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(Comedy) A homeless man pretends to be his twin-brother, the mayor, in order to elicit a bribe from the mobster he owes money to. But when the mayor starts to bow out of his re-election race, the homeless man is forced to truly play the part.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) The worst team in the NFL (rights certainly required) hires the best fantasy general manager, to be their next real general manager. He's been secretly winning with the help of his all-female family though and, has to bring them to work to convince others of his vision.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) How can a playboy President win re-election after a disastrous first term?.......Demote himself to private first class in the United States Army and serve overseas.
(Comedy) A good-natured man loses control and terrorizes a Producer, after accidentally discovering his 19 year old daughter appearing nude in one of his amateur videos.
(Comedy, Drama) This script is about the choices he made whether it's was the wrong ones or the right ones and the tangled web of things he went through like having an open swinging sex life with his producers wife and his lady while unwittingly not knowing she was screwing him all along.
(Comedy) Four brothers form a punk rock band and take a London modelling agency by storm as only true Brooklynites can.
(Comedy, Drama) Faced with the approaching draft a troubled youth seeks solace in his free spirited friends, drugs, sex, and the Drive-In.
(Comedy) A radio talk show host gets a shot a big time network radio as a token on-the-air black personality. But then, he loses his color.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A mockumentary written in the vain of Christopher Guest films such as Best in Show. This story revolves around the kooky and deranged, but lovable employees and performers who work at a Medieval Times-like Dinner Attraction and how serious they take their art and livelihood.
(Comedy) When a featured columnist unexpectedly quits, obituary writer JACK is tasked with writing an article on a retirement home for former Hollywood types.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When their close friends granddaughter is diagnosed with cancer, a group of baby boomers led by a Vietnam vet seek out the fountain of youth, after a map is given to them by Ponce de Leon and they are told the healing waters can save the young girls life.
(Comedy, Drama) When a wounded SAS Officer on R&R heads to a foreign land to research his ancestors, he meets a feisty woman who has thrown his life life into turmoil because of his love back home.
(Comedy) The social and political transformation of America with the fight of legalizing cannabis. This story portrays the journey of one young man who helps the world realize how wrong they were about cannabis.
(Comedy) Animal control is a comedy about two animal control guys, one who is a ex-marine and the other a slob that are forced to work together catching animals. they always seem to get into wacky business, and try to deal with each others crazy personal lives.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) THE TINMAN is a comedy about an actor who, after repeatedly being mistaken for a killer he portrayed in a "real crime" TV show, is drawn into a crime syndicate in the middle of a turf war. He has six days to get himself out of this mess and, importantly, not die.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) This is a story about a boy and his family that never stopped fighting.
(Comedy) Parents tries to motivate their last three born children, twins and a girl to do well in. their studies through summer trip to foreign countries.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) The Lost Ones is about two friends who after a sound-wave forget each other until they meet in the near future. Agent vs Druglord
(Comedy) This film is a compilation of the stories narrated by the immigrants who leave their roots in search of a place that they hope will better serve their needs, whatever they may be..career, personal or professional growth, family needs or simply a better lifestyle.
(Comedy, Drama) In a city where lies are the truth, these girls need to stick together in order to survive. When you live in the fast lane, things can get complicated and everybody wants in. Life changes but real friends don't when they're strong enough to remain tight on the westside.
(Comedy) A sketch comedy series parodying humanity.... or what's left of it.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) SPACE! (Pilot/Comedy/Animation): A workplace comedy on the International Space Station. When a meteor destroys Earth, five stranded humans on the International Space Station must survive each other.
(Comedy) Frank is a child like creature with no regard for anyone, even his family. Forced back into reality after his divorce and losing his job he decides, with the help of his brother to start training for the American Poker-town Tournament, and learns humility along the way.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A group of life time nerds gain very unusual super powers when they eat radio active chili . When one develops the ability to time travel they discover WWII time traveling Nazis who are trying to take over all eternity, Our heroes now must band together to stop them.
(Comedy) After receiving advice from a relationship counselor. Kevin is about to go on 7 Dates with 7 Different women! What could possible go wrong?
(Comedy, Drama) Family comedy movie based on the interview of mrs. betty wright. This movie is hilarious for family to enjoy.
(Comedy) Bob's enlarged amygdala make him a Regressive. His condition makes him a problem for his wife, son, everyone. Through surgery, his "Trump Tumor" is reduced and Bob is cured!
(Comedy) Straight laced Jimmy becomes the new Health Club Manager at the disastrous Tarquin Towers Hotel on the same day as a massive Health and Safety Investigation.
(Comedy) A lawyer from Iran, an actor from Burundi and a Masseuse from Brazil end up living together in Vancouver, BC. Is it destiny or a big mess?
(Comedy) Family Values: The series..." Uncle Matt" wants to help his teenaged niece fit in at her new high school by entering her into the town's beauty pageant. Matt's takes matters into his own hands and breaks rules and sabatoges the other contestants to guarantee "Annie's" win.