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(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Two friends on a hitchhiking trip follow a kismet path of trouble to find their soul and sell it. Skateboarding and snowboarding skills are pushed to the limits through different cities and resort towns while perusing there next potential love. www.Gutter-Punks.com
(Comedy) A young struggling screenwriter finds inspiration in himself under the most unusual of cirumstances.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) On the verge of going broke, two disgraced circus stars start their own Indian Casino, lying about their heritage; but when they spend too much of the tribe's money on their own vices, they must learn to put others before themselves or risk destroying a proud Indian Nation.
(Comedy, Drama) 'The Blind Side' meets 'The Fall'. After his dreams of becoming the next LeBron James are wiped out, high school superstar James Arthur learns from someone not as fortunate as he that there are more valuable things in life than fame and fortune.
(Comedy) Years ago I worked as a city bus driver, and I witnessed lots of random people. I always said, "There are a lot of crazy, messed up people in the world and it's my job to take them home." Going Transit is a play on the saying Going Postal.
(Comedy, Drama) A group of high school punk rockers explore life and rebellion in modern-day suburban America in this coming of age tale.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A mild mannered insurance adjuster and his sexy investigator girlfriend battle chaos and corruption when he gets promoted to the field staff in this outrageous action comedy.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) In a world where actors of a Disney-esque kids channel have been replaced with humanoid robots, a technician makes a crucial programming error, thus humanizing one robot. Now he has a parental responsibility for the sentient robot, but he also needs to keep his job.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) It's "Reno 911" meets "Ghost Hunters" in this contemporary mocumentary as Dr. Nigel Lewis, PhD, his smouldering assistant DeMaris Dane, and an entourage of outlandish paranormal investigators set out on a mission to Roswell New Mexico to uncover "the truth" about UFOs.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) In the early days of the 20th century, four people empark on an adventure through an unforgiving wilderness in search of lost treasure that involves legends of the undead protecting it. That's right, it's a comedy. Short film coming soon!
(Comedy) Siege on the Castillo is a "green" black comedy about a grandfather teaching his grandson about taking a stand for something in which you believe. And maybe changing your little corner of the world for the better in the process. If you don't get killed in the process.
(Comedy, Drama) Bill Monroe's life is conected with a local drive-in. He's made manager and then falls in love, gets married, and later his wife and children help him run the drive-in. He loves showing movies under a star canopy.
(Comedy, Horror) College hipsters Richard and Eric compete in a weekend long Beer Golf competition where they not only must drink one beer a bar as part of the tournament but challenge each other to “score” with as many girls as possible. Their game has consequences no one can imagine.
(Comedy) A college aged sex comedy in the vein of “American Pie” and “Risky Business”.
(Comedy) A college aged sex comedy in the vein of “American Pie” and “Risky Business”.
(Comedy, Drama) A lesbian family crumbles when a straight man shows up to nanny one woman's son.
(Comedy, Horror) Two gay heroes and a katana-wielding Akronian, Ohioan save the world from a mullet-headed zombie invasion.
(Comedy) A young bus driver struggles to keep his life on track and on schedule after making the mistake all bus drivers try to steer clear of: falling in love with a passenger.
(Comedy, Horror) A small-town sheriff, her marine biologist ex-boyfriend, and a group of quirky nutballs do battle with killer, mutant, man-eating manatees.
(Comedy) When Elise and Amy’s favorite author is set to visit their local bookstore there are no lengths to which the pair won’t go to get in. Oh the crazy things we do for love.
(Comedy) A divorcee is getting a second chance at life.
(Comedy) When a lover's quarrel leads Jack and Andrea to declare a break in their relationship, they turn to speed dating to find true love. The hilarious adventure they share proves the grass is not always greener on the other side.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A ten year old encounters Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and spends the next 25 years trying to prove that he's real.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) From chaos comes life, from life comes chaos. To what end would you betray the one you love? When greed weighs more than madness, who will be the victim?
(Comedy) A ball player gets in trouble for punching an umpire, and is sentenced to 100 hours community service to be served as an umpire. Now the man who hates umpires has to be one.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) In addition to being a raunchy stoner comedy, this story also focuses on racial tolerance and the enduring bond of male friendship with a fun and funky underground hip-hop soundtrack.
(Comedy) With his mother dead at 8, brilliant and enigmatic Max must lead his good-for-nothing father across the country to find the home he seeks.
(Comedy, Horror) A beautiful but neurotic vampire consults a nervous psychiatrist for help with her “eating disorder.”
(Comedy) Several over 20 somethings brought up by the modern media and are stuck in a rut with no identity and nothing to do and no reason to do it.
(Comedy) In a world devastated by space robots, an unlikely friendship blossoms between two loners from opposing sides.