She only survives it because of their kids. The husband's father, a vet, blames himself and also barely survives. He does and gets a new lease on life.
(Comedy, Drama) Blake is a shy guy who just graduated from college who is unsure of what his future holds. Bryn is an aspring actress in Indiana for the summer. They have a chance meeting and hit it off, but will their summer fling last?