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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A young woman, with conflicting memories of her past, wakes up aboard a living, breathing alien ship that’s populated with the walking corpses of the recently deceased.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Just after her 18th birthday, the daughter of an up and coming politician, comes under demonic possession by an evil spirit linked to her father's past. Soon after her possession, she and a down and out photographer looking for a big story are abducted by kidnappers.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) After terrorists ignite a dirty bomb filled with a prototype bio-weapon in NYC, it turns the Big Apple into a zombie apocalypse. This is not your typical zombie-flic, as we watch the various cultures and cliques found only in New York band together to fight back and survive.
(Drama, Horror) A family man suffering from intense visions meets an alluring woman at a trade show and begins to suspect that she might be a vampire.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Two detectives on the trail of a serial killer whose modus operandi imitates the deaths of the twelve apostles, struggle to put all the pieces of the puzzle together before it's too late. It's Seven meets Saw.
(Comedy, Horror) Two directors - a slasher film hack and a Hollywood-endorsed prodigy - find themselves trapped by a mysterious third director, and competing to provide the best death scenes to this show biz ghoul before they both end up on the cutting room floor.
(Horror) Ballet inherits her Grand Father's apartment but there's a catch - the Victorian toilet. It can never be changed and must be cleaned in a certain way. When it starts randomly blocking up Ballet is forced to come to terms with its strange behaviour, with fatal consequencies.
(Horror) After surviving a car wreck in the Nevada desert, a teen runaway is left with a backpack and a dying request from the driver, a young man escaping servitude from vampires intent on getting back what he took from them.
(Horror) Two American conservationists travel to a remote Scottish island in the hope of seeing endangered wildlife, but the pair find themselves battling for their lives after extreme weather leaves them stranded on a mountain inhabited by zombies.
(Horror) Ever had the feeling you were being watched? How about feeling someone walking behind you or perhaps following you only to look over your shoulder to see no one is there. How do you explain the unexplained? Be very careful. The night is watching, can you survive?
(Horror) A mysterious creature targets two young couples on holiday in the woods. One of them develops a strange connection to the creature, whilst the others are terrified. What is the nature of it’s interest in him?
(Comedy, Horror) The local goofball plumber must save the day when four poop monsters invade his town.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) "Three Coins!!!Three Times!!!Three Parts of Devil!! ...and One Mad Coin Collector,who collect them all into one whole Hell!!!"
(Drama, Horror) Mark is just an average kid living in Texas. His friend Frankie is abused by his step-father. We start to see reality slip for Frankie, and then Mark after he realizes the truth about his parents. That they are Serial Killers. Can both these boys stay sane?
(Comedy, Horror) Ms. Dracula is a comedy/horror about a feminist vampire who wants to outdo Count Dracula by enrolling at a religious college. Although torturous, her goal is to turn the students and faculty into her own colony of vampires and take over the world with her at the top.
(Horror) A group of friends in a small Northern California town find their relationships eroded and hidden secrets exposed while under attack by a horde of mutated, half-human, half-bird creatures.
(Horror) When a group of acting students come across the original manuscript of “MacBeth” they unleash an ancient Shakespearian curse which begins killing them off one by one.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) When a grisly murder happens in his jurisdiction, Sheriff Hawthorne joins former FBI Agent Matt Kinney to investigate. As they pursue the killer they find themselves caught up in something much more sinister.
(Horror) A swarm of vampire mosquitoes take over an elite private school, sucking the life out of the student body.
(Horror) A blind date takes an unexpected turn when one of them is not who they appear to be...
(Horror) Three women find their dream home but end up living in a nightmare when one of them is hexed by the soul of an evil witch.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) U.S. Navy Seals seek to take back control of an oil tanker which has been taken over by Somali pirates. The seals soon realise they have walked into a trap and as well as the pirates something much worse lurks below decks in the darkness.
(Comedy, Horror) A breast crazed Victorian hypnotist gains the power to control minds but loses his own
(Comedy, Horror) Horror Flick is the title of an ultra-low budget movie that's so bad, people die watching it. Hard-boiled detective Brent Wooden and beautiful hippie parapsychologist Buttonwillow McKittrick must discover the movie's occult secret before its upcoming debut on national TV.
(Horror) In a city of the damned. The hounds of hell come to feast. Let no man be caught standing in the shadow of the BEAST!
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Six teenage girls are trapped in a school with a murderer. It isn't long before they realise the killer could be one of them.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) This occult horror story centers on an act of accidental murder twenty years earlier that comes back to haunt Stephen Carwin. His dead friend Parrish has returned to seek revenge and violently torments a group of young college students to do so.
(Comedy, Horror) Stuck working on Valentine’s Day, movie theater employees Travis and Erica must cope with the average assortment of unruly customers, utter boredom and a slightly mysterious zombie invasion.
(Horror) A group of friends in a small Northern California town find their relationships eroded and hidden secrets exposed while under attack by a horde of mutated, half-human, half-bird creatures.
(Horror) A Seraph Angel calls a radio station to tell the truth about the Bible meanwhile 2 Archangels go around the globe killing Daluzes (angels from another God) by dismemberment and deformation. It takes the FBI, the CIA, local law enforcement agencies to track down the Seraph.