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(Comedy) The Semi-Professionals is a comedy film for all the family. Set in Lancashire, a group of relatively new Territorial Army Soldiers find themselves caught up in a kidnap attempt on the Prime Minister's daughter and inadvertently end up kidnapping her from the kidnappers.
(Comedy) As the national anthem plays, Colfax and the eight dwarves contemplate game #1 of the last series of their short season.
(Comedy) Afro-American Travon Lorde passes off his white grandfather as the Cargo Cult Messiah to get his hands on the gold
(Comedy) Reality meshes with fantasy, which plays on reality as the two escorts lead their respective lives in White Elk/Elkweed, Montana.
(Comedy) Three friends celebrate their graduation from high school with their senior trip aboard a Mexican cruise. The boys expect the trip to be filled with girls and partying but discover that a Mexican cruise still plays by America's rules until their last night turns epic.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) OVER MY DEAD BODY! is a deranged screwball comedy set in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Los Angeles, 1942. Two hack screenwriters find themselves crammed into a sweaty studio lot office, racing for a deadline, stopping at nothing to outdo each other - even if it means murder!
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) In the 1950s the US government discovers that Hitler faked his suicide, time traveled back to the Old West to conquer the United States from the past. John Wayne is recruited to stop him.
(Comedy, Drama) When Dermot raffles off his pub, he dramatically alters his own life as well as the small tired Irish town where he lives.
(Comedy) A comedy team, Larry and Howard, unwittingly rub a mob member the wrong way. An unrelenting chase ensues from Chicago to Florida. As luck would have it, they are all connected to some very valuable swampland, a development real estate deal, and a local bar in the way.
(Comedy, Drama) A high school freshman wants to be part of the most popular cool guy in his school but he tends to freeze in the spotlight and has no clue how he's going to pass the initiation.
(Comedy) The great British icon suffers the slings and arrows of an outrageous farce when an illiterate, Will, and a black fry cook, Shakespeare, team up to become the world’s single greatest playwright in this alternate-history spoof of British culture, literature, and theater.
(Comedy, Drama) How stupid does this dude think i am? Did he just say that bull shit to me? Its cool, calm down breath than go knock some sense into his dumb ass. Na im just talking mess. NO VIOLENCE, my name is Jaeda, don't get it twisted i love my man. but dam, i love my respect more
(Comedy) A young and extremely dedicated, fairy godmother may be offered the career opportunity of a lifetime, if she can turn her back on a handsome, pure-hearted university student, that has brought her the happiness she usually brings others.
(Comedy) Albert, a warhammer figurine enthusiast and Jason, a mathematical genius lack girls attention. Yet after an unlikely encounter in their village pub involving a waxed dog, they have women flocking to reveal themselves on a daily basis.
(Comedy) WKRP meets Used Cars...
(Comedy) Following the horrific death of their mentor a cheerleading team goes on a vacation to a remote island resort to regroup only to be terrorized by an indigenous giant lizard. This is an A movie mocking a C movie wanting to be a B movie.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Three life long friends stop an alien invasion on the eve of their last night together in their hometown. SUPER 8 meets SUPERBAD.
(Comedy) The sun has exploded, creating Earth's final night. For a group of high schoolers, one last night means one last party...
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A likable Irish hustler is in way over his head when he gambles with money that he is suppose to be delivering to a drug kingpin in LA and loses that plus an additional 100,000 that he now owes to a Vegas crime boss. Mickey is given three days to pay or he will be killed.
(Comedy, Drama) In the universe were nerds are ought to be not cool, treated in a humiliating way without knowing that, what goes around comes around, because everybody knows a specific thing better.
(Comedy) Are you lonely, desperate, pathetic and in need of love? If you answered yes to all four you're probably Troy, Don't worry son, Feddi's gonna hook you up real quick! See how this all plays out on the debut episode from the upcoming Monster Feddi Series.
(Comedy) Fired door-to-door vacuum salesman Jerry Corngold loses everything, but when his slacker-extraordinaire best friend accidentally lands a friendly neighbor and grandmother into a coma by means of a mummified nut-sack, things really shit the bed.........
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A story about two centipedes gay talented singers and hip hop dancer friends . Their goal was to move to City they found a way and reached their dream first night walking in the City they met a famous record producer and shortly after were nominated for Emmy Awards.
(Comedy) this is just an offshoot of an idea after writing my book, but i like the idea of it and you can get to know me
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) God needs the Angel of Death to protect a soul who is a doubling dealing, drug smuggling, FBI agent, with a memory loss from the Devil’s stiletto-wearing, fashionista daughter who is sent to collect it.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) An impoverished Oklahoma country girl rises from obscurity to become one of the most celebrated woman surfers in America.
(Comedy) On a fishing trip, longtime friends Dan and Jimmy agree to tag along with Bill an old war vet and his socially inept neighbor Paul to have a better time.
(Comedy) Set in an East Coast prep school in the 90s, Privates follows a girl grappling with her identity in her parallel storylines as a nerdy middle schooler and a rebellious high schooler.
(Comedy) Potato Man dispenses culinary tips and love advice, but when his daytime TV show is abruptly cancelled, he finds a new purpose in life: helping his clueless college-age nephew win the woman of his dreams.
(Comedy) An out-of-work professor tries to get a new lease on life by studying the world's most charming and articulate ape man.