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(Action and Adventure) Action, spy adventure based in the American Civil War
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Zeus frees his brothers from the belly of Cronus , go on the run until they realiaze that the only way they will be free if is they fight . With the help of human ,and the sons of Uranus who were imprisoned by Cronus . They begin a massive battle to take control from Cronus
(Action and Adventure) In the summer of 1919 as race riots break out across the country, a group of rich men take a black man prisoner for sport. The man escapes, His revenge crosses America, with help from Jack Johnson, W.E.B. Dubois and two soldiers from the Harlem Hellfighters.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) this is a story of ex navy seal who lives a normal life with his parents and is found of boxing ,one day his nephew died of drug abuse this changed his life totally and does every effort to get justice for his nephew.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Four friends suddenly find themselves endowed with superpowers. As they try to change world with their newfound abilities, a mysterious evil threatens to tear them apart.
(Action and Adventure) A Republican Congress and administration sells Alaska to the Chinese and Japanese in order to eliminate national debt. Buyouts are offered to Alaskans but there is a lot of violent resistance from Alaskans, Americans, and foreigners.
(Action and Adventure) the lion king
(Action and Adventure) Rise to the top, Empower! Became into a state of redemption.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) The Earth had a different history, but a war destroyed two great civilisations and the entire planet. Marcelus Einstein, the greatest scientist of his time, founded a way to go in the past by 2000 years. How much can change a decision of one man the history of all mankind?
(Action and Adventure) Two brothers damaged by the horrors of one war, are drawn into another which is even more horrific.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) the time no one knew
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A husband's life comes crashing down when the body of his wife is found during their exotic honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro. Growing desperate, he hires a small group of mercenaries to help him track down and kill those who took his wife from him.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) The world is being infected by a demonic plague. Humans are being turned. Deigo and his crew try to stop it, but will they be turned in the process?
(Action and Adventure) This is about China attempting to alter the earth's axis to access a massive Natural Gas resource in Antarctica. The hero and the US president thwart the tilting of the axis but too late to avoid climate change.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Last Battle for Mania is a scenario based on book wrote by me. It's an adventure book. It will be a trilogy. A succesfull trilogy, like "LOTR". Many intrigues, many fights between heroes and huge creatures. Even a fight between the son of Evil and powerful and huge angels.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) In the 1950s the US government discovers that Hitler faked his suicide, time traveled back to the Old West to conquer the United States from the past. John Wayne is recruited to stop him.
(Action and Adventure) A grieving veteran's life turns upside down when he joins a team seeking the world government's billion dollar bounty on Debyan Radchenko, alleged terrorist and inventor of a revolutionary Cryptocurrency.
(Action and Adventure) When earth is invaded by a toxic gas, people are evacuated to space. Two teenagers are left behind, they are left with no choice but fight for survival.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) "All they have is a 4.6 Liter V8, and a dream" Members from an UNDERDOG car club are offered a chance to win a fortune, by participating in an illegal rally race against other car clubs.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A husband moonlights as a paparazzi to pay for his wife's cancer treatments and leads a stalker to a troubled starlet in rehab. He has to choose between returning to his family with the pics that will pay for the cancer treatment or save the starlet from the stalker.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) The idea of planetary mass extinction, their significant causes, the sequence and pattern it contains in occurrence. In this chronology -variable definitions of this whole amounts to better consideration, undoubtedly converging to the rightly possible eventual reason.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A young brash lieutenant pilot of the R.N.A.S. in World War 1 will confront his superior officers and go against their orders to prove and bring down the first Zeppelin bomber of the 2ND Reich.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) An American marine and Iraqi militiaman, good men who lost their sense of humanity, fight to the death during the Iraq war but are brought back to face the consequences of their actions by protecting the family of their enemy – each other.
(Action and Adventure) Australia’s Great Barrier Reef develops a coral disease contagious to humans thus spawning the most deadly global pandemic ever seen or imagined, impossible to quarantine or control, that threatens billions of people and the very survival of life in the oceans.
(Action and Adventure) Oftentimes in the most bucolic of settings, there can exist outcasts and evil. To this setting PEYROL, returns after a half century of roaming the high seas and faces an unlikely adversary in the character of Scevola, a ruthless, bloodthirsty Revolutionary.
(Action and Adventure) A military school cadet’s life is jeopardized when she witnesses the robbery of the school’s armory, not knowing that this is only the first step in a plot to kill the U.S. President. By the time she figures out the plan, she has only minutes to stop the killers.
(Action and Adventure) Gurfrip looses the key to the universes power while running away to be a rodeo star on his brother's gumbasaur girbee. Evil Snat imprisoned on the moon witnesses this and embarks on casting an evil spell at his enchanted lava flow and sends the tinkerbots to get the key.
(Action and Adventure) We are the Knights Templar Paranormal Order and we are a paranormal investigation team that travel to locations to investigate for evidence of spirits.
(Action and Adventure) " Raid on a Record Empire " is a true story of vision, struggle and failure, then ultimate success.A true story of actual events culminating in the ultimate challenge: man ( driven by a vision ) and machine vs. nature and given enough time, nature always wins.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Three life long friends stop an alien invasion on the eve of their last night together in their hometown. SUPER 8 meets SUPERBAD.