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(Comedy) A man writing teen fantasy novels avoids confronting his writer's block by impulse buying from Amazon. With a little help from his silently badgering housekeeper and two french burglars, he comes to realize the spoils of his previous successes are the root of the problem.
(Comedy) 4 Friends from the Valley in North Hollywood are determined to make a name for themselves in showbizness one way or the other.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Want retribution against those who have hurt you the most? Hunt their clone.
(Comedy, Drama) A Jewish Youth basketball team's decision to add an African-American "ringer" to help their chances at winning a championship threatens to tear them apart.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When a parish priest’s community and direct family are threatened by drug dealers, he is left with out an option but to break the rules
(Comedy) Greg and Chris are average guys trying to add excitement and wealth to their lives by borrowing money from a mob boss to turn an old church into a strip club. Little do they know that the mob boss has other plans for them as well as the club?
(Comedy) Under the Radar, is a combination of stand-up comedy and short storylines that are centered on the life of comedian Clayton English(Tyler Perry's House of Payne & Hell Date). English performs in front of a live audience, which then introduces the theme of the episode.
(Comedy, Drama) A man approaching 30 at a dead end seeks shelter from the cruel world, joining the priesthood, planning to use it as a means to an end while continuing to toil away but has a change of heart, even when temptation’s so strong, when he starts to see the good in people.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A frustrated man decides to re-boot, re-start his life by re-starting his acting career and adopting a dog- one that is a descendant of a dog he had in high school. And he has to fake his way through tests that the breeder has for him.
(Comedy) A comedian only talks force in his proposed 'Comic Force' idea - but others don’t believe him…that's where it gets dangerous.
(Comedy) Set in a senior living community, this comedy revolves around Sam Slater, a “con-artist” who would much rather spend time with the elderly than in prison.
(Comedy) A frustrated red head with an inflated ego seeks to take over the world.
(Comedy) aaaasas
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Four hard working sisters had dreams of marrying a railroad man and moving to the city for a better life. There were serious accidents, thrills, and fun as the courting blossomed.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Acompaña a Juan a descubrir como ser el mejor padre del mundo
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A coming of age comedy. A teenage girl adores her bad-boy uncle. They go on a road trip together and fight about what they should do along the way.
(Comedy) "Dangerous Addictions" is a documentary series that follows everyday peoples lives from within closed doors in order to exploit and attempt to cure their "deadly" habits
(Comedy) Cort and Al are off to the wild, wild, Western Michigan University for a high-noon showdown with the Bronco Challenge at AFB Bar and Grill. Will they mount this beast of a feast, or get stomped out?
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Three young couples are involved in a secret operation against an alien invasión. A brave detective tries to protect them, a secret agent wants to use them as bait.
(Comedy, Drama) Ronnie goes to Europe after getting dumped at the altar. Her parents cut off her money to make her come home. Ronnie meets Edward, a writer, who says he recently won the lottery and would like to fund the rest of Ronnie’s European bucket list but he wants to go with her.
(Comedy) Having just contracted a dangerous new STD that will kill him if he gets a full erection, he must face the task at hand during orientation weekend at college.
(Comedy, Drama) The life of the newly-businesswoman is a wonderful and calm.Young girl chasing her dream finally attains
(Comedy, Drama) The continuing adventures of 3 idiots who have survived the zombie apocalypse against all odds.
(Comedy) In the underworld of appraising stolen goods, a polite but resolute broker and her clients weave their way through a world that is continuously distorted by false identities.
(Comedy, Drama) Four guys who had a band in the sixties are now "themselves" in their sixties. Laid-off, retired. lonely and gay, they all miss what they had and set out to rekindle it.
(Comedy) Ripley Snells, a newly paroled white-collar criminal needs to leave the state in order to save his fortune. His parole officer, however, will not let him go unless he first uses his business skills to save a struggling family restaurant.
(Comedy) Five Canadians combat what they believe is a Russian invasion or alien attack.
(Comedy) A recovering alcoholic relapses and wakes up in Sweden in debt to the mob.
(Comedy) Denver's finest emerge for a night of crossing paths as they each seek a large quantity of heroin.
(Comedy) Two cops pull off a robbery at the wrong gas station when the men to whom the clerk owes money arrive demanding payment.