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(Horror) A group of friends in a small Northern California town find their relationships eroded and hidden secrets exposed while under attack by a horde of mutated, half-human, half-bird creatures.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Danny is a college student brutally murdered by a psychotic killer, only to wake up afterwards to repeat the day of his murder all over again. Danny realizes the only way to stop the endless cycle is to stay alive long enough to find the killer and kill him first.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Based on the 90's Batman cartoon, Mr. Freeze is a dark tale of the origins of Mr. Freeze.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) The character Clayface gets a more in-depth, sympathetic origin story. This is loosely based on the story from the 90's cartoon and given a more edgy, adult setting.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) An ancient evil is awakened at the heart of our world and a team of scientists work together to prevent the apocalypse.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) well its a slasher flick with a brain you don't see that much yes it has blood gore and i would intend allot of classic/rock and metal to be used but it has a heart brain and soul it shows to rock n roll teens fighting to survive while discussing the troubles they face.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) After terrorists ignite a dirty bomb filled with a prototype bio-weapon in NYC, it turns the Big Apple into a zombie apocalypse. This is not your typical zombie-flic, as we watch the various cultures and cliques found only in New York band together to fight back and survive.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) What at first appears to be a tale of a group of hit-men who botch their assignment for a Los Angeles crime lord, soon becomes apparent that this is a supernatural tale of good vs. evil in a biblical sense.
(Horror) Believing he is doing GOD's work, Vincent, a janitor at the local high school, begins to make the students pay for their sins in violent and horrific ways.
(Comedy, Horror) Despite plunging the country into financial chaos the bankers of the City of London continue with their old ways. Who can wipe the self satisfied smirks off their faces? Captain Cleaver, that's who!
(Horror, Action and Adventure) When a chemical warfare experiment goes wrong on a Pacific island in WWII, a team of GIs are sent to investigate, enticed by a chance to recover millions in looted gold. But even these battle-tested veterans are unprepared for the horrors that await in the jungle's depths.
(Horror) An ensemble cast of reality game show contestants are stalked by mutated beasts while a tropical storm blows over the island they have been deserted on. Based on the best-selling novel by Brian Keene.
(Horror) The Prom decorating committee sets in for a night of fun and decorating, when the teens begin to get killed off by a mysterious figure. Unable to leave the school the students run and hide for their lives.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) U.S. Navy Seals seek to take back control of an oil tanker which has been taken over by Somali pirates. The seals soon realise they have walked into a trap and as well as the pirates something much worse lurks below decks in the darkness.
(Horror) A group of construction workers unearth a secret government project dating back to the cold war.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) An entity uses a child's body as a host and feeds off its emotions. When the child matures, so does the host. The entity uses the chlid ,only when its older, to carry out his malicious deeds.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A futuristic take on Kafka's The Metamorphosis from the writer of this summer's RED MACHINE starring Billy Bob Thornton, James Marsden and Piper Perabo. The Maddening is a cross between An American Werewolf in London and The Matrix.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Escaping from a bank robbery, a pair of military vets and the homicidal killers they’re forced to work for must stop in a remote town for supplies, only to discover that the town is being overrun by an ancient horde of zombies. And guess what? They’re out of bullets…
(Drama, Horror) Mark is just an average kid living in Texas. His friend Frankie is abused by his step-father. We start to see reality slip for Frankie, and then Mark after he realizes the truth about his parents. That they are Serial Killers. Can both these boys stay sane?
(Horror) A bored quartet of privileged twenty-somethings invite a series of mentally ill people to lunch at a country house as entertainment, only for the guests to turn the tables on them and take their revenge.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) The story of a woman being stalked by a knife wielding killer in an isolated manor is intertwined with the story of a group of criminals hiding out in the same now abandoned house encountering the ghost of a woman who was murdered there.
(Horror) A busload of supermodels on their way to a Miss America Pageant are terrorized by a creepy truck driver.
(Horror) Henry's worst nightmare comes back to haunt him when the woman whom loves him is stalked by Drake, the world's oldest vampire.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A stranger’s arrival to a mysterious, haunted town will reveal the truth behind uncanny occurrences and a murder that took place 40 years ago.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) When a young girl inherits a house, she and a group of friends travel to the remote location to restore and sell, but discover the house is filled with dolls that may be alive and have a need to kill.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) The clock ticks, when a tabloid TV reporter falls prey to a four-generation curse by a witch that he must somehow reverse before spending eternity on earth as an invisible zombie.
(Comedy, Horror) Three college senior guys make the mistake of getting totally baked on the eve of a campus-wide zombie apocalypse.
(Horror) Three women find their dream home but end up living in a nightmare when one of them is hexed by the soul of an evil witch.
(Comedy, Horror) Is it really a good idea to turn a guy into a monster so he'll eat people who piss you off?
(Horror) 5 friends fight for their lives when a World War II top secret Nazi-created "super soldier", a product of a gene splicing experiment, is discovered and awakened from a 70 year cryogenic slumber.