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(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) a dreamer instead of accomplishing his dream,find the dream as a real evolving woman in his reality,who reveal to him that she is a real person,evolving in this and the other realities because she is a real dreaming person,while he is a dream and product of her imagination
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a high tech nerd invent a GPS system to scan for free no obligating love repositories in a way to satisfy his sexual hunger…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) disaster detective discover an invisible program that controll the fabric of reality from another dimension to wreck havoc around the world,so he enter the other dimension to update with swarm-code the controlling program,rearranging its priorities to balance his world
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) writer gain the ability to move so fast,that the rest to appear as it is standing still,he use his ability to rearrange people according to his stories,implanting the cues into their minds,erasing their own memories,using them to play the characters of his stories
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) while massaged on his back a guy receive flashbacks of his past any time the points are pressed, starting to press a points on the front of his body, he received as a result visions and flash forwards from future,not satisfied from both he manipolate them,changing himself
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) space scientist who witness disappearance of people and objects is approached by his alternate selves who reveal to him that planet earth as well all other planets in the solar system are in fact the stages of evolution of the sun,projected as flash backs memories in space
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a careless clerk in the divine”God-Father”office where the names are given to people to define their personalities,traits and future activities in their life,is send down to Earth to fix the name and personality of lost and mixed-up woman and eventually to fall for her
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) National Geographic writer is send to investigate the mystery of a strange mountain in Sahara,only to discover that it's a high-tech device from future,created and send to produce food in the present for the future human colonies in space,cause Earth don’t exist anymore
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) a female ornithologist get to Norway to prevent a rare humming bird from extinction,being preyed from a genetically invented little human-birds,while she catch some of the human-birds and make conversation with them,she must to decide which specie to live and which to die
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) a man who years ago dreamed his death,realize that his day is coming soon,but instead to fear his death,he use his reinvented voice developed through the years,start breaking the walls of reality with his voice,revealing the fabric of reality to the core of eternity…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) x-Hamster user experience second hand love as a beta tester for free,exchanging personalities with anyone participating in a preferred sex scene,losing himself in the process and while trying to recover his personality,remember that in fact he is a famous female porn star
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) the energy used for electricity in future,turn to be an alien radio signal energy source,that supplied humanity with electricity and with instructions to build the technology and food supplies on the Earth space base,preparing it for the space traveling alien soldiers
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) humanity on Earth turn to be created by Angels from alien world for using people’s souls to serve as energy source provider for the space battling Angels with the Demons in the epic non-stop Universal battle,every 5000 years Angels come to recharge their cartridge clips
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) a man use a technology to steal other people dreams and memories with a touch of his hand in a way to sell them later their own stolen dreams/memories,realizing that the planet Earth is a stolen dreams-depot,while he is the depot manager and a space-traveling dream thief
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) scientist is hired by food production company to produce a chemical that can sterilize the citizens of a small African state,in a way to colonize the country and to extort the local resources,things get wrong when the inhabitants become undying warriors colonizing the world
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) body regenerate its cells,replicating itself every day,person who see all his replicated past days personalities try to help them realize their condition,but when he start seeing his future replicated selves he realize that he is a past image-person of the original
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) Facebook like software create a probable virtual life with any person chosen from the site data base,family guy use the site to explore the unexplored probable life with different people from the data base, only to realize that he exist in such virtual probable film
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) while people speak to each other the words appear around them as actual images showing the word meaning to visualize what others say,understanding each other better,former boxer write down random stories he experience,realizing that he project his words without speaking
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) our universe is one of the many eggs into the God's garden,but it is the only addled egg,which God try to heal and clean away,through his anty-chaotic pills,who appear on Earth as a humanity spiritual leaders of all times,who failed,that is why he send a new messiah...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a priest who live in a world full with happiness and joy,realize that people are nano-implanted with the Ten Commandments in their DNA molecules by God himself,installed to rule people’s lifes,after the writing and voice commandments was a total failure…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a family whose dreams seems like everone around steal from them,realize that they are an angelical beings whose mission is to create dreams and to inspire people around them to live the dreams they’ve created…
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) a screenwriter whose words literally grow outside his house as a trees,forming a forest full of life,is horrified when the trees start burning,while trying to extinguish the fire,he realize that all the damage is provoked by his strict female editor,who follow the rules...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) every 5000 years God update the Life on Earth and while doing so he contain his entire knowledge in one person who is born in the present and while having modest life he become world ruller,untill God update Life and shut down the person who ruled the world for 40 years
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) taxi driver who fall for a girl that seem isn’t from his time and place,try to reach her without success,realizing that only he can see her,while doubting maybe she is a ghost,she appear again but this time real as foreigner who just came to his country in search for him
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) clerk who work in a prophecy shop in the city of predictions,where everyone's future destiny is projected inside the city limits,is attracted by a new come girl who reveal to him that she is his loving forgoten girlfriend who awaited him outside the city for so long
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) mix of all future movie sequences are produced in film,become the most wanted artifact in the present and everyone is ready to kill for it,cause those who have it,will rule the human population in the next 100 years,so an action hero who is accused of owning the artifact
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) entire animated civilization of larky aliens exist on the Earth's orbit and every year around Christmas the two worlds collide,except the animated alien planet is just so little and tiny,this Christmas the alien planet get in the hands of a little girl who play with snow