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(Comedy, Horror) people pay to an agency to adopt and deliver souls from outer world, choosing them from a “YourGhost” web based catalogue, using them to obsess their deceased children or just as companions…
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) man who is teleported by a chair to different places and times,having different families and personalities the chair stay always the same,the man realize that the chair is in fact a death sentence execution chair who offer to the executed person,to choose his afterlife
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a man turned stone sculpture continue to live inside the stone hallucinating a real world experiences,without realizing his terrible condition,but when strange occurances happen and he try to figure out what is wrong,he soon realize his stoned to death condition
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) a scene of unjustified murder in 19th century England school for young shapshooters is invariably projected every year in the exact time of the murder in the same place by the glowing memory of the spirit,justifying his death through showing it to others through the times
(Horror, Kids and Family) a woman using hellish herbs get in Hell to choose between the most aggressive horrific creatures, selling her soul to make a contract with them, to born one of them as her own child, whose quest in life will be to ruin her oppressing husband’s selfish life…
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a guy who realize that the room next door is occupied from a people from near future,discover that the entire building is occupied by people from different times and he is there to discover they exist on a next level of existence after once they had died on Earth…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) a prolific woman with many children is visited by few little larky hellish demons inside her house, who while playing with her children,fight with each other to satisfy her fulfilling her wishes,trying to win her love and appreciation,in a way to be born as her next child
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a detective who use book projecting device,while reading it zoom projected on the wall,discover a hidden strange texts written inside the letters of the original book text,he start research and discover messages printed from the spirits of the victims,killed by book author
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a poor guy who is hearing voices is advised to start stealing and committing crimes to make a fortune,but when he commit a mass killing to rob a bank and is sentenced to death,the voice appear to him in a human form,reveal that he has seduced him to take him to his death
(Comedy, Horror) after a divine revision of after-life the Death is dismissed and send in retirement down to Earth, so to meet the ends Death post an auction of his services on internet to work for those who pay the highest bid…
(Horror, Action and Adventure) the spirit of an oppressed Indian tribe female ruler get in the Hell to choose the most Kraken like horrific ghost to be born as her monster child to protect her tribe and annihilate the oppressing Spanish conquerors of her world in the late 16th century Americas…
(Comedy, Horror) A dying research scientist injects himself with an unproven formula that turns him into the undead. He must regain stolen funds to finish his research.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) Will could have been a 60's rock icon but fate had other plans. Can Willie now find anyone to listen to his music? Or will supernatural, mythological creatures consume his audience first?
(Horror) A band on the verge of breaking up schedule a video shoot at the English manor house rumored to be haunted by a fourteenth century vampiress.
(Horror) A band on the verge of breaking up schedule a video shoot at the English manor house of a fourteenth century vampiress.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Danny is a college student brutally murdered by a psychotic killer, only to wake up afterwards to repeat the day of his murder all over again. Danny realizes the only way to stop the endless cycle is to stay alive long enough to find the killer and kill him first.
(Horror) When a group of twenty-somethings on their way to Vegas, stop in the desert to help a lost boy, they find themselves trapped in an abandoned house and stalked by the ghost of a dead serial killer.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) After a vampire’s bite, Lennard Goost, a praised novelist, has to fight against the beast that rears up inside of him. Thereby he is being confronted with traumatic experiences of his past and entraps himself in a network of truth and illusion.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) When a corrupt Florida police official attempts to imprison and sacrifice vampires for his own personal gain, a Count who lives the life of a loner becomes the only hope to save the entire race.
(Horror) A blind date takes an unexpected turn when one of them is not who they appear to be...
(Horror) When the quarterback and head cheerleader become zombies, being undead becomes the next fad. Now, the high school outcasts are all that's left, to save the school they hate.
(Comedy, Horror) The local goofball plumber must save the day when four poop monsters invade his town.
(Horror) Out of the spiritual realm, an elite dark-angel named Legion is unleashed upon the earth, claiming the souls of infidels and those weak in faith. Only Tyler Smith, a young Christian prodigy with supernatural abilities can stop him.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) When the Brennan family visit Grandma for Christmas they encounter much more than local ghost stories. Haunted by a vengeful spirit, no one is safe when the children come out to play.
(Horror) Five teens summon the ghost of an 18th Century witch, who possesses one of them and then she starts killing off the others over the course of a terrifying weekend.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) While renting a room in a cryptic home, an amnesiac is accused of brutally murdering a woman who he never met. As his mind begins to reveal itself, so does the house that traps him. The only answers come from the haunting figures that watch you while you sleep.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) As the Rapture begins, a grieving Texas cowboy lassoes one of the faithful and hitches a ride to Heaven in search of his true love, but when he arrives, he finds the Devil on the throne and learns that salvation ain't what it used to be.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) A black Elvis impersonator, part-time monster hunter must stop a masked serial killer before he can set free an ancient evil, unleashing hell on earth.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Sometimes the dead just want revenge and nothing will stand in their way.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) A U.S. Special Operations unit in hostile territory face an incomprehensible horror when track their quarry to an ancient temple that hides the wellspring of human violence.