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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) young girl meet an old woman who look like herself,realizing that she is her older self suffering from Alzheimer Dementia with no memory of her own,using the time-travel technology to travel back in time to meet her younger selves to help her to remember who she really was
(Drama, Action and Adventure) an old man fall in love to 10 years old actress and make the impossible to become an actor,eliminating the competition for supporting role in the next film series where the young actress will participate,only to spend his days near by her,enjoying her presence all the time
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) an insecure man whose dreams are predictions for the next day,become trully successful,but is paralyzed when he meet Death in his dream,so he use all the courage to face Death on the next day with his full potential,in a way to trans-script/sport himself to the other side
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) a woman who is entertained at first from her new non-stop fast talking lover,telling her stories and jokes all the time,realize step that he is a new one of a kind experimental partner for personal entertainment,after he start disintegrating from too much talking
(Drama, Action and Adventure) young disoriented boy who don’t know what to do with his life,expose his personal life on You Tube persistently broadcasting live his drama,only to start acting according the advices and desires of the random YouTube users,who help him emotionally and financially
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) life is sowed on Earth to evolve and be reaped by Gods,the fruitful souls to be selected among the weeds and born in the divine reality as a worthy beings,so a criminal convert to God after realizing this,gaining his chance for divine life after the up coming soul harvest
(Comedy, Drama) still unborn spirits must choose their option of existence,but because life is very harsh and filled with regulations,spirits choose life as ghosts in the spiritual world,leaders of the life revise the life regulations to attract more spirits to be born as alive beings
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) writer gain the ability to move so fast,that the rest to appear as it is standing still,he use his ability to rearrange people according to his stories,implanting the cues into their minds,erasing their own memories,using them to play the characters of his stories
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) a stereo card like picture of one and same schizophrenic person in one and same room, but shown from different psychological view points/perspectives, who interact with each other as different personalities, revealing few different stories…
(Drama, Action and Adventure) a discontented cell-phone operator use the automatic mobile SMS/MMS system to send one and same outraging message to the entire nation,summoning that 2/3 of the population is expected to be eliminated in the next 7 days by the government
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) writer is killed in the park while uploading a film story on a web site,as ghost he become an electronic data inside the web space to finish the story,but recognize his killer profile in the web space and execute a revenge on his personal data and bank accounts
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) body regenerate its cells,replicating itself every day,person who see all his replicated past days personalities try to help them realize their condition,but when he start seeing his future replicated selves he realize that he is a past image-person of the original
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) while on vacation in Amsterdam a husband delete and remodel his wife memory, using a hallucinogenic drug, changing her identity and personality and sell her into a sex slavery, after realizing that she is pregnant, but not from him…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) after the life of planet Earth is annihilated, the guardians of life who are spiritual beings by default,invigorate the life,obsessing the last preserved corpses,using them as an avatar surrogates to pair their proper genus-mates to reignite the life on Earth once again
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) clerk who work in a prophecy shop in the city of predictions,where everyone's future destiny is projected inside the city limits,is attracted by a new come girl who reveal to him that she is his loving forgoten girlfriend who awaited him outside the city for so long
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) a man who hired an assassin to kill his wife but soon after regretting his wish to see her dead,make an unbelievable stunts to save her from a group of killers while both are on “second chance” date, realizing that these killers has been hired by her to kill him
(Comedy, Drama) an aspiring family man,build his family according to film poster,find a treasure map to a cave where the all time movies/pictures are collected,only to discover that his film poster family is a fake,after watching documentary of his real life,he find his true family members
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) a slow breathing man who take one breath every 24 hours and while doing so he appear in reality as a real visible handsome man,but when exhaling his body gradually become invisible until his next inhale,help the woman who love with him that she is product of his exhaling
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) famous actor who revise his life taken on video,discover some missing parts not only on the video tapes but in his habitat,realizing that he exist in a projected film from his future self who revise his life and edit the unnecessary parts of it as final tribute to his life
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) in a society where people don’t have families,everyone can buy anything for money,even a family, the most valuable product is the experience of somebody else’s life,so a guy buy the experience of entire family,becoming the man-his wife-his childrens in same time...
(Comedy, Drama) a successful female writer who used to collect a lexicon like wish list of her former school-mates is enforced after near death experience to grant the wishes of all her former school-mates,which wishes and life stories she has exploited to become successful writer
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) every 5000 years God update the Life on Earth and while doing so he contain his entire knowledge in one person who is born in the present and while having modest life he become world ruller,untill God update Life and shut down the person who ruled the world for 40 years
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) a man is advised in his dream to visit the grave of a famous writer, to gain inspiration and enormous source of life energy, realizing in the process that the deceased writer is in fact his forgotten and never seen grand-father…
(Drama, Action and Adventure) IMDB employee who travel the world to take care of any new movie to be systematized in the film data base,witness world movie crisis,after no one figure out a new film idea,to save his job he start inspiring people telling them stories
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) a female ornithologist get to Norway to prevent a rare humming bird from extinction,being preyed from a genetically invented little human-birds,while she catch some of the human-birds and make conversation with them,she must to decide which specie to live and which to die
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) taxi driver who fall for a girl that seem isn’t from his time and place,try to reach her without success,realizing that only he can see her,while doubting maybe she is a ghost,she appear again but this time real as foreigner who just came to his country in search for him
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) writer who is diagnosed with constipation provoking as a result film-like states of hallucinations,use writing to cast out his disease as a film stories,until feel himself clean,realizing his reality is a projection of another ill person who created it to cleanse himself
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) a passionate woman who don’t know who she really is,realize that she used to be a fancy lady- artificially produced bio-organic female cloned lover for mass consumption,whose memory is erased after any love séance,so she decide to steal the personal life of her original
(Drama, Action and Adventure) writer whose ideas are stolen from a Hollywood producer,intervene persistently within the personal life of the producer,becoming his hit by car accidental victim,sueing him for incurred physical damages he gain enough money to justify the larceny of his creative work…
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) a canny writer evaluate people around only by regarding the value of their inspiration influencing on him, drawing closer only to these who he can make more profit from, only to be a cash inspiring subject for his greedy wife…