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(Comedy, Drama) Two recently widowed army buddies set out on journey, forty years in the making, to visit all thirty Major League Baseball parks, while making new discoveries, like the perils of preparing their own meals or experimenting with fuel injector cleaner.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) An Italian Don enlists old friends to assemble an oddball crew and steal the 15 ft. square, 9-ton ceiling from his childhood church now in a Cleveland museum. Big job needing a big tunnel, a big crew—and some big balls, too.
(Comedy) The prototypical "Last Man Standing" is forced to attempt Internet Dating when his best friend finds success on that route.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A stranger’s arrival to a mysterious, haunted town will reveal the truth behind uncanny occurrences and a murder that took place 40 years ago.
(Comedy) A nightclub bartender completely changes his life when he thinks he won the lottery. Will he be able to regain it when he realizes he didn't win.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A Special Tactical Unit (STU) top cop, must team up with the first female officer ever to join the unit when his family is kidnapped. He finds out there is a leak in the unit and she is the only officer he trusts. To save his family they must become a deadly duo.
(Comedy) Frustrated with life, Brian accepts a salesman's 'fresh start' who fakes his death and provides him a new identity. Things quickly go sour after learning his new life belonged to a thief who stole a mobster's diamond, giving him a week to return the stone or face real death.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) a vacationing lawyer from the midwest gets lost in the amazon jungle - from the amazon encore book of the same name "smart-exotic" - NY Times "Polster fits somewhere between Vonnegut and Hiaasen" - "One of the Best Books of the Year" Publishers Weekly
(Thriller and Suspense) A tenacious teacher takes on the pupil from hell only to learn the dark secrets of his family, and ultimately what treachery means.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) When a grisly murder happens in his jurisdiction, Sheriff Hawthorne joins former FBI Agent Matt Kinney to investigate. As they pursue the killer they find themselves caught up in something much more sinister.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) After reading Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, I began to wonder how one might speak my death. Trying to write a book, which is what I was doing, seemed the perfect focal point for my story. Ordinary and static. It is about how the author feels about himself.
(Drama) Like a Greek Tragedy, this story is told in 3 acts. Complete with family disfunction, sexual abuse and exploration; A Modern Tragedy is all of this and more.
(Comedy) A wealthy man loses his wife to another woman. He breaks all the rules to speed up the sex change operation he believes will win her back.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A struggling screenwriter from the year 2060 inadvertently travels back in time to the present day.
(Drama) When a budding Ivy League magazine editor and her sister bump heads, their mother will be caught in the middle. On New Year’s Eve, the two sisters will bump heads one last time. And a dark taunting secret will be revealed, bringing one sister to her end.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A hacker-assassin juggles a relationship with two very different women. The stress begins to get to him while on a series of jobs to destroy a corruptible element in his city.
(Comedy) Two teenage boys who share the same name, who were born on the same day at the same time, must choose their paths wisely. In this dark comedy, only one will make it out of high school alive.
(Thriller and Suspense) Based looosly on Shakespere's "Macbeth", a young executive rises to power in his corporation, fighting his conscience, ghosts, and murder.
(Comedy) Dale pisses off his university's theater department and finds himself on Sudden Death Playwright Probation. His friend, Professor Dubarre, gets him in more trouble by vandalizing a student's house. Now Dale and Don must set things right by putting on the worst play ever.
(Comedy) Chester, a writer, who never learned to stand up for himself. Is given a second chance when he's asked to do career day at his old high school and face the demons of his past.
(Action and Adventure) A rogue group of U.S. Military led by an Admiral kidnap the president and hold him hostage aboard a stealth nuclear submarine while blocking his signing of a unilateral nuclear disarmament treaty.
(Action and Adventure) The U.S. President is kidnapped by a rogue group of disgruntled military leaders in an effort to thwart his elimination of the country's nuclear arsenal.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A gripping wintry climbing rescue culminates in a shocking discovery that changes the lives of many, forever.
(Comedy) A 39 year-old career bartender is a stay-at-home dad and gets a chance to pitch for the Chicago Cubs.
(Action and Adventure) An Afghanistan cab driver and three spirited US Army officers encounter terrorists and drug lords as they travel through the Hindu Kish mountains to uncover Alexander the Great’s hidden treasure.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) New Land, 1704 - A group of African slaves are rescued by a Native American tribe, one of the slaves is psychic and is haunted by her dead Father who wants control of her powers.
(Drama) A dotcom failure, washed up at the age of 24, goes abroad to end it all. But he can’t escape the sensual pull of Italy.
(Drama) A 30-something man finds life isn't turning out what he thought it would be. He befriends a retired psychologist who helps him through his problems by telling him he simply needs to "wake up" from life.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A lovable rogue chases the rock superstar STING around Britian for a week and demands that he gives his friend away at her wedding in a week.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Schlumpy, sloppy Paramus New Jersey High School teacher, Edgar Rodriguez is about to meet a woman from out of town...32 light years out of town.