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(Comedy, Horror) As parasites turn people into brain-eating zombies, a spoiled teenaged goddess casts aside her pink Monolo pumps, squeezes into a scandalously skimpy bikini, and battles hordes of hideous undead monsters, saving the world and America's most precious upscale malls.
(Comedy) Two college freshmen, trapped in their father’s shadows, are forced to become men after their quest to earn their pledge pin from a popular fraternity turns into a night of chaos.
(Comedy) A family of Satan worshippers tries to raise kids, keep faith in the Dark Master and make sense out of this crazy world. Luke McSatan has moved his family to an uptight Oregon town in search of converts to Satanism.
(Comedy) A guy who tries to get famous on YouTube with his two more crazy friends.
(Comedy) The Wizard of Oz meets the world of 1980s MTV in this nostalgic comedy.
(Comedy) Annie Smith, a modest waitress, scores a job as Hollywood superstar’s Hawaii Davies look-alike and while impersonating her finds true love in Hawaii’s nerdy-but-cute fan club president. But when he discovers the truth… will Jude love her for her true self?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A mercenary on the run drags his minstrel buddy to parts unknown, where they tangle with a beautiful wizardess, the ghost that haunts her, and her stubborn stand against a tyrant.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Funny things happen when you grab life by the jewels.
(Comedy) GUNS AND ROSARIES is a darkly comedic story of a 17 year old boy who idolizes gangsters and the mob, and wonders what it’s like to be in “the life." When his infatuation swerves into reality, he (and his girlfriend) wish he had taken up a safer hobby.
(Comedy, Drama) “The Weapon of Time” is a multi-character drama that explores five different people as they struggle to understand their place in the world and concepts of fairness and responsibility.
(Comedy) Every man has a story to tell; unfortunately for us, Donald sings his. When newcomer John Paul Joringo sings his song, Donald does what every self-respecting, karaoke-obsessed man does: challenges John Paul to a sing off.
(Comedy) Helen’s Exile depicts a divided nation where liberal teachers are pressured by right-wingers to refrain from criticizing the Bush administration’s policies. Helen’s Exile is based on true events; a political comedy with a meaningful message.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Melinda Simpson, a high-class New York City book editor, travels to the middle of nowhere to work with a difficult author and reluctantly falls in love with a down-to-earth farmer.
(Comedy, Drama) Three individual stories set around lives of the employees of a local cinema, all weaving in and out of each other. The three main subjects at any place of work are all tackled: love, friendships and boredom. This is Stocking Up.
(Comedy) A romantically disenchanted young woman rediscovers the meaning of love when she takes in a lost five year old boy -- only to realize that one of the men searching for him could possibly be her long lost soul mate or a con man.
(Comedy) a scandinavian girl modelling in milan. the youngest boss/business man of legal/smart drugs
(Comedy, Drama) Blank
(Comedy) Two down on their luck thirty something guys meet a delusional Jesus character in the desert and through a series of coincidental miracles begin a week long comedic journey which turn their lives around.
(Comedy, Horror) A small town must decide whether or not to turn away tourist business or feed them to a shark in their lake.
(Comedy, Drama) Suicidal Scott Gray just got released from a psychiatric hospital, and lands a job selling caskets at a memorial service. After taking on his first clients, the bereaved parents of a recently deceased, star local athlete, Scott starts to understand his own brush with death.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) “Inside every Fat Git there’s an Enchanter wildly signalling to be let out.”
(Comedy, Drama) He was a hot young Movie star, right? – Errol Flynn’s biggest rival for the part of Robin Hood. Sure he was. So why was he trapped in this darkest corner of Olde England, working his butt off on a farm, where everyone thinks he’s an escaped lunatic? (Set in 1935)
(Comedy, Horror) Logan gets hit by a bus while saving a child. He doesn't survive. After a quick judgment and sentence to hell, the Devil's son Bellz has plans to turn Logan into a Reaper. But will Logan's good heart prevail or be destroyed by Bellz.
(Comedy, Drama) Joseph Murphy is uplifting tale of a widowed everyman from rural Missouri who, to fulfill a promise to his dying wife, embarks on a quest to become President of The United States. Through a stroke of dumb luck he becomes a national sensation and a real factor in the race.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Two tween-age boys, mortal enemies, forced to share a bedroom when their dating parents move in together, declare a prank war on each other and their folks in order to prevent a family merger.
(Comedy, Horror) FOLTER is the story of an ambitious horror film director and how his masterpiece comes to life (and death).
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) From Nicholas of Myra to Santa Claus. From Turkey to Atlanta.
(Comedy) This is a story of a man a woman made for each other but they miss the only chance of falling in love. So something supernatural will help them...
(Comedy) A contemporary Bollywood sex-comedy set in the world of 20-something Mumbai urbanites, following their mis-adventures as they try to navigate a world in which traditional values clash with a new way of life.
(Comedy, Drama) Story of Cowboy who creates revolution in IT world. Starts with friends and make a huge hit.