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(Action and Adventure) The story of the mortician is seen by others in connection with his charring in the hearse and then as from his own viewpoint. Is he a ruthless psychopath who is able to kill and who only thinks about money or are there other sides to him?
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) An ancient, holy artifact is uncovered by two unsuspecting boys in a potato field in Ireland, which re-ignites an ancient holy war between those sworn to protect it and those who wish to destroy that which it stands for.
(Action and Adventure) A man with a boring life and a job that doesn't pay enough tries to find ways of becoming rich.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) In the second book of the Prince Surya series, a serial killer is on the loose at Indravati and the prince tries to find answers to the mysterious deaths plaguing his capital city. His quest for the truth threaten his very fabric of existence and his sanity.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) The army of ants were crawling up his brain…he could feel that sensation…he felt himself losing his sanity and perspective of the world… but could do nothing about it…
(Action and Adventure) An attack on an isolated relay station leaves two people dead and supplies looted. An old stablehand and 10yr. old boy survive. Their choice is flight or vengeance. 'Trapper' coaxes Davy into coming with him in seeking the latter. They encounter high adventure along the way.
(Action and Adventure) Three desperate men fleeing the mountains before onset of winter raid a relay station. Supplies are looted and two people murdered, but two survive. Their choice is flight or vengeance. 'Trapper' coaxes young Davy into the latter. They incur high adventure in the effort.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Jake Brabston, a former Marine chopper pilot, haunted by his time in Vietnam, takes a job flying for the UN in the Sudan, hopping to purge the devils. There he meets Tamsen Amidon, a dedicated relief worker. They share their adventures in the midst of the Sudanese civil war.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When the world is in need of staying the course of time, a few are taken from the worlds timeline and deemed Voyagers, those who travel through time to set things right.
(Action and Adventure) Amrita, a beautiful young Amazon warrior allies herself with once sworn enemies and a wild she wolf, and fights to regain what was lost after her tribe is slaughtered by a treacherous rival Amazonian, Satienne.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) This is a real life take about how the medical marijuana industry started and is based on real events and peoples lives…
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A DJ inherits a radio station from his long dead father. To meet the greedy corporation's mortgage deadline, he brings the station back to life. When no one else is available to do PM drive, he finds an archive of his father's old shows. The dead guy does afternoon drive.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) My real life buddy has kept a true hourly secret diary of his incredible life . These one of a kind diaries are ready to be made into 10 years worth of scripted internet television with 4 major motion pictures in between. Product placement and licensing potential.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) High school player, finds someone he truly connects with until his past comes back to haunt him along with someone else aswell
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(Action and Adventure) Jesus Lopez and Mickey Pachuco battle drug trafficking and gangsters in the 1980s and 1990s in Florida and on the West Coast. On a hellish evening in 1967, the two men's futures took shape in a village in Guatemala.Then in 2001 the two at last meet mano-a mano in Hawaii.
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) The dastardly offense, of King Saur on, the dark king of Middle Earth, on a last conquest, to retrieve & handle, the Dagger of Light, putting Middle Earth at his finger tips ,taking on a twisted multiplying warlord, rising out of the East named Craven. Drama/Historical War.
(Action and Adventure) In ancient Italy, two orphaned brothers embroiled in a civil war rise up to build the greatest empire the world has ever known.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In the late 19th century, a poor Irish girl becomes the toast of New York City by appearing in popular musical comedies, but falls victim to three powerful men each, of whom, is determined to win her hand in marriage.
(Action and Adventure) In a country torn apart by political mayhem, corruption and economic hardships, corn artists take advantage.
(Action and Adventure) Flight 300, bound from Moscow to Washington, DC, crashes on the Artic Circle. Carter McCormick, is the only survivor. Or, is he? Carter and CIA Operations Officer, Michelle Haddad, uncover an ISIS plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in the USA.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) ETHAGY, Inventions of the future and the worlds leading company in advancements to life. With the most unlikely people secretly testing Each device before use.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When a mentally unstable African gamer learns that there will be no African team at The Call of Duty tournament, he decides to hire a team of misfit that will infiltrate the tournament as Italians.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Aerospace fiction adventure about ancient scrolls and what they became over centuries and millennia.
(Action and Adventure) A fiction version of the manipulation behind the JFK shooting.
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(Drama, Action and Adventure) He was a scholar, a writer, a translator, a humble monk, a fierce adversary of heresies, a repentant sinner, and was one of the Founder Fathers of the Church. His translation of the Bible to Latin (the "Vulgata") was used for more than 1,000 years in the Western world.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Every young black man doesn't want to be a statistic, doesn't want to be feared by other races, doesn't want to be a criminal. But in life you step back and take a look at everything for what it truly is and you brainstorm a plan of adaptation, survival and action.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) North is a man whose the last uninfected. The infected people fear him like he is a monster and allow him to stay on anything painted red, but nothing painted yellow. Until one day a family from the infected, yellow side, seeks refuge with North and ask for North's help.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) : A humble African village girl fights prejudice, heartache and complexities of the modern world to win America’s top dance competition.